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Legal Representation For Injured Victims Of Truck Accidents In Atlanta, Georgia

Tractor-trailers weigh more than 20 times a small passenger car. The weight difference is what causes so much damage when an accident occurs. If you or someone you care about has been injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler, a qualified Atlanta truck accident attorney can help you pursue a case if the truck driver was at fault for the wreck. A sudden turn, especially at a high speed, can cause a truck rollover accident with devastating consequences.  

It’s crucial to find the right Atlanta truck accident attorney because there are several factors unique to these cases. Unlike personal vehicles, which are often insured by commercial insurance companies, commercial trucks owned by trucking companies often have their own insurance policies and can differ greatly from regular insurance policies.

Timing in a truck accident case is crucial. After only a few months, your case can get complicated. Important records, such as the driver’s log, may be destroyed after six months, and building a case without these records can be difficult. An experienced truck accident attorney can help preserve these important records and also can help by obtaining other records vital to your case like reports from local law enforcement who investigated the accident.

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Commercial Truck Accidents are Often Devastating and Catastrophic

A truck is a massive vehicle, which means that when it crashes with another passenger vehicle or something else on the road, there’s a lot of force involved in the accident. This typically leads to catastrophic injuries for the driver as well as his or her passengers.  Injuries are not only physical but also can be psychological as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD can result from these types of accidents and collisions.

It’s essential to choose an experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney for legal advice and representation. The big trucking companies have law firms and attorneys on their side with years of experience and a lot of resources to defend against a claim.  The process can become complex, and you need an attorney who can successfully navigate the process and reach a favorable outcome for you.  

Serious injuries (or death) resulting from an accident involving a tractor-trailer are difficult.  But getting help doesn’t have to be. Contact an experienced trucking accident attorney by calling the Singleton Law Firm at 770-889-6010 or filling out our information request. Let us be your Atlanta truck accident attorney and get the full and fair compensation you deserve.

Damages, Expenses, and Other Parties Involved

Similar to car accidents, truck accidents can result in both property damage and injury-related expenses, many of which are not covered by insurance carriers. Before accepting any type of truck accident settlement from an insurance company, consult with a team of experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyers to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Expenses related to tractor-trailer accidents include permanent disability, medical care and surgery, future medical treatment, physical therapy, and rehabilitation programs. Also included in a settlement can include lost wages, traumatic brain injury, mental anguish, broken bones, or pain and suffering in general.

What Should I Do After a Truck Accident?

If you are involved in a truck accident, here are some important tips and steps to remember. 


Do not leave the accident scene.  Protect yourself from further harm by moving out of traffic lanes when possible.


Do not assume that the other people involved in your accident are all OK. Check on them if you can and see if they need help.


There may be eyewitnesses to the accident who can provide crucial testimony as to what happened during the traffic accident.  


Don’t give details or talk about your accident case on social media, and don’t make statements against the other party in any way which can be used as evidence.


Don’t panic! If you find yourself stranded somewhere and are unable to call 911, the best course of action is to ask for help.


Document everything if you can. Take photos and capture video footage of the scene and the cars involved. What were the weather conditions on the roadway at that time (rain or snow)? What time of day was it? Documenting details at the time of the accident is important as memories fade over time.


It’s important to go to the emergency room after an accident. You could be injured but not recognize it yet (sometimes less visible symptoms like a concussion or internal bleeding take time before they show up). If you file a claim for your injury there will need to be medical proof of what happened. If you didn’t go to the emergency room directly after an accident, follow up with a healthcare provider who can document any injury you may have – especially injuries that showed up later.

Handling the Legal Formalities for You

In personal injury law, a big truck accident and resulting injury is a catastrophic case. While you are seeking and receiving medical treatment for your injuries and repairs for your property damage, an experienced truck accident lawyer will handle all the legal formalities of your case. A lawyer will file an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit claiming injuries, property damage, lost wages, etc. From gathering the evidence to filing your personal injury claim, an experienced truck accident attorney will make certain that no legal aspect or requirement is ignored.

Here are two of the legal formalities:

  • Statute of Limitations – There is a time limit set by Georgia law that requires a personal injury claim to be filed within a certain date.  An experienced truck accident attorney will make sure this deadline is not missed and your case is filed on time.
  • Employment Relations – If you are a truck driver, who works for a truck company, and were involved in an accident while on the job, there are numerous legal technicalities involved that can be complex.  Likewise, if you were driving or occupying a passenger vehicle and involved in an accident with a truck being driven by a company employee, there are increased technicalities to your case.  You need an expereinced truck accident lawyer to help you file your claim agasint the right parties involved for the best outcome.

