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Tractor-trailers weigh more than 20 times than a small passenger car. The weight difference is what causes so much damage when an accident occurs. If you or someone you care about has been injured in an accident with these 18-wheelers, a qualified Atlanta truck accident attorney can help you pursue a case if the truck driver was at fault for the wreck. A sudden turn, especially with a high speed can cause truck rollover accidents.

It’s crucial to find the right Atlanta truck accident attorney because there are several vital niceties in these cases and the process that should not be neglected. Unlike personal cars, trucking companies often have their own insurance company policies for liability and other cases. In addition, you may already be working with your health insurer or by using your auto insurance policy to defray.

While Singleton Law Firm generally doesn’t advise waiting around, any Atlanta truck accident attorney will tell you that after a few months, things can get complicated. Any records such as the driver’s log may be destroyed after six months, and building a case without them can be difficult. An experienced attorney can also help by pursuing accident reports from local law enforcement, as well as the history of the road where the accident occurred.

Commercial truck accidents are often devastating and catastrophic

A truck is a massive vehicle, which means that when it crashes with another car or something else on the road, there’s a lot of force involved in such an accident. This typically leads to catastrophic injuries for any other driver as well as passengers who happen to be nearby at the time of impact – not only physical injuries but also psychological harm like PTSD can occur from these types of accidents and collisions if they’re severe enough.

It’s essential to choose a truck accident attorney for legal representation and a law firm with experience because the attorneys on the other side will be paid by a business that could have deeper pockets. The process can become involved, and you have the best chance for a good result from someone who can navigate their way between insurers and other attorneys with ease.

The injuries or worse from an accident involving a tractor-trailer can be significant, but getting help with them doesn’t have to be. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney by calling the Singleton Law Firm at 770-889-6010 or filling out our information request. Let us be your Atlanta truck accident attorney and get you the compensation you deserve.

Damages and expenses involved

Similar to car accident cases, trucking accidents can result in both property damage and injury-related expenses, many of which are not covered by insurance carriers. Before accepting any type of truck accident settlement from an insurance company, consult with a team of experienced trucking accident lawyers to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Expenses related to trucking accidents include permanent disability, medical care and surgery, physical therapy, and rehabilitation programs. Also lost wages, traumatic brain injury, mental anguish, or pain and suffering in general.

You can count on Singleton Law Firm LLC. to help you, no matter the type of truck:

Box trucks Armored trucks
Garbage trucks Cement trucks
Coal trucks Logging trucks
Street sweepers 18-wheelers
Tanker trucks Flatbeds
Tow trucks Marcellus shale trucks
Tractor-trailers And more

What do I do after a truck accident?

If you find yourself in the middle of a truck accident, it’s important to take care of your health by getting medical attention. You might not have been wearing a seatbelt during the collision and that can lead to injuries or trauma from being tossed around inside the vehicle. Once outside, stay calm and move away from flying debris if possible. Otherwise, look for a shelter somewhere safe like under an overpass bridge until the emergency team arrives on the scene.

  1. Do not leave the accident scene of a rig crash, no matter how tempting it is. Even so, while remaining in the vicinity you can attempt to remove yourself and your vehicle from further harm by moving out of traffic lanes when possible.
  2. Don’t panic! If you find yourself stranded somewhere and are unable to call 911, the best course of action is to ask for help.
  3. Do not assume that the other people involved in your accident are all OK. Check on them and see if they need help first, then look at yourself to assess how you’re doing.
  4. Document everything. Take photos and capture video footage of where it ended up. Did any other vehicles get involved? What were the weather conditions on the roadway at that time (rain or snow)? If there were serious injuries during this incident, be sure to take pictures so we can inform the medical care team about what they’re walking into!
  5. You’re in a tight spot and the evidence is against you. You need someone to vouch for your story, but who? Look for truck accident victims. Luckily there are eyewitnesses that can provide crucial testimony on what happened during this traffic accident and we’ve compiled their contact information below!
  6. It’s important to go to the emergency room. You could be injured but not recognize it yet (sometimes less visible symptoms like a concussion or internal bleeding take time before they show up). If a lawyer is going after compensation for your injury then there will need to be medical proof of what happened – so if you haven’t gone already, have them look at all those scratches on your body!
  7. The following is a list of things to avoid when you are making an injury claim:
    – Giving details about your accident case on social media,
    – Making statements against the other party in any way which can be used as evidence.

