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Atlanta Daycare Negligence Cases

Many types of behaviors can be considered as daycare abuse or negligence. Negligence is known as the most common tort. Some of these types of behaviors are:

Failure to attend to the dietary needs of a child

Suppose a daycare service provider knows about the severe allergy of a child or even dietary restriction. In that case, they must take reasonable care to ensure that that particular child is protected from any foods that might cause harm. And in case a child suffers allergic reactions from the food or a drink consisting of an allergen, it is considered a negligence act.

Failure to supervise a child properly

If a child is injured, lost, or harmed due to lack of proper supervision, it is considered a negligence act. The standard duties of a daycare provider require responsibility and careful approach during the whole time. That’s why any wrongful doing during home daycare or at playgrounds, educational activities, and classroom supervision is eligible for a negligence case.

Failure to ensure a safe child environment

Not being able to offer a safe environment can range from the provision of dangerous and age-inappropriate toys to using defective cribs. Leaving toxic substances or medicines in reach of kids is another example of failing to provide children with safe premises.

Accidents That Can Occur At Daycare Facilities

The above types of daycare negligence may lead to various injuries to children. Below are some particular forms of daycare injuries and accidents.

Accidents that involve other children

If children are left unsupervised, they can cause some injuries to others in various ways, including kicking, biting, hitting, or even careless collisions.

Accidents that involve equipment or toys

The toys with loose or small parts or the outdoor equipment that is poorly maintained can cause some injuries to the children. Choking, falling, and other hazards are really dangerous, especially when the daycare centers allow unsafe equipment and toys.

Physical injuries

Some physical injuries like cuts, bumps or bruises are visible and can be considered as daycare abuse or negligence. Whatever the reason, this is serious negligence and has to be taken care of.

Injuries that involve food

When the daycare centers provide food to the children, it can actually present various dangers to them. Contaminated or spoiled foods can result in illness. The foods that induce an allergic reaction can lead to severe injuries or death, particularly when given to children with negative allergic reactions.

Taking Appropriate Action with the Right Atlanta Daycare Negligence Lawyer

In the case of a daycare negligence claim, the plaintiff must prove that the harm or injury to their child was actually a direct outcome of the caregiver’s negligence.

The plaintiff must also demonstrate that the failure to provide proper care resulted in some damage or injury, like medical bills or even emotional suffering for which compensation can also be claimed.

Hiring a trusted Atlanta Daycare Negligence Attorney will be crucial to the efficiency of the process.

Request a Confidential Consultation – Free of Charge and Get One of the Best Singleton Lawyers for Daycare Negligence

For anyone who is considering filing an abuse or negligence compensation claim against the daycare provider of their child in Georgia, the personal injury lawyers at Singleton will help collect the evidence needed to receive compensation.

We usually work on a contingency basis. No client will be required to pay anything until their case has been resolved successfully. Hire us now and enjoy the best legal services in the industry in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Call Singleton Law Firm To Be Your Atlanta Daycare Negligence Attorney

Choosing a daycare service provider for a child can be a long process because everyone wants to make sure their child is in the best hands. Even though many licensed caregivers always do their best to ensure that the children are protected, organizations and individuals sometimes do negligently. They fail to meet their responsibility of protecting the kids in their care from injuries or unpleasant consequences.

What’s even worse, other daycare service providers willingly harm the children, leading to devastating trauma for the kids in their care. This is when you need an Atlanta Daycare Negligence Attorney to fight for your legal rights.

At Singleton Law Firm, we are dedicated to fighting for the children’s rightful compensation who have experienced injuries due to daycare negligence. Our legal teams have a long history of case wins, and we are among the most trusted lawyers in Georgia.

Our legal experts are always available to protect the families of our clients during such difficult moments. We ensure that those who are responsible for the children`s injuries are held accountable. We provide compassionate support and care throughout the duration of the case.

FAQs for Daycare Negligence in Georgia

How can I choose the right Atlanta daycare negligence attorney for my case?

When it comes to your child, you are often too worried and affected by the other party’s negligence. That’s why you need a lawyer that will take to heart the fight for your rights. Singleton Law Firm will be devoted to getting the rightful compensation for you and your family.

What evidence do I need for my case?

If there were injuries to your child or other medical interferences were made, you need to provide medical bills. Also, photos of the accident scene (if there were any), photos of the visible injuries, and the healing process. Any paperwork that was included during the time or other evidence you might have.

How can I know that my case is eligible?

If you haven’t found similarities to any of the cases above, you can contact us, and we will provide a free of charge consultation reviewing your case and what we can achieve for the daycare negligence that occurred.

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