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Year after year, statistics show that wrong-way driving accidents are pretty rare. While they don’t happen at the same rate as other types of crashes, wrong-way accidents are much more likely to result in fatalities, permanent injuries, or severe injuries that require a long-term recovery period.

If you’ve recently been involved in a wrong-way crash, then it’s important to understand how to handle your situation. You’ll want to fully investigate your legal options, especially if your wrong-way crash resulted in substantial losses.

An Atlanta wrong way car accident lawyer can help you unpack exactly what happened during your accident, who might be at fault, and how to get started on a claim for compensation. Learn everything you need to do to handle your claim like a pro below.

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Wrong Way Driving: A Common Cause of Car Accidents in Atlanta

In Atlanta, car accidents happen every day. Statistics show that on average, there will be about 150 accidents throughout the city on the daily. That equates to about five or six car crashes every hour of the day. Wrong-way driving is a common cause of these collisions, especially during times of high traffic. Wrong-way driving happens when a motorist is driving in the opposite direction as traffic is supposed to flow.

What to Do After a Wrong-Way Car Accident

After you get involved in a wrong-way car accident, you need to take specific steps to protect your legal rights. Since these types of crashes can leave you in shock, you may not be in the best headspace directly after the crash. That said, it’s good to know what to do ahead of time to ensure you don’t make a costly mistake. Below, we’ll go over the steps you should take immediately following a wrong way crash in Atlanta to protect both your physical health and your legal options.

Check for Injuries and Ensure Safety

First, you analyze your situation and ensure your immediate safety. Depending on the circumstances of your collision, the accident may have left your vehicle in a very vulnerable position. If you are worried that you could get hit by a vehicle due to being on a high-speed road or a blind spot, then it might be best to attempt to move your car to the side of the road. If you don’t think you’re in immediate danger, then it’s best to leave your car where it is until the police arrive.

If your vehicle is in a good spot, then the next thing you should do is check yourself and your passengers for injuries. If anyone is seriously hurt, then don’t hesitate to call 911.

Report the Accident

If you have to make a 911 call, then that will automatically be considered reporting the accident. Both medical responders and the police will come out to the scene. If your situation isn’t an emergency, then you should still contact the non-emergency police line if there are any injuries or there’s significant property damage as a result of the crash.

Reporting the accident is an important step in the claims process because without doing so, you may have trouble proving that an accident occurred or who was involved. With reporting, the police will officially document the crash as well as start an initial investigation into what happened.

Gather Evidence

If you aren’t too injured, then you can start gathering evidence immediately after your crash. Look around to see if anyone nearby witnessed your crash. If so, then consider asking them for their contact details and request that they stay to give a statement to the police. Take photographs of the accident scene, and check around to see if anyone caught the accident on a dash cam or surveillance camera.

Seek Medical Attention if Needed

Your next step should be seeking out the medical care you need to treat your injuries. After wrapping up at the scene of the crash, visit the hospital for a full checkup. Keep a copy of the medical bills and diagnosis that you receive.

Consult the Best Wrong Way Car Accident Lawyer

If your losses are significant, then it’s time to contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer. The right attorney will help you determine your options. If you have a claim, then they’ll help you build up your case and get started on getting the compensation you deserve.

Your Legal Rights After a Wrong-Way Car Accident in Atlanta

After a wrong-way car accident in Atlanta, you have the right to file a claim for compensation if someone else was negligent. Under the law in Georgia, all drivers assume a legal duty of care towards other motorists, so you can file a claim against drivers who fail to uphold that duty.

Right to Compensation

If the other party was 100% at fault, then they’ll be considered financially responsible for your losses. If you were partially responsible, then you can still file for compensation, but it will be reduced based on your percentage of fault.

Types of Damages

After an accident, you can seek out economic damages for your financial losses. These damages might include things like your medical bills, lost wages, or property damage. You can also file for non-economic damages, like pain and suffering. In wrongful death situations, you can file for compensation for losses like burial costs and funeral expenses.

Common Causes and Consequences of Wrong-Way Accidents

A massive and comprehensive study on wrong-way accidents conducted from 2010-2018 found that alcohol was a factor in an overwhelming 60% of wrong-way crashes. Other factors that contributed to a person’s overall odds of being involved in a wrong-way crash included age, other types of impairment, and driving without a passenger.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only things that cause and contribute to wrong-way car accidents in Georgia. Below, we’ll go over some of the most common causes of wrong-way accidents throughout Atlanta.

Being Under the Influence

Alcohol or drug intoxication is one of the biggest causes of wrong-way crashes. DUI accidents typically lead to significant losses due to the driver not being in the right frame of mind to avoid a collision.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving happens when drivers take their focus off the road momentarily. When that happens, a driver can veer into a lane with incoming traffic. It can also cause a driver to make a mistake and end up on the wrong side of the road.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving happens when the driver is intentionally avoiding safety measures in order to go faster or avoid traffic. Reckless drivers aren’t taking into account the risks of being unsafe, so they can often cause very serious collisions, especially when their reckless driving causes a wrong-way accident.

Running Red Lights

Running a red light is not only a traffic violation but also a huge safety risk. Running a red light can cause a wrong-way crash with drivers who actually have the right of way with the light.

Poor Signage

Poor signs can cause drivers to accidentally get into a lane on the wrong side of the road.

Senior Drivers

Age is a huge factor in many wrong-way crashes. As drivers get older, they’re more likely to make major errors or suffer from lapses in their judgement.

Types of Injuries Sustained in Wrong Way Road Crashes

Wrong-way accidents cause the front end of both vehicles to crush each other, and that means the driver often takes on the brunt of the crash. For that reasons, these types of accidents can lead to very serious and even fatal injuries. Some of the most commonly reported injuries form wrong way accidents includes brain injuries, back injuries, facial trauma, and abdominal injuries.

Proving Fault and Liability in Wrong-Way Accident Cases

In wrong-way accident cases, fault and liability will be determined based on the evidence in your situation. Evidence can come in the form of photographs, video footage, police reports, witness statements, or even accident reconstruction investigations.

FAQs About Wrong-Way Car Accidents and Legal Representation in Atlanta

Do you have more questions about your wrong-way car accident? In general, it’s best to ask your questions directly to a car accident lawyer who will consider your specific circumstances. That said, we’ll go over some general answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

What Should I Do Immediately After a Wrong-Way Accident?

Immediately after a wrong way accident, you need to report the crash to the police and seek out medical care. Keep a copy of your medical diagnosis and bills. Your next step should be to contact an attorney.

How Do I Prove Fault in a Wrong-Way Car Accident Case?

You’ll need to prove fault in your accident case by collecting evidence like video footage, photographs, and police reports. You might also consider hiring an investigator to reconstruct the accident when your case involves serious losses. If you need help proving fault after your accident, then consider contacting an Atlanta wrong way car accident lawyer.

What Kind of Compensation Can I Expect After a Wrong-Way Accident?

You can expect to receive a compensation award that’s equal to the losses you’ve experienced. In rare cases, you can receive extra compensation when the other party has been excessively reckless.

Our Top Car Accident Attorneys in Atlanta Can Help Victims

Experiencing a wrong-way accident is devastating and often traumatic. Most drivers do not expect to encounter a vehicle coming straight for them, and the shock may prevent them from being able to avoid a serious crash. If you were recently involved in this type of accident, then your best option is to consult with an Atlanta wrong way car accident lawyer about what happened.

Here at Singleton Law Firm, our attorneys can help you determine your best path forward and work towards getting you the compensation you’re entitled to under the law.

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