Truck Accidents: Causes and Consequences

A truck accident can be caused by a variety of factors. When two cars are involved in an accident, the result is quite different than when a commercial truck is involved. This specific type of truck accident can result in a huge quantity of damage and injury because of the size and weight of commercial trucks.

Federal regulations governing truckers’ safety must be followed while on the road. In the absence of these, accidents can occur. A truck accident is likely to happen because of:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Distracted driving (especially when the weather is bad)
  • The equipment is defective
  • Loads that are not properly secured or exceed a truck’s capacity
  • Passing in an unsafe manner

In truck accidents, fatigued driving is one of the leading causes. In order to ensure truck drivers receive enough rest while traveling long distances, regulations are in place that ensure the drivers sleep enough. It is against federal safety regulations to fail to properly log these breaks or rest times, putting everyone’s life at risk.

Trucks are Dangerous in Many Ways

Commercial trucks present different dangers than regular motor vehicles. The ability of a truck to stop or brake fully takes longer than that of a car. It is very easy to cause an accident on the road by cutting in front of a truck or weaving in and out of traffic. Keeping a safe distance between commercial vehicles is vital to preventing this from happening.

To provide safety on the road, truck companies must train their drivers well and keep accurate records on vehicle maintenance, changes to safety regulations, and any other information relevant to road safety. The truck company as well as the truck driver can be held responsible for damages in the event of an accident.

We handle truck accident cases concerning commercial trucks, RVs, and tractor-trailers. When the right safety measures are in place, these types of cases can be prevented. Vehicle rollover incidents, faulty equipment, and driver negligence are the most common causes of these cases.

In Atlanta, GA, we fight aggressively to obtain 100% of the compensation available under the law.

Truck Accident Compensation: Fighting for Full Compensation

You should focus on your health and recovery if you have been involved in a truck accident. Injuries from truck accidents can cause significant medical bills and expenses, which can cause undue strain on individuals. An attorney can assist you in obtaining compensation from an insurance company that can help you pay medical bills, time lost from work, rehab, and other expenses.

In settlements for truck accidents, damages can be paid for:

  • Bills from the emergency room and hospital
  • Rehabilitation services
  • The incapacity to earn a living due to the injury
  • Anxiety and suffering

A truck accident case can result in costs that last for several days, weeks or even years after it happens. In order to provide you with the compensation you deserve, our team will work hard to get the best results.  We have successfully recovered many verdicts and settlements over the years for our clients who have been involved in a truck accident.

What is the Average Settlement for Semi-Truck Accidents?

It is impossible to generalize about every trucking accident case. Typically, semi-truck and 18-wheeler accidents don’t have an “average” settlement amount. If you have filed a truck accident claim, the final settlement amount will be determined by a number of factors, including the extent of your injuries, your financial losses, and the fault of the driver (such as whether or not they were negligent).

Similarly, the opposing party (or their insurer) may put forth an offer that is too low or does not cover all damages. Using the skills of an Atlanta truck accident attorney, an injured party can receive a settlement that fully meets their needs.

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Investigating Commercial Trucking Accidents

If you were injured in an Atlanta truck accident, financial compensation might be available. You must, however, prove that the truck driver or someone else is to blame in order to receive that compensation. You must also prove that the accident caused your injuries.

It can be challenging to gather evidence. For this reason, you should hire a skilled and experienced Atlanta, Georgia truck accident lawyer. In the event of a truck wreck, we can assist with the investigation and collection of evidence.

Injuries sustained in a truck accident could be supported by the following evidence:

