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Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites are common injuries for both adults and children. Dog bites can lead to not only serious injuries, but also psychological trauma or even death. It is, therefore, necessary to always be careful when dealing with dogs, even those that are considered as pets.

It might seem the last thing to think about when you are bitten by a dog, but contacting a lawyer is something you should do soon after so you can pursue your rightful compensations.

What to do when bitten by a dog?

  • Try to identify the dog. If the dog has rabies, you must seek medical care right away and get the appropriate vaccines against it.

  • Do not argue with the owner of the dog. It won’t do any good, especially when they don’t want to believe what happened. Many owners believe in the goodness of their pets, and that’s why it’s hard for them to accept that their dog would bite without severe provocation.
  • Don’t sign anything and don’t make statements that can be recorded. The dog owner, property owner or their insurance company might try to get you to sign documents or record your statements on tape. Take note that their primary goal is to get you to make statements that will help in their cause to avoid possible liabilities for your dog bite injuries. If this happens, you should consider having a lawyer present to assist you.

  • Make a report to the police. Report the incident to the police so they can investigate further. They will then provide a statement and official report that may help establish the dog bite incident further in the process.
  • Seek medical care. The dog that bit you may have rabies. In that case, you will need the appropriate vaccines to counter the effects of rabies. On the other hand, dog bites involve puncture wounds from fangs. These can also be easily infected. Moreover, you may have scrapes and abrasions from protecting yourself during the attack. An infected wound can result in a worse scar and even serious complications and consequences. That’s why seeking medical care after a dog bite injury is a must.
  • Consult a lawyer. A reliable lawyer will help you get compensation for your financial losses, emotional or psychological effects of the dog bite injuries. Even if the insurance company offers to give you payment, it helps to have a lawyer review the proposed settlement. A lawyer you can trust can help you obtain a fair outcome.

The Law for Dog Bite Cases

According to the statistics, Georgia is among the 10 states with most dog bite claims. Different laws on dog bite injuries are provided in different states. Dog owners are liable even if it’s the first time that their dogs bit somebody.

Sometimes, you can be injured not only by a dog bite, but also by an attack that causes injuries from the dog’s claws or by getting upset from a dog while riding a bike. These cases can also be filed for claims.

Life can change in the blink of an eye. If you were a victim of dog or other animal bites and now need a lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. The consultation is always free, and we at Singleton Law Firm are here to help.

Latest Dog Bites Statistics


There are approximately 7.7 million dog bites each year in the USA.


Physical injuriesHalf of the injured by dogs are children, and mostly at the ages of 5 to 9.


64% of the fatal injuries are from putbulls.


Physical injuriesHalf of the injured by dogs are children, and mostly at the ages of 5 to 9.


800 000 of them result in medical care.


Georgia is one of the 10 states with the highest number of filed dog bite injury claims.


Insurers have paid out $797 million in 2019 for dog bite or other dog injuries claims.


Georgia is one of the 10 states with the highest number of filed dog bite injury claims.

FAQs for Dog Bite Claims in Atlanta, Georgia

Is there a prohibition of bulldogs in Atlanta?

There is no official prohibition of bulldogs in the city of Atlanta, and no laws have passed to restrict them. 

How long can I wait before filing my claim?

In the state of Georgia, you have two years to pursue your legal rights after a dog bite injury. 

What if the dog owner wasn’t careless?

You are still eligible to file a claim even if the dog owner was negligent or not. Your injuries are present, and you should fight for your rights.

What medical expenses can I restore with the dog bite claim?

You can have compensation for any medical expenses, including medical assistance, emergency help, ongoing therapy, medication, surgeries, and more.

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