Rear-end Car Accidents: Most Common Collisions

Due to Atlanta’s many interstates, rear-end collisions are an area of law that the attorneys at Singleton Law Firm, LLC handle every day. The car that rear-ended you may argue you changed lanes too quickly or did not give them enough distance on the road. These arguments can be combated with the help of Singleton Law Firm, LLC due to thirty (30) years of experience of helping clients with similar claims. 

Rear-End Collisions

How will we assist you?

We can help advocate against the at-fault driver’s arguments by relying on physical evidence such as skid marks, witness testimonials, and how to handle insurance claims/statements. Contacting our Atlanta Read-End Collisions Attorneys right away can only favor you.

Were you in a chain reaction crash?

Finding who is responsible for damage in a chain-reaction car crash can be confusing. For example, if you are in a crash where you are between two vehicles, the car behind you will most likely only pay damages to the rear end of your car and not accept any repairs to the front of your car. The other driver’s insurance company will weigh the damage that occurred from both impacts on your vehicle and only wants to pay for the medical bills/compensation they feel occurred due to their driver’s impact. Each chain reaction case is handled slightly differently as juries and insurance companies can be subjective with each wreck. 

How can we help litigate?

Each chain-reaction car wreck is different. Although most people assume all damage occurs due to the rear end driver, this is not always the case. If you were the vehicle operator in the rear, there could be many reasons the accident is not entirely your fault. 

For example, the car in front of you could have pulled in from a side street in front of the striking vehicle, or the car in front changed lanes into a space way too small to accommodate it. 

These reasons usually require additional evidence or eyewitness testimony to be upheld. In any case, you should consider contacting one of our Atlanta auto accident attorney.

How will jurors respond?

Car accidents are common, and jurors are aware that cars can handle a significant impact. If a crash appears minor, jurors will not feel as though severe injuries to the driver could have occurred. Property damage will most likely determine how fairly the auto accident injury claim will be treated.

How to handle the insurance?

After a rear-end collision, insurance companies will often ask for a recorded statement of the parties. Sometimes you must give your own insurance company a statement, but you do not have to provide one to the other driver’s insurance company. The insurance adjusters are trained to ask questions that might lead to you admitting fault for reasons that are not entirely accurate.

The Singleton Law Firm LLC. attorneys suggest you decline to state the other driver’s insurance company to protect yourself from faulty blame. This will protect you from being forced to use your collision insurance. If you do not have collision insurance, it is even more strongly recommended that you do not give a recorded statement. 

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