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By mid-2023, the global online marketplace Amazon proudly announced that it had delivered more than 1.8 billion units to Prime members using same or next-day delivery in the past seven months alone! This massive number doesn’t even include all the billions of packages Amazon sends using more traditional shipping speeds.

With such incredible delivery times, it makes sense that Amazon has a streamlined process for hiring drivers, assigning out packages, and making sure that their deliveries are as seamless as possible.

Despite all these efforts, there’s always a chance that an accident can happen, leading to significant losses. When you get involved in an accident with an Amazon delivery driver, it might be a good idea to consult with an accident attorney about what happened. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, your losses, and various insurance policies in place, you may be able to seek compensation for losses that you’re experiencing.

Learn more about Amazon accidents and how to handle them below.

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Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents in Atlanta

Are you frantically Googling, “I got into an Amazon truck accident yesterday,” or “Is Amazon liable for a car accident?” If so, then we’re here to help you unpack what happened, who might be responsible, the potential insurance policies that might come into play, and how our lawyers can help you navigate all the complexities associated with an Amazon accident claim.

These steps are important to take, especially if you’ve already suffered significant losses and you’re still recovering from an injury. While some accident losses are obvious, you might not even realize how much you’re losing over time until you take a hard look at your post-accident situation.

Determining Negligence in Amazon Truck Accidents

One of the most important factors in your accident is determining who or what was responsible for the crash. This factor will determine what legal options you have for recovery.

Since every accident is unique, you’ll need to do a thorough investigation into what happened to figure out who or what was responsible. Typically, this investigation will begin automatically when you call the authorities out to the scene of the accident. Police will look at the evidence at the scene, make an initial determination of fault, and list that in their police report.

Who is Responsible After an Amazon Truck Accident?

An Amazon accident might happen for several reasons. Here are some of the most commonly reported causes of accidents with Amazon drivers:

  • Driver negligence
  • Driver fatigue
  • Intoxication
  • Lack of driver training
  • Poor truck maintenance
  • Driver error
  • Failure to adhere to traffic laws
  • Adverse weather
  • Defective parts

Determining the cause of the crash will help you identify who might be potentially responsible. Accidents with other vehicles aren’t the only types of situations where Amazon might be responsible for property damage. For instance, you might wonder — is Amazon liable for damage to your property caused by a delivery driver? That answer will hinge on who was at fault for the damage to your property, just like in an Amazon accident. Below, we’ll go over a few different parties that might be held financially responsible for losses associated with an accident.

Delivery Service Partners

Some Amazon deliveries are made by third-party delivery service partners. That means someone from FedEx, UPS, or some other third-party company may be making the delivery on behalf of Amazon. When you get into an accident with a delivery service partner working for Amazon, your situation is a little complex. When the driver of the truck caused the accident, liability could rest on the third-party company that hired the driver. That delivery service partner could be responsible when they were negligent in hiring the driver, maintaining their vehicle, or the driver was acting within the scope of the job and the delivery service partner has an insurance policy. If you believe a delivery service partner driver may have been responsible for your crash, then consider talking to a lawyer about your situation to learn more about your legal options.

Independent Contractors

Amazon accidents can also be caused by drivers who are operating as independent contractors. When the driver is an independent contractor, they assume legal liability for accidents that occur. Amazon will not be held responsible. Instead, you may need to pursue compensation through the contractor’s insurance. Unfortunately, the contractor might not have the proper coverage. In these situations, it’s best to get in touch with a lawyer.

If you were struck by an independent contractor working through another third-party, like FedEx, then be sure to look for an attorney with specific experience working for that company. A FedEx truck accident lawyer, for instance, will have experience going over FedEx contracts and will be better suited to help you through your claim.

Vicarious Liability

Vicarious liability is a legal doctrine that holds a company responsible for the actions of their employees when the employee is acting within the scope of their job. In an Amazon deliver truck accident, Amazon could potentially be held responsible if they had a lot of control over the driver. This type of argument, though, might have to be settled in court since it’s being disputed in courtrooms all across the country right now.

An experienced Amazon accident lawyer can help you understand if this type of claim is worth pursuing in your situation. If your crash involved a different company, like UPS for example, then you’ll want to look for an experienced UPS truck accident lawyer who can give you better guidance on whether vicarious liability might apply for that company.

Amazon Employees

Amazon employees might also be responsible for an accident with an Amazon truck, but this type of situation doesn’t happen that often. For the most part, Amazon does not directly hire employees to do deliveries. Instead, they usually hire independent contractors or third party delivery services.

What Kinds of Insurance are Available for Victims of an Truck Accident?

When you get involved in a traditional car accident, you know car insurance policies will play a major role in how you get compensation for your accident. The same usually holds true in an Amazon accident.

There are differences, though, since Amazon’s policies, an independent contractor’s policies, and your own insurance might all come into play. To better understand what insurance coverage is available in your situation, it might be best to consult with an accident attorney.

