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Atlanta Area Motorcycle Accident Law Firm represents injured motorcyclists and their families in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death claims.

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The Law Office of Singleton Law Firm manages all kinds of cases. With decades of automobile and motorcycle injury litigation experience, we represent our customers and vigorously protect all motorcyclists’ rights. We pursue rightful settlements for you, thoroughly investigate all aspects of the incident and your injuries, and use leading specialists in the field of medicine and accident reconstruction.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle passengers are more vulnerable than other motorists and suffer considerably more severe injuries and departures. Authorities compiled data reveal that 92,000 motorcyclists were injured in traffic accidents in this country in 2015 and 4,586 endured fatalities. Because of the inattentiveness of truck and automobile drivers, and their failure to correctly recognize or submit on the way to motorcyclists’ rights, motorcyclists have reached greater risk than motorists or passengers of other types of vehicles.

Despite their reduced visibility, their size and having only one headlight, motorists’ failure to see bikes on the road is no excuse for unintentional conduct, for example, a sudden lane change which causes them to crash or may endanger motorcyclists. Motorcycle and scooter riders have the exact same legal rights as those enjoyed by truck and automobile drivers. Still, regrettably, bias, and negative attitudes against them exist in the heads of judges and many jurors who are predisposed to discover motorcyclists rights.

It’s therefore essential to hire an experienced and knowledgeable motorcycle injury attorney familiar with the unique issues associated with motorcycle accidents, who will work relentlessly to overcome those prejudices and obtain for you the compensation to which you are entitled.

What Can a Motorcycle Attorney Do for You?

It is crucial that you speak with a trusted motorcycle injury attorney as soon as possible following the accident. Failure to do this can lead to lack of evidence crucial to the case. It is, therefore, best to contact us promptly after the accident occurred so we can conduct our investigation right away before real signs are lost, or witnesses’ memories fade.

Types of Damages Recoverable in Motorcycle Injury Claims

  • Medical costs (past and future), including those covered by insurance or out of pocket.
  • Lost gains – recoverable when you use sick leave or PTO or receive disability payments.
  • Mental anguish, PTSD, depression, anxiety, or any other kind of physical and mental pain.
  • Property damage and punitive damages, for example, where the driver was drunk or hit and run.

We don’t charge any legal fees or expenses unless we collect damages on your behalf! 

Motorcycle riders must know that the other driver’s insurance company will generally attempt to make you consider you don’t have to hire a motorcycle accident attorney. The insurance company will promise that they will pay you damages that is adequate after they finish their investigation. Don’t be misled. This really is almost always an attempt to take advantage of you by taking a recorded statement, having you see their own physicians, delay running your investigation, and otherwise build their case against you. Subsequently, after much delay, they’re often going to offer an unfairly low settlement to you. Don’t let this happen!

In fact, it is best not to have any communications at all with the other party’s insurance company, but if you do talk with them be certain not to allow them to consider or use a recorded statement from you. Leave all communications in the control of an experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney. 

Find out what your rights from an Atlanta motorcycle accidents attorney are by contacting Singleton Law Firm LLC. The consultation is free of charge.

At our Georgia Law firm, our Atlanta motorcycle accidents attorney team of experts understands that victims of motorcycling accidents often must endure months or years of treatment to reach a full recovery. Our lawyers will protect your legal rights and ensure that your case is quickly and efficiently prosecuted so you can get your life back in order. Contact Singleton Law Firm LLC to schedule a consultation for free. Serving all of Georgia, the Atlanta motorcycle accidents Attorney at Singleton Law Firm, LLC are experienced in representing motorcycle drivers in minor or catastrophic personal injury cases.

FAQs for Motorcycle Accidents 

What is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents can happen for many reasons. Some of them are unsafe lane changes, speeding, DUI, sudden stops, inexperienced drivers, and motorcycle defects. Drivers could have a fault when driving under the influence or not doing a proper check of their vehicle, but also can be victims of other cars sudden stops or when another motorcycle or car made an unsafe lane change. 

How long does a motorcycle accident lawsuit take?

This depends on the specifics of the case. Severe injuries might make the lawsuit prolong. The duration of the case also depends on the evidence present and other details. It can take from months to years. Of course, having the best possible attorney will help speed up the process. 

Should I get a lawyer for a minor motorcycle accident?

Yes, an accident attorney present is essential to your rightful compensation. No matter whether the accident was minor or major, the right legal representation is significant for your best outcome.

Will my health insurance cover for me in a motorcycle accident?

Health insurance policies vary and are broad to their coverage. However, their plans might not always cover everything you’ve been through. For a full and deserved compensation, you need a motorcycle accident attorney. 

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