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Margy Lohman involved in truck crash accident

Donald Singleton
June 25, 2021

Margy Lohman involved in truck crash accident

On February 2, 2021, 78-year-old Marjorie Lohman came within inches of losing her life when a big rig 18-wheel tractor-trailer hauling 78,000 pounds of gravel ran a red light in Pickens County, Georgia. Marjorie was the second car in line at the intersection, waiting for the red light to turn green. She had no warning about how another driver’s negligence would very shortly bring her to close to death.

When the light turned green, the car in front of Marjorie’s Ford Escape proceeded through the intersection and turned left.  Marjorie followed. As she neared the middle of the divided highway intersection, the 18-wheeler, coming from her left, smashed into the front of her car. The truck driver never touched his brakes until impact.

At impact, Marjorie’s front end was lifted off the ground and ripped away from the rest of the car. The force of the impact sent her car into a clockwise spin, and after two complete rotations, her SUV came to rest about 100 yards away on the shoulder of the southbound lane. The tractor-trailer traveled across the center grassy median, crossed over both northbound lanes, and went over a ravine before crashing to a stop.  Miraculously, no northbound traffic was hit.

Astonishingly, the entire crash was recorded by the dash camera of a nearby witness, who was stopped at the red light. He happened to have his dash-camera running at the time, and it took in the entire sequence.

Marjorie was lucky that immediately after the crash, other motorists stopped to help. She was taken out of her vehicle and life-flighted to a nearby hospital, where she was diagnosed with a badly broken right arm that required surgery. She was severely bruised and shaken but fortunately did not suffer more severe or life-threatening injuries.

Margy Lohman – Citizen of the Year

Anyone who knows Marjorie Lohman appreciates that she is the type of person who does not let circumstances like this crash hold her back. She is a remarkable person who has led a wonderful life of service to others and her community. Just days before this crash, the Pickens Chamber of Commerce awarded her its annual Citizen of the Year Award for her work with the non-profit Prevent Child Abuse Pickens (now known as North Georgia Family Partners), which she founded in 1995.  Through this nonprofit, she has helped thousands of families in the county.

In addition, before the wreck, Ms. Lohman served as a member of the Boys and Girls Club Corporate Board of Directors and was also on the Board of Directors of Angels on Horseback and the Optimist Club. She also volunteered with CARES and the Pickens Chamber of Commerce and was active in Silver Sneakers exercises classes 3-4 times a week.

Shortly after the crash, Marjorie hired attorney Donald W. Singleton of The Singleton Law Firm, LLC in Atlanta to represent her in her claims against the truck driver and the company he was driving for at the time of the crash. Mr. Singleton has been in practice for 30 years representing victims of commercial vehicle tractor-trailer crashes, handling these and other serious injury and wrongful death cases.

Margy Lohman has recovered and has received compensation

The Singleton Law Firm brought its resources to bear in a swift investigation of the crash, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence, and hiring experts. Within a few short months of preparing the case, the trucking company settled the case for the total limits of its insurance policy. It was a proud day for the Singleton Law Firm, LLC to deliver to Marjorie her well-deserved settlement check. We are so glad that she has recovered and has received the compensation she deserves for the injuries she suffered.

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Donald Singleton

Donald Singleton


A Georgia native, Don founded Singleton Law Firm in 1999 as a continuation of his lifetime commitment to serving his state and community. He has concentrated his trial practice to representing victims of serious injury and wrongful death arising out of trucking, car, bus and motorcycle accidents, premises liability and a wide variety of other causes.

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