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We are proud to be lawyers dedicated to representing people and their loved ones who have suffered serious personal injury or death. We strive to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives by safeguarding their legal rights and holding accountable any individual, corporation or government who causes personal injury or death. For over 23 years we have battled insurance companies in order to protect your interests!

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Victims of back injuries face immediate physical, emotional, and mental hardship and pain. Besides, such victims also face a lifetime of crippling medical bills, reduction of employment, and many other financial difficulties. As one of the best back injury attorneys in the industry, we understand well what this really means for all our clients. Because of our unique experience and qualifications, we consistently obtain just compensation for all our clients who have suffered a back injury.

After many years of assisting clients who have been severely injured & disabled, our lawyers know well the destruction and desolation that suffering a permanent or severe back injury can cause, both to an injured person and their family. Indeed, it is important for one to look for the best back injury attorney who can fight to win, or favorably settle the case, and to help him or her family get compensation and justice they deserve.

About Back Injuries

The severity of back injuries can differ tremendously from one person being in pain for just a few days to a person being permanently in pain for his or her life or simply disabled. The spine and back, specifically, are incredibly complex structures that consist of 24 small bones and discs, tendons, ligaments, nerves, spinal cord, and muscles. In case any of these elements are damaged, then it can lead to back pain or injury.

If an individual has suffered back injuries in an accident which were the fault of another person, he or she should make a personal injury compensation claim. We are experts in that field. Just contact us and be sure to get professional representation.

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Back injuries may be caused by various kinds of accidents. Here are the most common causes of back injuries.

• Road accidents

Road accidents are mostly found to results in back injuries, especially if an individual`s car is hit from behind by another vehicle. The pain that results from this kind of whiplash injury will spread up as far as a person`s head, through his or her neck, and all the way down his or her spine. This will cause lower back pain. In case a nerve has been trapped or damaged, one may experience some strange sensations or pain in his or her legs or arms.

• Carrying or lifting heavy objects

Carrying or lifting heavy objects can cause back injuries. In a workplace, lifting any heavy objects by hand should always be avoided where possible, and if machinery is available to lift those objects instead it should be provided. If carrying or lifting heavy load cannot be avoided, then the weight should be strictly monitored to ensure that they are within the standard and legal limits. Also, the workers should receive education and training on how to carry or lift heavy load safely. This will minimize the number of accidents at the workplace because of manual handling.

• Falling from a particular height

Falls from some heights often result in a back injury, especially if an individual falling lands flat on his or her feet or his or her back.

Falls from height at a workplace can be minimized by strict safety and health procedures such as frequent inspection of the workplace, including inspections of cranes, scaffolding, and safety barriers. Also, falls from heights may result from falling down a lift shaft or falling from a horse.

• Faulty products

Faulty products like defective stools, ladders, or chairs are well-known to cause severe back injuries if they collapse or break under an individual`s weight causing them to fall. In case one suffers back injuries from any defective product, it will be a good idea to retain that particular product together with its purchase receipt in case there is such a receipt.

• Slips and trips

This is a common cause of a back injury. Slips and trips can be caused by freshly mopped floors, debris lying around, spillages, or defective surfaces like a torn carpet or uneven paving slabs.

If there is a person who is suffering from back injuries as a result of an accident that was another person`s fault, we are to help in making a personal injury claim for maximum compensation. We are experts, and we always represent our clients professionally and expertly. CALL US NOW.

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