Amazon’s Flex Insurance Coverage

All Amazon delivery drivers are required to maintain the proper car insurance as a part of their job duties. When this requirement is met, drivers are also covered under Amazon’s flex insurance coverage policy at no cost. This policy includes auto liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and contingent comprehensive and collision coverage.

This coverage is a big advantage for delivery drivers. Liability coverage goes up to $1 million per incident. It covers property damage and bodily injury for third parties when the delivery driver is at fault. To get this type of coverage, the driver must have been on the clock when the accident happened.

Understanding Insurance Policies for Amazon Delivery Trucks and Vans

Were you just involved in an Amazon truck accident today? If so, then it might make the most sense to talk to an attorney before you speak with any insurance adjusters about the accident you experienced. Insurance policies for Amazon delivery trucks and vans can become very complicated, especially if your accident occurred with a driver who didn’t have the proper insurance coverage.

The Danger of Amazon’s Delivery Algorithm

Since Amazon doesn’t directly employ drivers, you’d think that they wouldn’t have much control over how the drivers handle their tasks. Unfortunately, technological advancements have made it possible for companies like Amazon to have a lot of control over how an independent contractor fulfills their obligations. According to insiders, Amazon’s delivery algorithms and constant surveillance help to set unrealistic expectations for delivery drivers. Drivers are always being pushed to deliver more things faster. When drivers are not going fast enough, they are sent alerts, and the app seems to micromanage all the aspects of delivering the packages.

Third-Party Insurance Coverage

In some cases, a third-party insurance provider will cover the extent of your losses. If another driver caused the Amazon delivery truck to swerve and hit you, for instance, then that third-party’s insurance policy would kick in to pay for your losses.

Available Compensation After an Amazon Truck Accident

Before you accept any type of settlement with an insurance provider or another responsible party, you need to carefully consider all of your losses. After an accident, you should generally be able to seek out a claim that compensates you for all of your losses.

These losses might include things like your current medical expenses, future medical care needs, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

If you’re not sure how to calculate or value your losses, then it’s best to talk to an Amazon truck accident attorney. This is especially true if you’re experiencing a serious injury that will cause long-term losses. Hiring the right type of lawyer in these situations is paramount. An Atlanta trucking accident lawyer, for instance, will be more informed about severe injuries than a typical car accident lawyer would be. The right attorney will help you fully consider the extent of your current and future losses associated with your injury.

Steps to Take After an Amazon Truck Accident

When you experience a crash, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to handle the situation. Below, we’ll help you identify exactly what to do step-by-step.

Report the Crash

First, report your Amazon truck accident to the authorities. If your situation is an emergency or there are serious injuries, then call 911. Otherwise, call the non-emergency police line to have the authorities come to the scene. Once police and emergency responders arrive, medical care will be issued to those in need while the police begin an investigation into what happened. Police will collect evidence and attempt to determine what caused the accident. They’ll create an official police report where they’ll document who was involved, what happened, and what they believe caused the accident.

Seek Medical Care

If you were involved in a serious Amazon truck crash, then you may have needed to be rushed to the hospital. If not, then it’s still important for you to get a full medical checkup as soon as possible to rule out any significant injuries. Delaying your medical treatment could ruin any future claim for compensation. When you do receive medical treatment, then be sure to keep a copy of any diagnosis you receive as well as your medical bills.

Consider Your Options

Next, you need to consider your legal options after your Amazon truck crash. Since this heavily depends on the circumstances of your accident as well as the extent of your losses, it might be best to talk to an attorney to figure out who might be responsible and where to file a claim.

Avoid Speaking to the Opposing Party’s Insurance Company Until You Talk to an Attorney

You should also avoid speaking to any insurance adjusters before first consulting with an Amazon accident attorney. Everything you say to an adjuster could potentially be held against you during the claims process, so it makes more sense to have an attorney guide you through the process.

What to Expect from Amazon After a Truck Accident

After an accident, Amazon will work with you to understand the details of the crash and process your claim through their insurance provider where situations call for it. If you hire an attorney, then your lawyer can help field talks with Amazon agents.

If other circumstances are present, like an 18-wheeler being involved for example, then look for a lawyer with specific experience handling those types of claims. An 18-wheeler accident lawyer will have more experience handling severe injuries and crashes.

Schedule Your Free Consultation with an Atlanta Amazon Accident Lawyer

After going through an accident with an Amazon delivery driver, you might start to experience several financial losses. Not only will your car be damaged, but you might also be missing time off of work and struggling to pay off your medical bills. If that’s the case, then it makes sense to discuss what happened with an experienced Amazon accident attorney.

The right lawyer will help you determine what caused your accident and who might be liable. From there, they’ll help you strengthen your case and file your claim. If you’re in Atlanta or a nearby area, then schedule a free consultation with our law office now to learn more about your options and legal rights.

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