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Your odds of getting injured on any given day are higher than you’d think. Throughout 2021, an estimated one in five people sought out medical care after suffering an injury, and unfortunately, most of those people also likely experienced a sudden and unexpected windfall of financial losses as a result. And here in Dunwoody, we are not an exception.

Injuries can lead you to miss out on work and potential income. It can also keep you from fulfilling other obligations, like taking care of your children. Even worse, it can lead to a mountain of debt in the form of medical bills and potential property damage from the accident, too.

The good news is that in Dunwoody you might be able to recoup from some of those financial losses by filing a claim if someone else’s actions contributed to or caused your accident. But, do you have the legal basis to seek out a claim?

The best way to find out the answer to that is to speak with a personal injury lawyer about what happened. The right Dunwoody personal injury attorney will listen to what happened, inform you about your legal rights and options, and help you determine if it’s worth your effort to file a claim for compensation. In many cases, the answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes’.

If you recently experienced an injury and you believe someone else could be partially responsible, then it’s in your best interests to find out more about how a personal injury lawyer in Dunwoody can help. Find out more about our firm, common types of personal injury claims in Dunwoody, and what to expect with a claim below.

What Does a Dunwoody Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Before you go out and schedule a meeting with a personal injury lawyer, you likely want to know more about what exactly an attorney can do for you. The best personal injury lawyer Dunwoody has to offer will have gone through extensive education regarding the law. They’ve succeeded on the LSAT, thrived through law school, and passed the bar. This makes them well-versed and competent in personal injury law.

With that in mind, most lawyers can determine if you have the basis for a claim simply by listening to what happened. By hearing your circumstances, they can sus out whether a legal duty of care existed and whether someone else’s negligence could provide the basis for a case.

The right lawyer won’t stop there, though. If you decide to hire them, they’ll work hard to seek out evidence to prove your claims, value your losses, file the correct legal paperwork, negotiate with the other party, and represent you throughout your claim every step of the way. Having a good lawyer by your side could be the difference between getting fully compensated for your losses and having your claim denied.

Understanding the Different Areas of Personal Injury Law

So, what types of claims can a Dunwoody personal injury lawyer help with? Personal injury law covers a wide variety of situations in which one person gets hurt (or even loses their life) as a result of someone else’s behavior. Here are a few of the most common types of accidents that lead to a personal injury claim:

  • Car crashes
  • Pedestrian versus car accidents
  • Slip and falls at a business or someone else’s property
  • Medical malpractice
  • Injuries caused by defective products
  • Workplace accidents
  • Trucking accidents
  • Wrongful death accidents

The right personal injury lawyer won’t simply stop at those cases, though. They will look into the specific circumstances of your accident to determine whether any legal duty of care existed. If there was a legal duty to provide for your care and it was breached, then that can give rise to a claim, even if your specific situation isn’t covered on the list above.

School Zone Safety in Dunwoody

Some of the most concerning and tragic accidents that happen here in Dunwoody occur in school zones. It’s crucial that everyone understands that they have a legal duty of care to provide for the safety of every student, child, pedestrian, motorist, teacher, and parent that is within a school zone. Schools, in particular, have a strong duty to provide for the care of every student.

If your child gets hurt in a school zone, then you need to talk with a Dunwoody personal injury lawyer ASAP. Depending on the specifics of the accident, multiple parties could be held liable for the incident. What’s more, a personal injury attorney in Dunwoody will make sure that the responsible entity is penalized in such a way that it makes it clear that Dunwoody courts will not allow these types of accidents to go unpunished. The most skilled attorney will push for the entity responsible to become a public example of why everyone should be proceeding with caution in a school zone.

What Kind of Compensation are You Entitled to?

If you’re considering hiring a Dunwoody personal injury lawyer, then there’s a good chance that you already know you’ve suffered significant financial losses. In general, the purpose of seeking out a personal injury claim is to recover from those losses, so it makes sense that courtrooms usually seek to fully financially restore the injured person to the financial state they were in prior to the accident. A personal injury lawyer in Dunwoody can help you recover the following types of damages:

  • Medical expenses (current and future)
  • Lost income and lost career opportunities
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Burial costs in the event of a wrongful death

Keep in mind, though, that even the very best personal injury lawyer Dunwoody has to offer won’t be able to secure more compensation than what you’ve truly lost as a result of the accident in most cases. Very rarely, a lawyer might be able to secure punitive damages, but these awards are reserved for cases in which the defendant has displayed extreme recklessness or wanton disregard for human life. For the most part, you’ll only be able to seek out as much money as you lost.

What are Some Factors Affecting Compensation?

Hiring a Dunwoody law firm won’t guarantee that you’ll be fully financially restored after filing a claim, though. There are a few factors that might impact your overall compensation award. The most skilled personal injury lawyer will fight to get you the compensation you deserve, but here are a few things that could impact your claim:

  • If you didn’t seek out timely medical care
  • If your own negligence contributed to the accident
  • If you didn’t seek out a claim in a timely manner
  • You don’t have evidence to support your claim
  • The other party is bringing a counter-claim against you

Don’t let these factors discourage you from seeking out a claim, though. A good attorney can still help you fight to recover some compensation even if these factors exist in your situation. Some compensation is still better than none!

Are you the Victim of a Personal Injury Accident?

If you were injured in an accident, hiring a Dunwoody personal injury lawyer might be a wise choice. They can help empower you to make good legal decisions moving forward, regardless if you decide to seek out a claim or not.

Is There a Deadline to File an Injury Claim in Dunwoody?

One reason why speaking with a Dunwoody personal injury lawyer quickly is a good idea is because there is a statute of limitations that defines the amount of time injured individuals have to seek out a claim. Here in Dunwoody, the clock starts ticking immediately after the crash. From that moment, you and your attorney only have two years to file your claim.

Talk to a Dunwoody Personal Injury Lawyer for Free

Have you recently been injured in an accident? Are you struggling to cope with the financial losses you’re experiencing? If so, then it makes the most sense to talk about what happened with a Dunwoody GA personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you might have the right to file a personal injury claim for compensation.

Even better, talking with the most skilled personal injury lawyer Dunwoody GA has to offer won’t cost you anything. Here, we offer free consultations to potential clients. During this consultation, you can tell us exactly what happened. In most situations, we will be able to determine whether it’s worth your time and effort to seek out a claim during this meeting.

Are you ready to get started? Schedule your free consultation with our office now.

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