  • Police report – Police reports contain key details about accidents, such as where they occurred, who was involved and the statements of witnesses.
  • Surveillance videos – These can include videos captured by nearby businesses and traffic cameras, as well as videos recorded by cameras inside truck cabs or dash cams in other vehicles.
  • Logs of driving hours and GPS tracking information provided by the company – Truck drivers must log their driving hours each day. GPS data is also often kept on truck drivers by many trucking companies. If you are involved in a truck accident, you may need this information.
  • EDR data – This can show what the driver was doing before the accident based on information from the truck’s electronic data recorder (EDR). A truck’s speed, the brakes applied, whether the driver swerved, and other important data could all be recorded.
  • Damage to vehicles – Evidence of accident-related damage to vehicles is crucial. Your vehicle’s damage and the truck’s damage can provide evidence of what happened in the accident.
  • Test results for alcohol and drugs – The police may have administered sobriety tests to the truck driver who collided with your car. Your negligence claim may be strengthened if these sobriety tests reveal that the driver was intoxicated while driving the truck.
  • Medical records – In the event of an injury sustained in a truck accident, seek medical attention immediately. Treatment will be recommended by a doctor after an evaluation of your injuries. This information will be included in the doctor’s report. It is evident that you were injured in the accident that the report provides. The medical report should be provided to you by your doctor.

Our Truck Accident Team Will Review Your Truck Wreck Injury Case for FREE!

In the U.S., it’s difficult to get financial compensation for any type of injury or damages unless you consult a personal injury lawyer first. Before you speak with an insurance adjuster, talk to an experienced truck accident lawyer first.  

Singleton Law Firm, LLC in Atlanta, GA has experienced and trusted attorneys.  A truck wreck can lead to severe consequences. You need an Atlanta truck accident lawyer you can trust to be by your side every step of the way to advise you and fight for your legal rights. And don’t worry about the attorney’s fee. We work on a contingency fee basis with a free initial consultation.

How are Truck Drivers Regulated by State and Federal Law?

Business and public safety are not always compatible when it comes to the trucking industry and other commercial carriers. A trucking company must follow dozens of rules and regulations as a result.

According to the following list, truck drivers and businesses that use heavy vehicles are bound by some of the most important regulations in avoiding truck accidents. When proving negligence caused an accident, an Atlanta truck accident attorney will likely cite one or more of these laws.


Testing for substance abuse

Title 49, Subtitle B, Chapter III, Subchapter B, Part 382 of the Code of Federal Regulations contains laws pertaining to substance abuse testing. Prior to employment (pre-employment), drivers in commercial industries must undergo drug testing.

Moreover, someone who has been in an accident or who is suspected to be driving drunk or high should be tested. In these situations, employers are required to conduct tests.


Routine inspections

According to Georgia law, all heavy trucks must be regularly inspected for safety and to ensure that they are maintained properly. It is mandatory to take out of service (OCGA *40-1-1) vehicles that do not meet these criteria either permanently or until they are repaired sufficiently.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety should be notified of all public safety reports. OCGA*40-1-8 defines violations of Georgia state trucking regulations as misdemeanors.


Hours of operation

Truck accident prevention depends heavily on federal hours of service regulations. A driver whose vehicle is a property carrier may not continue to operate it after 10 hours off-duty for more than 11 hours. Unless they take “34 or more consecutive hours off duty,” they cannot drive more than 60 hours in seven days (or 70 in eight).

After eight consecutive hours off, drivers carrying passengers are limited to 10 hours of driving. Over the period of seven consecutive days, or over eight consecutive days, they may not drive over 60 hours. There must be a sleeper berth in the vehicle to use, and the driver should spend at least eight hours in the sleeper berth.

In addition to requiring that driver logbooks be accurate, the FMCSA also required that employers review employee logbooks on a regular basis. 


Other rules

Lastly, commercial vehicles carrying hazardous materials should be clearly marked. Structures and roads must not be loaded beyond their maximum weight. All traffic laws in Georgia, including speed limits, must be obeyed by drivers.

Trucking Accidents FAQs

What can cause a trucking accident?

There are many different causes of a trucking accident. Truck accidents often occur due to brake problems (for example brake checking), speeding, driving under the influence, traffic, or road conditions. Furthermore, they can happen because of sudden changes in the driving (lane change, turns with no signal, etc.) or fatigue when commercial truck drivers have been on the road for too long without a break.

How long do I have before filing a claim for a truck accident?

In the state of Georgia, you have two years to file a claim. However, this time frame can change in different cases, so we advise you to not wait until the last moment. We know that sometimes after severe injuries, you don’t want to deal with attorneys and claims, but it is essential to do it on time because evidence can disappear, and trucking logs get deleted.

Is it worth getting an Atlanta truck accident lawyer for a minor truck accident?

Whether the accident was minor or significant, an attorney is essential. Some insurance companies tend to twist situations and cases, and that’s why a commercial truck accident lawyer can help you get the rightful compensation you deserve. Even for a minor trucking accident, contact the Singleton Law Firm.

