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Throughout 2022, FedEx made an average of 9.9 million ground deliveries every day! With such incredible numbers, it makes sense why you see so many FedEx trucks out on the road. The majority of FedEx deliveries go smoothly, but there’s always a chance that a delivery driver could get into a traffic accident. When that happens, the losses can be devastating for both the FedEx driver and anyone else involved. What’s more, multiple parties being involved in the situation could result in the need for you to hire a FedEx truck accident lawyer to protect your rights. If you have experienced a FedEx truck accident in Georgia that resulted in significant losses, then we can help. Learn more about FedEx truck accident claims, how to handle your losses, and more about how we can help below.

FedEx Express delivery truck unloading at receiving dock of commercial building

Common Causes of FedEx Truck Accidents in Atlanta

One of the biggest factors that will impact any FedEx accident claim is what caused the crash to begin with. Every accident situation is unique, so it will be a process to determine what exactly led to your FedEx accident. Typically, an investigation into the accident will begin immediately as soon as you alert the authorities. Police will come out to the scene and attempt to make an initial determination into what could’ve led to the accident. They’ll note that cause in their police report, and they’ll document any evidence they find to back up that claim. This evidence might include witness statements, video surveillance footage of the crash, dash cam video, photographs, or other details. Sometimes, the at-fault party will admit fault at the scene.

Below, we’ll go over a few of the most common causes of FedEx truck accidents.

Injured by a FedEx Employee Driver

One of the most common causes of a FedEx truck accident in Georgia is driver negligence. When a FedEx employee displays negligent driving behaviors, then they’ll be considered at fault for the accident. Negligent driving behaviors include things like texting, eating, smoking, using a GPS system, speeding, tailgating, or aggressively driving. These reckless and careless driving behaviors might cause a crash. When that happens, impacted individuals might have legal recourse by either seeking a claim against the driver themselves or FedEx.

If you’re involved in an accident with a different type of rental company, like UPS, then a UPS truck accident lawyer can help you determine if you can pursue compensation against the company, the driver, or a different party.

Accidents Caused by an Independent Contractor

Driver negligence might be the cause of your accident, but your claim will be even more complicated if the FedEx truck accident in Georgia involves an independent contractor rather than an employee of FedEx. Companies have far less legal liability over independent contractors than they do for employees, so in these situations, you may not be able to sue the company depending on the circumstances of the crash.

Other delivery services, like Amazon, also utilize independent contractors. If your delivery driver was working for another company, then an Amazon delivery van accident lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of the claim. Unfortunately, an independent contractor may not have the right insurance coverage, leaving you in a very vulnerable position.

Defective or Faulty FedEx Truck Parts

Another common cause of accidents is defective or faulty FedEx truck parts. When a crucial truck part fails, an accident is usually the result. Some of the most commonly reported defective parts include tires, wires, wheels, brakes, and ball joints.

If you suspect parts were faulty on a FedEx truck that caused or contributed to the severity of your accident, then it’s best to consult with a FedEx accident lawyer. These types of claims are often difficult to prove because you will need to get enough evidence to demonstrate that the FedEx part was defective in some way. An investigation will need to occur, and you’ll be going up against a massive truck manufacturing company. You’ll want a strong legal advocate with experience by your side.

Did You Cause or Contribute to the Accident?

This list wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t also consider your own potential negligence in the accident. Sometimes, you are the negligent driver that causes the FedEx truck accident. When that’s the case, your legal rights to compensation are limited. One option you have is to seek compensation through your own car insurance policy for an accident that was your fault.

Another option is to investigate what level of fault you contributed to the accident. If another party was more at fault for the crash than you are, then you might still be able to collect partial compensation for the crash. You won’t be eligible to file a claim if you were more than 50% at fault for the accident, though. To learn more about your options and rights when you were partially at fault for a crash, consult with a FedEx truck accident attorney. It’s also best to talk to a lawyer before admitting any fault to the other party, police officers, or insurance adjusters.

Can You Hold FedEx Directly Responsible for an Accident?

When your crash has led to significant losses, it makes sense to consider your legal options for financial recovery. Depending on what happened, it might be possible to hold FedEx, the company, directly responsible for the losses associated with that crash.

FedEx might be considered directly at fault when the company’s negligence, or the negligence of an on-duty employee, caused the accident. Keep in mind, though, that FedEx is a massive company with a huge team of legal experts. That said, the company will do its best to avoid accountability when possible. They may attempt to blame you for the crash or claim that you were equally at fault. Even worse, they may attempt to downplay your injuries and losses. You’ll want to hire a FedEx accident attorney before attempting to go up against the company’s legal team to level the playing field.

If you’re not sure if you can hold the company directly responsible, then an Atlanta trucking accident lawyer can help you make that determination after discussing the specifics of your case.

Negligent Hiring

One situation where you’d be able to hold FedEx accountable for an accident is when the company was negligent in hiring the FedEx employee who caused the accident. As an employer of truck drivers, FedEx has a legal duty to ensure that they hire safe and effective drivers. To meet this legal requirement, FedEx should perform a background check before hiring a driver.

FedEx shouldn’t hire truck drivers with repeated speeding violations, concerning traffic tickets, or multiple arrests for driving while impaired. If they do hire a person who is clearly not fit for the job, then the company can be held liable when that driver causes an accident.