Handling all legal formality

In personal injury law, a truck injury is a catastrophic case. While you are searching for medical treatment for your injuries and repair for damages because of a big rig crash, an experienced truck accident lawyer will handle all the legal formality of your case. He may file an insurance claim or civil lawsuit claiming skull fractures or any other bone injuries. From gathering the portions of proof to filing your personal injury claim, an 18-wheeler accident attorney will make certain that no legal aspect or requirement is ignored.

Here are two of the legal formalities:

  • Statutes of Limitations – While clean to define, the statute of boundaries is some distance past the anticipated time frame to report a personal injury case. There are many things to remember on the subject of this felony formality, together with the state where the accident occurred, date and time, and availability of strong evidence. A personal injury lawyer, specifically an experienced truck accident attorney, is the first-rate person to consult regarding a truck accident declaration to make sure you’ll be able to file a case on time without delay.
  • Employment Relations – If you’re a truck driver who works for a truck company, there are numerous legal technicalities involved concerning your employment status, workplace accident, who can pay in your damages, and employment relations, inclusive of acceptance of worker’s compensation. What if your corporation illegally terminates you? For one thing, does it suggest that accepting the worker’s compensation gain would imply giving up your proper to file a case?

We’ll review your truck accident injury case for free!

In the U.S., it’s not typical to get financial compensation for any type of injury or damages unless you consult an insurance adjuster first and have them agree on your case. It doesn’t matter if they’re being paid, so always get a lawyer before talking to one!

Singleton Law Firm LLC. in Atlanta has only experienced and trusted attorneys that have expertise in many areas, including any commercial vehicle accidents. A truck crash can lead to different misfortunate consequences, both severe and minor. You need a lawyer you can trust to be by your side the whole time to guide you, to advise you, and to fight for your legal rights. And don’t worry about the attorney fee. We work on a contingency fee basis. To make sure you are first familiar with all the needed details, you can have a free consultation and legal review with one of our rig accident attorneys.

FAQs for Trucking Accidents

What can cause a trucking accident?

There are many road cases and different causes of a trucking accident. Some of them might be with you as a driver of another vehicle, as a passenger, or pedestrian. Trucking accidents often occur due to brake problems, speeding, driving under the influence, traffic or road conditions. Furthermore, they can happen because of sudden changes in the driving (lane change, turns with no signal, etc.) or fatigue when truck drivers have been on the road for too long without a break. 

How long do I have before filing a claim for a trucking accident?

In the state of Georgia, you have two years to file a claim. However, this time frame can change in different cases, so we advise you to not wait until the last moment. We know that sometimes after severe injuries, you don’t want to deal with attorneys and claims, but it is essential to do it on time because evidence can disappear, and trucking logs get deleted.

Is it worth getting a lawyer for a minor trucking accident?

Whether the accident was minor or significant, a present attorney is essential. Some insurance companies tend to twist situations and cases, and that’s why a commercial truck accident lawyer can help you get the rightful type of compensation you deserve. Even for a minor trucking accident, contact the Singleton Law Firm.

Can I sue if I wasn’t injured during a trucking accident?

There are different accident claims that you can file. After a trucking accident, the outcome can be only damages on your vehicle, for example. This is still eligible, and you can file a claim for maximum compensation for those damages, even if you were not injured. Other times, even stress and mental issues can be a reason to request reimbursement.

Where do payments for truck accident injuries come from?

If you’ve been in a truck accident and have had injuries, most likely the insurance company for your 18-wheeler wreck will be who pays out. However, it isn’t uncommon that they don’t agree to pay medical bills promptly and fully. If this is the case then your attorney must make sure that these obligations are met so you can receive treatment without delay!

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