Injured because of a distracted driver? What to do next?

All the distracted drivers are considered threats to everyone on the road. Distracted driving became even more problematic with these smartphones, social media applications, cameras, and the mania of picturing everything you do. If you have suffered injuries in an accident caused by a distracted driver, contact personal injury attorneys in Atlanta, GA, for advice immediately.

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What counts as distracted driving in Georgia?

Anything that causes a driver to become distracted and not entirely focused on the road is considered a distraction under Georgia law.

What are the most common driving distractions?

Texting and Driving

In 2018, Georgia enacted the hands-free law, which prohibits holding a phone while driving. A violation of this law will most likely result in a fine or points added to one’s license for their first violation of the hands-free law.

Talking to passengers

Passengers in your car can distract you. If you talk to them or engage with them by looking through your mirrors (taking your eyes off the road) or taking at least one hand off the wheel, you are considered a distracted driver. 

GPS systems

Fidgeting with your GPS while driving can lead to distracted driving. If your hands are on your device and not your steering wheel, you may cause an accident.  

Changing music tracks/radio stations

Even though most cars have all the controls on the wheel, it is expected that people take a look at the name of the song or radio station or use the main rules to adjust the volume or change the music. It only takes a second or two, but it is a distraction that can have serious consequences.

Adjusting interior controls

Like the above, adjusting the temperature and airflow direction or plugging in your phone are small but essential distractions.

Eating or drinking

Time is never enough, so it is not uncommon for people to get a coffee cup and a snack on the go. Looking aside to take another sip of coffee while driving is another severe distraction. On top of that, the risk is even higher as your hands are busy holding a hot liquid or a sandwich.

Smoking-related distractions

Smokers are subject to one more distraction. Lighting up a cigarette, and each time you smoke while driving, can take you out of focus for a few seconds.

Who is at fault in a distracted driving accident?

If a person causes a wreck due to distracted driving, they can be held legally responsible for the damages they cause. This means the distracted driver can be responsible for paying damages, usually through their insurance provider. If injuries occur, a claim and a civil liability lawsuit may be filed against the distracted driver. Singleton Law Firm LLC has over thirty (30) years of experience with these types of claims and can help recover all of the damages you are entitled to. 

Hit by a driver distracted by their phone?

Were you hit by a driver who was on their phone? Singleton Law Firm LLC. can help to gather evidence to support your claim. Evidence such as cellphone records and witness accounts may help to prove your claim and increase your damages. Singleton Law Firm LLC can help obtain monetary compensation for all injuries, medical bills, and other losses. We can help you build a strong case to be presented to the insurance company if you are hit and injured by a distracted driver.

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