If you think the driver involved in your crash should’ve never been hired by FedEx due to their driving history, then get in touch with a FedEx accident attorney to learn more about negligent hiring and whether it was a factor in your case.

Inadequate FedEx Driver Training

Since FedEx has a legal duty to provide a safe workplace for employees, they need to ensure that all drivers have adequate training before they get started on the job. FedEx should inform drivers about known hazards, important safety procedures, and the best driving practices before they allow someone to start making deliveries.

Unfortunately, FedEx is notorious for hiring inadequately trained drivers. Some of these individuals aren’t even FedEx employees but are hired on as independent contractors with little experience.

When you believe inexperience and a lack of training contributed to your crash, talk to a FedEx accident attorney about your options.

Failure to Properly Maintain FedEx Vehicles

The company FedEx owns all of its delivery trucks, even when independent contractors are hired to utilize the trucks to make deliveries. That being said, it’s FedEx’s legal responsibility to ensure that all of their vehicles are properly maintained and in a safe operating condition. FedEx should be performing regular inspections and maintenance on all of its vehicles.

A lack of proper maintenance can lead to a mechanical failure that causes an accident. In these circumstances, FedEx would be considered at fault for neglecting its legal duty to maintain the vehicle.

How to Sue FedEx for Negligence

If you experienced a devastating crash and you’re currently desperately Googling phrases like “A FedEx truck hit my car!” or “I was in a FedEx truck accident yesterday,” then we understand your sense of urgency, but don’t panic! Below, we’ll go over exactly what to do after a FedEx truck accident to ensure that your rights get upheld throughout every step of the process. If FedEx or another party was negligent and caused your accident, then following these steps will help protect your right to seek out a claim for compensation. Here’s what to do:

Report the Accident

First, you need to report your FedEx truck accident. This step is crucial in protecting your rights and options moving forward. Reporting the accident will serve as valuable proof that the accident occurred and who was involved. The police will also start an investigation into what caused the crash.

Get Medical Care

Next, you need to get medical care. If your accident results in severe injuries, then you may get rushed to the hospital. If that isn’t the case, then you should still go to get a full physical checkup as soon as possible. Often, traffic accidents can result in injuries with delayed symptoms. You may not initially realize how hurt you are because of the adrenaline and other life-saving chemicals that are pumping through your body at the scene of the accident. A full medical check up can help uncover these injuries and ensure you get the proper treatment you need.

Document Your Losses

As you get the care you need and move through the next few days, be sure to document all of your losses. Keep your medical bills and document any medical diagnosis. If you have property damage, then get a repair estimate that documents the losses. You should also document other losses you experience, like the income you missed out on earning while recovering from the crash.

Determine Your Legal Options

If your losses are adding up, then it’s time to contact a FedEx accident lawyer. A lawyer can help you answer questions like ‘how much is my accident claim worth?’ and ‘how long does a FedEx claim take?’. They can also fully inform you of your legal options depending on the specific circumstances of your accident. If you do have a claim, then your lawyer will be your best legal advocate throughout the process.

Typical Insurance Company Responses

As you determine your options for recovery, you’ll inevitably have to deal with some insurance companies and insurance adjusters. One great advantage of hiring a FedEx accident lawyer is that an attorney will field all of these calls with insurance companies for you. This can be very advantageous because insurance adjusters always have an incentive to minimize your claim and reduce your payout as much as possible.

When losses are extreme or your circumstances are unique, you may want to look for a lawyer will extensive experience with your type of situation. An 18-wheeler accident lawyer, for instance, would be best equipped to handle semi-crash accidents and the unique losses associated with them.

FedEx Truck Accident Settlements

After a crash, your FedEx truck accident settlement should help compensate you for the losses you endure. This settlement won’t exceed your losses, but it should help restore you to the position you were in before you experienced the accident. To make sure that you properly value your losses, it’s best to discuss your situation with a FedEx truck accident lawyer. Below, we’ll go over the two basic types of damages you can seek compensation for.

Economic Damages

Economic damage describes all the losses you endure that are easy to calculate and value. For instance, the financial cost of the medical care you receive and the wages you missed out on earning would be considered economic damages. The expenses associated with your property damage would also be considered economic damages. You can seek coverage for all these losses from the negligent party.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are much more difficult to value and prove. These types of losses are less obvious and might include things like emotional distress or a loss of quality of life. For instance, the trauma of losing a parent in a car crash could be considered a non-economic damage. You can seek compensation for these types of losses, but it’s best to consult with a FedEx truck accident lawyer to learn more about how to properly value these lose

Schedule a Consultation with a FedEx Truck Accident Attorney in Atlanta

FedEx truck accidents often lead to devastating losses. This is especially true for injured individuals who were traveling in much smaller traditional vehicles. If you’ve recently been involved in this type of accident and you’re experiencing significant losses, then your next best move might be to contact a FedEx truck accident lawyer.

Together, you and your lawyer will go over what happened in the accident and who might be at fault. You’ll discuss your losses and go over the potential insurance policies that might come into play. From there, your lawyer will explain more about the law and your specific legal options based on the circumstances of your accident. If the lawyer believes you might have the basis to seek out a claim, then they can help you with the next steps in pursuing the compensation you need to move on.

Are you in Atlanta or a nearby area? If so, then we’d love to hear from you. Schedule a call with our office now to learn more about your options moving forward.

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