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Did you know a hit-and-run accident happens around every 43 seconds in America? These types of accidents are often devasting when an injured victim is left to fend for themselves as the other involved parties simply drive away. When the other party flees the scene, it delays potentially life-saving medical care, and it could even result in an unnecessary fatality.

For those reasons, it makes sense that leaving the scene of an accident is considered a criminal offense. Despite that, millions of drivers still engage in this dangerous behavior every day.

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If you get involved in this type of incident, then it’s in your best interests to hire an Atlanta hit-and-run lawyer as soon as possible. A timely investigation could assist in identifying the culprit and help you get the compensation you need to move forward through a motorcycle hit-and-run claim. Learn more about hit-and-run motorcycle accidents in Atlanta and how our firm can help you navigate the complex situation below.

Characteristics of Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident Cases

A hit-and-run motorcycle accident happens when another motorist is involved in an accident with a motorcyclist. Rather than staying to help the biker and report the accident, the other motorist flees the scene. Often, the fleeing motorist doesn’t even check on the safety and health of the biker, who could be so injured that they can’t even call 911.

If this type of situation happened to you, then you likely have a claim on your hands. Here are the legal elements of a hit-and-run motorcycle accident claim:

  • The other driver failed to uphold their duty of care by fleeing the scene of the accident
  • The motorcycle rider suffered injuries and losses as a result of the crash

Typically, when a driver flees the scene of an accident, the fault is attributed to them. Even if the accident was partially caused by the motorcycle rider, the other driver’s failure to stay at the scene likely caused the situation to become a lot worse.

What Actions Do You Need to Take After a Motorcycle Hit-and-Run Accident?

After you experience a hit-and-run accident, everything can feel very overwhelming. You need to get the medical assistance you need right away. From there, there are a few other steps you’ll want to take to preserve your rights to file a claim.

Importance of Reporting Your Crash to the Authorities

After a motorcycle hit-and-run crash, you need to call the police right away. The authorities will bring emergency medical responders to help you cope with your injuries. They’ll also begin an initial investigation into the accident. They’ll file an official report and start a search for the responsible person. While the police do this, you need to focus on getting the medical help you need and recovering physically.

The official police report will serve as valuable evidence if you seek a claim later. It will also help you identify who fled the scene.

Gathering Evidence at the Scene

During most hit-and-run motorcycle accidents, you’ll be too injured to focus on the accident scene. If you can, though, then consider starting to collect evidence at the scene. You can consider taking photographs with your phone, asking witnesses for their contact details, and locating nearby dash cam or surveillance video footage. If you are injured, then you can rely on the authorities to take these steps for you.

Scheduling a Consultation With an Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If your injuries are substantial, then your losses are likely to be significant. When that’s the case, it’s prudent to schedule a consultation with an Atlanta hit-and-run lawyer. In most cases, a consultation will be free. This meeting is designed to help you identify your legal options and consider whether you should pursue a legal claim.

The right lawyer will help you go over your options based on the facts of your accident, who might have been at fault, whether the suspect has been identified, the extent of your losses, and more.

Evaluating Insurance Coverage

Depending on your situation, it might be necessary to consider the available insurance coverage of your own policy or the responsible driver’s policy. If you have not identified the responsible person, then your best option might be to pursue uninsured motorist coverage under your own insurance policy. Your compensation settlement will be limited to your coverage limits, though. If you have identified the other party, then their insurance policy might provide some coverage. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may need to seek further compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

What Damages Can Victims Get from a Hit-and-Run Accident Claim in Atlanta, Georgia?

One of the biggest questions injured motorcycle riders have after an accident is – how much is my motorcycle claim worth? In general, a claim can help you recover the exact amount of financial losses you experienced as a result of the crash and your injuries. This sum is made up of economic and non-economic damages. In rare cases, punitive damages could be awarded on top of your compensatory damages.

Economic Damages

After an accident that isn’t your fault, you can pursue damages in the form of economic damages. Economic damages are easy to calculate based on the actual financial value of those losses. For instance, your injury is going to result in medical bills. You can easily calculate the value of your medical costs based on your bills. Other forms of economic damages include losses like lost wages or property damage to your motorcycle.

Non-Economic Damages

Often, an accident also results in losses that aren’t so easy to put a financial value on. For instance, if your motorcycle accident resulted in significant anxiety, a PTSD diagnosis, or another type of emotional distress, then you can seek compensation for those losses. It’s best to consult with an Atlanta hit-and-run lawyer for more information about how to value these losses.

Punitive Damages

A driver who flees the scene of a serious accident is considered extremely reckless. Their behavior shows a complete disregard for the safety of the injured person. It’s rare, but in these cases, it is possible for the court to award punitive damages. Unlike the compensatory damages listed out above, punitive damages aren’t meant to restore you financially. Instead, they’re specifically meant to financially deter the guilty person from acting so recklessly in the future.

Proving Negligence in a Georgia Hit and Run Accident

Proving negligence in a Georgia hit-and-run accident can be complex, but in general, fleeing the scene of the accident is considered a negligent act. What’s more, all motorists automatically assume a legal duty to provide for the care and safety of other motorists. That said, you’ll only need to prove that the other party was the driver who got into the accident and fled the scene.

What a Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Do

The right Atlanta hit-and-run lawyer will be your best legal advocate. They’ll help guide you in making informed decisions on how to handle your losses by assisting you with identifying your options, finding out who could be liable, proving negligence, documenting your claims with evidence, negotiating with the other parties, and more.

Identify Liable Parties

First, your lawyer can help you identify who might be liable for your accident. While the other driver might be a liable party, there could be other third parties involved, too. For instance, if a defective motorcycle part or car part contributed to the severity of your crash, then you might be able to file for compensation from those third parties, too.

Proving Negligence

Your lawyer will also help you prove negligence and the extent of your claims by helping you collect solid evidence and documentation.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Finally, your lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies or the other party when it comes to your settlement. This is one of the most crucial parts of your case, as most claims will be resolved during the negotiation stage.

We Help Motorcycle Accident Victims Get Maximum Financial Compensation

Here at Singleton Law Firm, our team of lawyers have years of experience helping motorcycle accident victims get the maximum financial compensation available to them. If you’re looking for representation in the Atlanta area, then we’re ready to help!

File Your Claim with Our Highly Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Singleton Law Firm

Have you or a loved one experienced a devastating hit-and-run motorcycle accident here in Atlanta? The physical injuries you sustain are difficult enough to deal with on their own, but that’s probably not the only loss you’re experiencing. Depending on your situation, you could be missing time off of work, dealing with a busted motorcycle, and possibly suffering from emotional distress as well.

Filing a motorcycle hit-and-run claim against the responsible party can help you financially recover from those losses. In Atlanta, a driver who engages in hit-and-run behavior will likely be found legally and financially liable for the fallout of that accident.

Here at Singleton Law Firm, our team of experienced lawyers can help you identify your legal options and help you pursue a claim if you’re eligible to do so. Schedule a meeting with our team now to get started on your case.

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