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If you’ve never experienced an accident that caused an injury, then you may not realize that these types of accidents often lead to a whole host of other losses for the injured person. On top of dealing with the injury itself, the injured person usually has to deal with other losses like an inability to go to work, medical bills from the injury, and possibly even repair costs to fix up their property that was damaged, too.

Have you found yourself in a similar situation here in Georgia? If so, then it might be in your best interests to consult with a Sandy Springs law firm to learn more about your options and rights. You might be able to recover some of those financial losses by seeking out a legal claim.

Here at Singleton Law Firm, we can help you determine whether your situation warrants seeking out a personal injury claim. Learn more about the types of cases we handle and how an attorney in Sandy Springs can help below.

The Most Common Types of Law Cases We Handle

Our law firm handles a wide variety of personal injury claims. Below, we’ll go over in more detail the specific types of accidents that fall under the scope of personal injury law.

Personal Injury Cases in Sandy Springs

While looking for a law firm in Sandy Springs to represent you, your first question should be – what area of the law does this lawyer focus on? When you’ve been in an accident, you need to look specifically for an injury attorney. Other lawyers may focus on criminal defense, contracts, business deals, or other areas of the law. Your best bet is to look for the best personal injury attorney Sandy Springs GA has to offer who specializes and focuses on personal injury claims.

Car Accidents

One of the top types of claims our law firm handles is car accidents. While some people think they don’t need a lawyer after a car crash, an car accident lawyer in Sandy Springs, GA can provide you with many benefits when the other party was at-fault. While you recover physically, your lawyer will handle the legalities of your claim. If all goes well, then you should get compensation that financially restores you to the position you were in before the crash.

Truck Accidents

If you get hurt in a truck accident in Sandy Springs, then you need a lawyer. The reason you need the best truck accident attorney in Sandy Springs as soon as possible is because trucking accidents are not only very complicated but they’re also usually very devastating, too. Your injuries may be substantial, and there could be multiple parties that could be held financially liable. Considering the complexity of the situation, your best bet is to consult with an experienced local attorney ASAP.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are also often very devastating, meaning you should hire an attorney quickly. Biking accidents can be more serious because the driver isn’t as protected as they are in a vehicle. Even worse, traumatic brain accidents can happen even when the proper safety gear is worn. For those reasons, contact a Sandy Springs motorcycle accidents lawyer in after any motorcycle accident in Sandy Springs ​to ensure your rights get upheld and you can seek out the compensation you need to recover.

DUI Accidents

If you are the victim of a DUI driver, our Sandy Springs DUI attorneys are experienced and ready to help you. Driving under the influence is both dangerous and criminal. With that in mind, getting your compensation after a DUI crash is a bit more straightforward than in other accidents. Despite that, you should still hire a Sandy Springs city attorney to help ensure that your claim is properly valued. We will obtain all the needed information for your case, including sobriety tests, breath tests, blood alcohol content levels, documentation of property damage, medical expenses, etc.

Daycare Injuries

One of the most tragic types of cases we handle is daycare injuries. When your child has been hurt, you should hire an injury lawyer in Sandy Springs promptly. They will investigate what happened and work hard to secure justice for your little one. Our firm strongly believes that advocating for children is one of the highest honors.

Wrongful Death

Tragically, sometimes personal injury cases involve a fatality. Any time someone’s life is lost, you should consult with a lawyer. This is especially true when the negligence or recklessness of someone else caused the untimely death. The right Sandy Springs wrongful death attorney will help you determine if you have the basis for a case as well as how much a claim might be worth.

Worker’s Compensation

You can also hire an injury attorney when you’ve been hurt in a work accident. In most cases, your employer should have worker’s compensation coverage, but sometimes employers fail to uphold their legal duty to take out that insurance. At other times, a third-party’s negligence contributes to your work accident.

Negligent Security

When searching for legal representation in Sandy Springs, it’s important to prioritize a negligent security lawyer Sandy Springs who specializes in your case. You should inquire about the lawyer’s area of expertise before hiring them. While some lawyers focus on criminal defense, contracts, business deals, or other legal areas, you need an attorney who is proficient in negligent security cases. Therefore, your top priority should be finding the best negligent security lawyer Sandy Springs GA has to offer.

Why it is Important to Hire a Lawyer in Sandy Springs for Personal Injury Claims

Now that you know more about the claims we handle, you might wonder – why do I need an attorney in Sandy Springs, anyway? Can’t I handle everything on my own? While you’re under no legal obligation to hire an attorney, a lawyer can help in many ways. Learn more below.

Reduce Unnecessary Stress

One way an injury lawyer can help is by taking control of your claim and the legal headaches that come with it. Reduce your stress by relying on the expertise and knowledge of a legal expert.

Focus on Your Recovery

After your accident, you should be focused on your physical recovery. If you’re spending all your time worried about your claim, then you may not thrive like you should. An accident lawyer in Sandy Springs GA will give you the time you need to focus on what’s most important – your recovery.

Take Back Control of Your Life

Considering the losses you’re experiencing, it makes sense if you feel like things are spiraling out of control. The right attorney can help you take back control of your life by sorting out all the losses you’ve endured and identifying who is potentially legally liable for those losses. Once you have the compensation you need, you can move forward.

Strive for a Fair Settlement

The attorney should be willing to fight for you and strive for a fair settlement. Too often, injured individuals accept settlement amounts that are far less than what they should be provided with. We will make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Consult a Reputable Sandy Springs Law Firm for Legal Advice

Finally, a Sandy Springs city attorney can provide you with solid legal advice that you can feel confident about acting on. You won’t have to wonder whether you’re making the right legal choice because your attorney should inform you of all of your choices and all the potential consequences of those choices.

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If you experienced an accident described above and you’re ready to contact a lawyer in Sandy Springs, then Singleton Law Firm wants to hear from you. We are dedicated to helping you get informed so that you can be empowered to make the best possible legal choices moving forward.

We’ll provide you with a free consultation where you can express what happened to you. From there, we’ll help you determine whether you have the basis to seek out a claim. If you do, then we can help you move forward with the claim to seek out the compensation you need.

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