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DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Related Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia

Driving under the influence can have a significant impact on innocent people and their families by causing injuries or severe damages. Choosing a qualified Atlanta DUI accident attorney like those at the Singleton Law Firm can help you pursue remedies outside of a court sentence.

The numbers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are staggering. One in three gets involved in a DUI accident at some point in their lives, and 17,000 deaths are the result of it each year. 

The Singleton DUI Accident Law Firm

We’ll work with you to find out the conditions that led up to the accident.  We will contact relevant law enforcement agencies or courts to start gathering valuable information. Doing this sooner rather than later can be critical to getting you the results you deserve. Defense attorneys often ask for records or test results to be destroyed once a criminal trial is over, and that’s why the process has to be brought to speed.

We’ll also work with you to get a full account of what expenses you’re going through, from employment to emotional trauma to medical bills. We are always devoted to guiding you through the processes – claims, health insurances, and others. Our goal is to minimize expenses and provide the needed compensations from the wrongful party. 

The Singleton Law Firm recognizes that it can be hard to quantify how your life, or the life of your loved one, has been affected by this tragedy. But we help clients maximize the financial compensation that can help you get back on track by pursuing all available avenues.

The sooner you contact a trusted DUI accidents lawyer, the better. Singleton Law Firm has some of the best Atlanta DUI accident attorneys. You can contact us, and we will help you with a free consultation to help you decide what your next steps should be, and what you can realistically expect throughout the process.

The truth is DUI is a crime in every US state. The law about it keeps changing and is complicated, so people with no law experience can’t fight it properly. That’s why you need a DUI skilled attorney that will take to heart your case and explore every part of it, so when in court, you get the best outcome possible.

Statistics show that those between 21-25 years old commit 24% of the incidents and the rate declines steadily for each age group older than 25 according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. This information is unfortunate, especially when we know how severe damages for some can be. Not only for their personal injuries but also damages to property and mental health.

Why do You Need a DUI Accident Attorney

Whether you were driving under the influence or you were a victim of one, our DUI accident attorneys are experienced and will do anything to help you.

The right and trusted attorney will get all the needed information for you, including blood alcohol levels, what were the medical conditions afterwards and what damages were done, as well as gather evidence for the accident.

Unfortunately, DUI accidents are among the most common ones, and we face these kinds of claims daily. Some injuries are not as severe as others, but sometimes, the consequences can be fatal. They can be wrongful death or serious damages. That’s why having a caring lawyer is essential. The attorneys from the Singleton Law Firm will not only fight for your rights but also show you compassion and care. 

We strongly recommend that you are careful after the accident occurs. If it is possible, don’t make any statements without the presence of a lawyer and don’t talk to insurance companies as they often mislead people. We also know how hard it can be after a DUI accident has affected your life, but it is still important to not postpone filing a claim or talking to a DUI accident attorney.

FAQs for DUI Accidents

What if I was the one that caused the DUI accident?

Singleton Law Firm’s lawyers are professionals that will do anything to fight for your rights as a defendant or as a plaintiff. Whether you were a victim or caused an accident, we separate each case from the others and work passionately.

How do I know if my case is eligible for a claim?

We offer a free consultation so you can contact us and with the needed information about your case, we’ll tell you whether your case is likely to be proceeded with. 

What can I recover after a successful DUI accident trial?

In the best-case scenario, you can have compensation for car damages, medical expenses for personal injuries, and other lost wages.

Should I bring any evidence?

Any evidence that you have regarding the drunk accident is essential to your case, so be sure to share everything with your lawyer.

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