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No one can forget just how tragic and terrifying it was when 10 people lost their lives and hundreds more were injured during Travis Scott’s Astro World festival in 2021. Since that event, music festivals and touring teams have all been stepping up and being much more cautious when it comes to the safety of eventgoers, and for good reason.

Not only did the public put a lot of the blame on Travis Scott, but the law also made it possible for the surviving family members to pursue a legal claim against him, too.

If you’ve recently experienced an accident due to a lack of security measures at an event, a business, or someone else’s property here in Georgia, then it might be possible for you to seek out a legal claim against the negligent party, too.

Learn more about negligent security claims, your legal rights, and how a Sandy Springs negligent security lawyer can help you navigate your situation below.

An Overview of the Services Provided by a Sandy Springs Negligent Security Lawyer

One of the most important reasons to contact a negligent security law firm after an attack, assault, or accident in Sandy Springs is because you’ll be able to lean on their legal expertise and knowledge to learn more about your legal options. The right lawyer should be able to help you determine whether you have the basis to seek out a legal claim within the first meeting or two. This knowledge alone can help you make an informed choice on how to handle your situation.

If you do decide to hire that attorney, then they should also help:

  • Strengthen your claim
  • Document your losses with specific evidence
  • File the paperwork necessary to file a legal claim
  • Negotiate with the other party
  • Field any calls from insurance companies
  • Value your claim
  • Represent you in court
  • Hire expert witnesses to strengthen your case

Benefits of Hiring a Sandy Springs Negligent Security Lawyer

While a lawyer can provide a lot of legal services, you always have the option of representing yourself throughout your negligent security claim. Attempting to DIY your way through a lawsuit, however, isn’t always the best option. Here are a few advantages that you’ll experience if you hire a lawyer instead:

  • You can rely on your lawyer’s legal knowledge and expertise
  • You’ll be able to make a more informed decision
  • Take advantage of your lawyer’s connection to expert witnesses, court workers, and other lawyers
  • Avoid making common negligent security claim errors
  • Make the most of your one shot at justice
  • You’ll have an advocate to negotiate for you
  • Maximize your potential compensation
  • Avoid accepting a settlement amount that’s less than what you deserve

After a negligent security incident in Georgia, a negligent security lawyer is best equipped to handle the situation in a way that maximizes your chances at a favorable legal outcome.

Types of Negligent Security Claims in Sandy Springs

When you hire a Sandy Springs negligent security law firm, it’s a good idea to ask about what types of cases they’ve handled in the past. While negligent security might seem very specific to you, there are numerous categories of negligent security claims. Below, we’ll go over some of the most common types of negligent security claims.

Apartment Complexes

One very common type of negligent security claim happens when an incident occurs at an apartment complex. Under Georgia law, apartment complex owners have a legal duty to provide for the care and safety of their tenants and visitors. Unfortunately, a number of injury-inducing accidents or attacks can happen at an apartment complex including:

  • Robbery or burglary
  • Gun violence
  • Theft
  • Sexual assault
  • Battery or assault
  • Rape
  • Murder

Clearly, an apartment complex owner can’t be held responsible for every type of incident. For example, if a violent criminal decides to commit an act of violence, then there may not be much that an apartment complex owner can do to stop the situation.

That’s why the legal threshold under the law states that apartment complex owners only need to take reasonable steps to ensure their tenants’ and visitors’ safety. Reasonable steps might include actions like installing security cameras, hiring a security guard, or installing street lights for increased safety at night.

What is considered “reasonable” security methods, however, could vary depending on the circumstances. For instance, if violent crimes have occurred in the same complex several times without any action from the apartment complex owner, then that might be considered negligent security.

Property Owners

Just like apartment complex owners, general property owners also have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of guests that come onto their property. The legal threshold for what is considered “reasonable” for a property owner does differ from the standard set for apartment complex owners, though.

The main reason for this is because property owners generally don’t have tenants or invite over massive groups of people. If they do regularly do these things, then the threshold for what the law considers “reasonable” steps to ensure the safety of their guests will be higher than for that of a general property owner.

To learn more about this legal threshold and how it could impact your potential claim in Georgia, it might be best to consult with a Sandy Springs negligent security lawyer.

Parking Lots and Garages

Another type of negligent security claim can happen in a parking lot or in a garage. If an assault or incident happens in a parking lot or garage, you might make the mistake of thinking that the incident occurred on public property, but that’s not the case. Parking lots are generally owned by a nearby business or property owner, while parking garages always have an owner.

If you’re not sure who might be potentially liable in your situation, then a negligent security law firm can help you identify the potentially responsible parties.

Violent Crimes and Premises Liability Claims

As you may have noticed, most of the claims a negligent security lawyer will handle stems from a criminal act committed by someone else. You might be wondering why the law allows property owners to be held responsible for the actions of a criminal, and the answer rests in premises liability laws here in Georgia.

Under premises liability laws, it’s a property owner’s legal duty to provide for the safety of anyone who visits their property. With that in mind, every property owner has an obligation to take steps to prevent violent crime on their property.

You wouldn’t leave your doors unlocked and wide open at night, so never make the mistake of putting your guests in harm’s way by being lackluster in your security measures, either.

Qualities to Look for in a Sandy Springs Negligent Security Attorney

Do you believe that you might have some legal recourse after a recent incident on someone else’s property or at an event? If so, then your first course of action should be to contact an attorney for more information. The lawyer you choose to consult with, however, could make or break your claim. Find out more about what to look for when searching for an attorney to help you below.

Extensive Experience Handling Negligent Security Cases

First off, you want to make sure the Sandy Springs negligent security lawyer you hire has extensive experience handling cases that are similar to your own. The law is a lot vaster than you might think, and there are countless different niches that a lawyer might specialize in. For that reason, make sure you look for an attorney that specifically handles negligent security claims.

It’s even better if you can find an attorney who has experience representing clients who have been in similar positions as you in the past. Find out more about your lawyer’s experience by looking at past case results and asking the Sandy Springs law firm up front about the cases they’ve handled in the past.

Knowledge of How to Handle Insurance Companies

When dealing with negligent security in Sandy Springs, you’re sure to also have to deal with insurance companies, too. From your own medical insurance provider to the property owner’s insurance team, you may have to field a bunch of questions, provide specific documentation, and even undergo official interviews. Your lawyer needs to be your advocate during these times, so they need to know how to handle insurance companies.

Quality Reviews and Past Case Results

When you’re looking for a lawyer with experience regarding negligent security in Sandy Springs, one of the best ways to ensure you hire the best lawyer is to look at their past case results and reviews. Case results will give you a better picture of the size and scope of the cases the lawyer has handled in the past, while reviews will let you know how clients have felt about the lawyer’s services. If you spot a lot of red flags while seeking out this information, then it might be best to simply move on and hire a different firm.

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Were you or a loved one recently hurt in an accident due to a lack of security measures at an event, business, or someone else’s property here in Georgia? If so, then your best course of action is to consult with a Sandy Springs negligent security lawyer about your next steps.

If someone else owed you a legal duty of care and they failed to uphold it, then you might be able to seek out a legal claim for compensation. This compensation can help you cover financial losses like your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and more.

Are you ready to get started and find out if you have the basis to seek out a claim? All our lawyers strive to exemplify the qualities of a good negligent security firm outlined above, and we understand what you’re going through. Schedule a consultation with our team now to learn more about how we can help you recover from your accident or attack.

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