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In the 20 years between 2001 and 2021, fatalities resulting from police chase incidents increased significantly by over 41%. Over those years, 8,203 motorists were fatally killed in police chases, with 493 of those fatal police chase accidents happening in Georgia. What’s more, 36% of fatalities during police chases happened to innocent bystanders.

If you or someone you love was recently hurt in an accident during a police chase, then it makes the most sense to consult with Atlanta personal injury lawyers who can help you determine your options. Depending on what happened, you may be able to still file a claim even if you were partially to blame for the accident. Find out more about police chase accidents, navigating a claim, and how our attorneys can help below.

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Understanding Police Chase Accidents in Atlanta

Police have an obligation and duty to protect and serve, so it makes sense that sometimes, the authorities have to risk the safety of themselves or others for the greater good. One of the most common types of scenarios where this type of balancing act comes into play is during a potential police chase.

When a potential suspect flees from police by car, the authorities only have a few seconds to decide whether to pursue that suspect in their car or let them leave. During those seconds, they have to weigh out the public’s safety, since a police pursuit can be very dangerous. They also have to consider whether the suspect could pose a hazard to the public if the police don’t apprehend them. What’s more, police also have to think about whether the suspect is putting anyone else’s safety at risk, like a passenger.

Police may decide to pursue the suspect in their vehicle, which means two cars will be traveling at high speeds and making unexpected maneuvers on the open road. This can easily lead to a traffic accident.

The Legal Rights of Victims in Police Chase Accidents

After a typical Atlanta car accident, the at-fault party will be held responsible for the financial fallout of the accident. When it comes to a police chase, injured victims have the legal right to file a claim for compensation with the responsible party.

If you were an innocent bystander, then you might be able to file a claim against the fleeing suspect or the police department depending on the specific circumstances of your accident and the chase. If you were the fleeing person, then it might still be possible for you to file a claim for partial compensation even if you were somewhat to blame for the accident. To determine your legal options based on your unique situation, it’s best to consult with Atlanta personal injury lawyers with ample experience handling police chase accident claims.

Physical and Emotional Impact of Police Chase Accidents

The main reason you’ll want to consider your legal rights after your crash is because a police chase accident can lead to significant physical and emotional impacts. For one, your injury will inevitably lead to medical bills. These expenses could be the least of your worries, though, especially if your injury prevents you from being able to promptly return to work. On top of lost wages and medical bills, you could be experiencing other accident-related losses like property damage, emotional distress, and more.

By leveraging your legal rights, you can seek financial reimbursement for these losses, especially if the accident wasn’t your fault.

Steps to Take Following a Police Chase Accident

In order to properly uphold your rights to file a claim, you need to take specific steps after your police chase accident. Below, we’ll go over exactly what to do to make sure you protect both your health and legal rights.

Check for Injuries and Ensure Everyone’s Safety

First, check yourself and everyone else for injuries. A car accident can be very traumatic, causing life-threatening situations. Some of these very serious injuries, like brain damage, might not be immediately apparent until the person has had a full medical examination. That said, if you suspect there could be any injuries, then you should call the authorities as soon as possible.

Call Emergency Services for Medical and Police Assistance

The authorities should always be called out to the scene of the accident, even if another police cruiser is involved or you think the authorities are already aware of the incident. Medical responders will arrive and provide care to anyone in need. Other police officers will also help clear away the crash scene and file an official report.

Document the Scene with Photos and Notes

Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might be able to immediately start collecting evidence. Take photographs of the scene, make notes about what you remember, and ask any nearby witnesses to stay and give a statement to the police.

Exchange Information with Any Other Parties Involved

While you wait for the police, it might be a good idea to exchange contact and insurance information with the other parties that were involved in the incident.

Contact Your Insurance Company to Report the Accident

At some point, you will need to contact your insurance company to report what happened. It might be best to consult with an attorney before you take this step. Otherwise, be very careful about making any statements regarding the extent of your injuries or fault in the crash. Any statements you make could potentially be used against you later.

Seek Medical Attention Even if Injuries Seem Minor

If you don’t need emergency care, then it’s still important to get a full physical checkup as soon as possible. You should get this checkup even if you think your injuries are minor. Delaying medical care could not only make your physical health get worse, but it could also put your claim at risk, too.

Consult with a Specialized Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta

Are you currently searching the internet for a “personal injury lawyer near me”? If so, then you need to look for an attorney who has specific experience working with individuals injured in police chases. The best lawyer for your case will be local, experienced, and qualified.

How to Claim Damages in Police Chase Car Accident Cases

Atlanta personal injury lawyers can help you claim damages after a police chase car accident case by first helping you identify who might be responsible, properly valuing your losses, documenting your losses with evidence, and filing your claim.

When is a Police Officer Liable for Causing Injuries in a Police Chase?

A police officer could be held liable for injuries caused during a police chase if they were overly reckless. For instance, if the officer was engaged in a deadly distraction while pursuing a suspect, then that’s a massive violation of public trust and safety. Similarly, if the officer was pursuing a suspect without any regard for the public’s safety or without a valid reason, then they could also be held responsible. It’s best to speak with an attorney about what happened to learn more about who might be liable after your crash.

Explanation of the Legal Process for Establishing Fault

To understand whether an officer might be liable, you first need to understand who was at fault for the crash. Multiple parties could potentially be implicated, so the process of determining fault usually goes like this:

1. Evidence is gathered

2. The evidence is reviewed

3. Courts determine who was at fault

The Role of Evidence and How an Attorney Can Assist in Gathering It

The most important part of this process is gathering evidence to prove your claims. An attorney can help you secure evidence in the form of a police report, video footage of the accident, photographs of the scene, witness statements, medical reports, bills, receipts, and more.

Work with the Right Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Before rushing out to Google for help finding a “personal injury lawyer near me”, understand that the lawyer you hire will make a massive difference in the success of your claim. Do your due diligence and ensure that you hire a qualified, experienced, and reputable attorney who can secure the settlement you deserve.

Are You Looking for an Atlanta Police Chase Accident Lawyer?

A police chase accident is frightening, especially if you’re an innocent bystander who gets caught up in the mix. If you’re the one being chased, then your flight or fight instinct has almost certainly kicked in, which can cause you to make poor, reckless decisions and ultimately crash.

It’s usually best to consult with Atlanta personal injury lawyers if you sustain injuries in a police chase. In general, police chases are very dangerous and should only be used as a strategy by authorities in very specific situations. Sometimes, it’s possible to recover compensation that will pay for your accident-related expenses.

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