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Atlanta Negligent Security Attorney by Singleton Law Firm

It is the legal responsibility of property owners whose locations are open to the public to ensure that those on their property are safe. If you have been injured or have become the victim of a crime in Atlanta, Georgia, in a public space, an Atlanta negligent security attorney can help you seek justice for the damage in your negligent case. The team at Singleton Law Firm is more than ready to assist you in a civil court.

Negligent security refers to a premises liability where an individual can hold the owners of public places in Georgia responsible for any harm or crimes committed by a third party on the premises. These crimes or injuries may be caused by the lack of adequate security staff, a poorly lit outdoor area, or erroneous security features. A lack of proper security and safety measures can result in harm coming to those in that location.

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Different Properties Have Different Security Rules

Some properties have additional requirements, and therefore, the cases are not the same. For example, some might need security guards (such as nightclubs), other properties might need locked gates (such as government properties). An experienced attorney will know exactly how to handle all specifics about your case.

Obligation Of Commercial Establishments

Commercial establishments should be aware of what’s going in the community around them. 

If there have been shootings, robberies, and/or other violent criminal activities on the property where your incident occurred or the surrounding area, the property owner must take measures to enhance security in their establishment.

For instance, a property owner/manager of a shopping center that has been the subject of frequent parking lot robberies must put up more video surveillance for example. Eliminating some entrances and exits, adding more security guards, lighting, or taking any other action to protect their property against crime could also be warranted. 

Negligent Security Claims and Premises Liability Rules

In many states, premises liability law imposes a duty on organizations or individuals that own or control buildings or land to maintain a safe condition on their property and warn people of any potential or known hazards.

If you file a premises liability case to recover damages, you must prove that there was already an existing dangerous condition on the property. The owner or management knew or should’ve known. The owner or management didn’t take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the danger, and this failure caused your injury. A dangerous condition exists on a property when something that may not be obvious to the people presents an unreasonable risk.

Contact an Experienced Georgia Negligent Security Attorney

At Singleton Law Firm, LLC, attorneys understand the importance of working with the police and authorities. They appreciate the necessity of research into past incidents when it comes to ensuring a successful case. At the same time, they also understand that being the victim of a crime or injury in a negligent security case can lead to harrowing emotional trauma. That’s why we want to help you get the closure you deserve. We also work with families who have lost loved ones due to negligent security and are prepared to do everything we can to set things right and help you move forward.

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You can give the Singleton Law Firm, LLC a call at 770-889-6010 or fill out the case evaluation form on this page, you will get a free consultation by an experienced Atlanta, Georgia, security negligence attorney regarding the specifics of your individual case. This evaluation will be entirely confidential and will ensure you are aware of the available options.

Negligent Security FAQs

What is a negligent security case?

People who enter a landowner’s property are entitled to protection. In Georgia, negligent security is defined as not performing this duty. Premises liability claims are similar to negligent security cases. The dangers on the property are often the focus of premises liability lawsuits, such as a slippery floor or a broken staircase. In contrast, negligent security cases usually involve attacks, kidnappings, robberies, or even murders.

You might have a case against the property owner if you suffered an injury due to inadequate security. Based on your claim, you would allege that the owner failed to prevent violent crime or other danger by taking the necessary safety measures. The property owner must show that he or she had a duty to secure the area, which was not performed, to succeed in a negligent security case. It is also necessary to demonstrate that your injury was caused by this behavior or lack thereof.

As a result, an owner can fail to protect you even when he tries to do so. In the event of a robbery, on the other hand, you are unlikely to prevail against the landowner even if the property was adequately secured. This type of negligence can be complex, so it is crucial to speak with an experienced attorney who can evaluate your case.

What types of establishments are liable for negligent security?

They can include retail stores or shopping centers, restaurants and bars, apartment buildings, schools and universities, parking garages, hotels, and other properties depending on the specifics of the negligence that occurred. Usually, it’s the owner of the property that is responsible for the security of it.

What are the possible injuries that might be eligible for a negligent security accident?

Any personal injuries such as head trauma, cuts and bruises, broken bones or internal injuries are acceptable to a negligent security case. Of course, other types of mental or health issues, property damages, and other related problems depending on the case.

What falls under negligent security?

Negligent security can be broken security cameras, broken fencing, lack of security systems, no guards, broken lighting, unlocked gates or blocked emergency exits. These, of course, are just examples, as there may be other cases of negligent security.

Does negligent security apply to both private and public property?

Cases for negligent security include people suffering an injury at someone else’s property because of not proper security measures. Therefore, this applies to both private and public property, yes. They might have different rules, and depending on the state, they might differ but may still be eligible.

What is adequate security in Atlanta?

Providing a safe environment for visitors is the legal responsibility of all property owners. Any injuries caused by criminal activity may be civilly liable for landowners who fail to take this step. Whether or not security measures are adequate to protect visitors is the crux of any lawsuit alleging negligent security. Security measures may still fail to meet the legal requirements even if a landowner believes they do. You can seek advice from an experienced negligent security attorney if you believe inadequate security contributed to your injury.

Examples of Lack of Adequate Security

Several factors determine how secure a landowner must be. However, landowners should generally take a few basic steps to ensure their property is secure. The following are examples:

  • Checking that all locks are working;
  • Keeping the land accessible only to authorized individuals, especially after dark;
  • Maintaining a high level of training and equipment for all security personnel;
  • The use and maintenance of security cameras;
  • The installation of panic buttons;
  • Deterring people from committing crimes by hanging warning signs;
  • As a result of an increase in crime in the surrounding area.

Generally, landowners should take steps to make their property safe for visitors. Landowners are required to take reasonable steps to prevent crime regardless of whether their property is commercial, private, or even an apartment building.

How much is my Atlanta negligent security case worth?

If the owner caused your injury, it is not enough that he was at fault. The harm you suffered must be sufficient to warrant money damages in order to bring a successful claim. In the case of an attack, damages would be determined by how much pain and suffering you suffered, as well as what medical expenses you incurred.

There are some limited cases in which punitive damages may be awarded. As a punishment for the person responsible for your injuries, these amounts go beyond the damages listed above.

A wrongful death claim might be available if your close relative was killed in an attack. As a result of negligent security, you may be entitled to receive compensation for medical bills incurred before the victim passed away, funeral and burial expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of caring companionship.

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