Can I sue if I wasn’t injured during a trucking accident?

There are different accident claims that you can file. After a trucking accident, the outcome can be only damages on your vehicle, for example. This is still eligible, and you can file a claim for maximum compensation for those damages, even if you were not injured. Other times, even stress and mental issues can be a reason to request reimbursement.

Where do payments for truck accident injuries come from?

If you’ve been in a truck accident and have had injuries, most likely the insurance company for your 18-wheeler wreck will be who pays out. However, it isn’t uncommon that they don’t agree to pay medical bills promptly and fully. If this is the case then your attorney must make sure that these obligations are met so you can receive treatment without delay!

Are there any rules that truck drivers must follow to drive safely?

Accident victims in Georgia are entitled to compensation for injuries caused by negligent drivers. Both truck drivers and drivers of four-door cars must follow that principle.

It is the driver’s responsibility to obey Georgia’s traffic laws. Commercial truck drivers and the companies they work for must also follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. A trucker’s driving hours are limited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Additionally, drivers who are too ill or fatigued to drive safely are prohibited from operating commercial trucks. As a result, many drivers travel longer than they should.

The regulations require drivers and owners to inspect brakes, tires, and steering components to ensure a safe truck. In order to avoid unbalanced trailers tipping over on curves, truckers are required to distribute loads evenly. In addition, drivers must secure loads to prevent cargo from falling into an oncoming car’s path.

A commercial driver’s license is required for commercial truck drivers. Depending on the type of truck they are driving, they may need to be certified. Medical fitness is required before they can drive. Liability insurance for commercial drivers must have a minimum limit of $750,000 to $5,000,000, depending on the type of driving they do.

These violations are evidence of truck drivers’ negligence when they violate those rules. Bringing a truck driver’s negligence to a Georgia jury’s attention is one of our specialties as experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyers.

What is the difference between a truck accident and a car accident?

A truck accident is more likely to result in severe and fatal injuries than a car accident. Airbags, crumple zones, and safety harnesses protect passengers in passenger cars from serious injuries. Those protections will be easily defeated by the weight and size of a large truck traveling at highway speeds.

A truck’s impact often dislodges car parts and sends jagged metal pieces into the cabin. Accidents involving trucks can result in catastrophic injuries as well as puncture wounds. Families of Georgians who have lost loved ones in truck accidents have sought our help.

It is possible to sustain serious injuries in a truck accident, even at relatively low speeds. In stop-and-go freeway conditions, an accident victim may escape with only mild injuries if a car causes a 10-mph crash. Heavy trucks that cause rear-end collisions at 10mph can cause chain-reaction collisions that cause head injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries due to the force of the crash and the truck’s inability to stop quickly.

As a means of preventing distracted driving, Georgia enacted the Hands-Free Act. A driver who is stopped for illegally using their cellphone will be fined higher and higher amounts each time they are stopped. Truck accidents should be reduced as a result.

What types of Atlanta truck accidents does Singleton Law Firm handle?

The law firm we represent represents victims of serious truck accidents in Atlanta. We help injury victims throughout Georgia, including Atlanta and its surrounding communities.

We receive referrals from other attorneys across Georgia due to our reputation for winning cases outside of Atlanta.

We specialize in helping serious injury victims. Limiting our caseload can provide outstanding customer service to each client. The most vulnerable clients are those who need our help the most. Hospitalizations, surgeries, and long-term treatments can lead to substantial medical bills for injury victims. Our team helps families who have lost a loved one recover from fatal injuries.

Who can be responsible in a truck accident claim in Atlanta?

You may be entitled to financial compensation if your injuries were caused by another’s negligence. Atlanta and other parts of Georgia can be severely injured in truck accidents. When semi-trucks crash into passenger cars, their sheer size and weight cause those injuries.

Truck accidents are often caused by the negligence of truck drivers, trucking companies, truck owners, and cargo loaders. At Singleton Law Firm, our Atlanta truck accident attorneys will identify all liable parties and pursue their accountability.

Trucking accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, and the following parties may be held liable:

  • Drivers of trucks
  • The trucking company that employs the driver
  • Owner of the truck
  • Defective truck parts manufacturers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Cargo loading company
  • Cab owner
  • Trailer owner
  • Maintenance companies for trucks.

In order to provide truck accident victims with the best chance of securing full compensation, we identify all potentially liable parties and sources of insurance coverage.

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