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Uber and Lyft Accidents in Atlanta Georgia

Donald Singleton
April 14, 2022

As of late, there have been an increased number of accidents involving both Uber and Lyft drivers in Atlanta, Georgia. While the number of accidents is still relatively low when compared to the overall number of cars on the road, it is nonetheless a cause for concern.

Rider-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are often thought to be safer than other modes of transportation, yet an increasing number of plaintiffs have been injured in accidents involving ridesharing services. In Georgia, an Uber or Lyft accident lawyer in Atlanta can protect your rights if you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a ridesharing accident.

Uber and Lyft Accidents in Atlanta Georgia

The cause of an Uber accident could be due to several factors. In addition to speeding, distracted driving, drunk driving, and violating traffic rules, inexperienced drivers are also factors.

You might be unsure what to do next after an accident involving an Uber driver. This article provides you with six steps you should take after an accident.

Who are Uber and Lyft?

The app Uber was launched in 2009 and has become a popular means of transportation. As a result, competitors began to emerge, such as Lyft in 2012. In order to provide a safe environment for their drivers, Uber and Lyft should ensure a safe working environment for their passengers as well.

Currently, Uber is the leading company.  According to recent estimates, Lyft is valued at $23 billion and Uber at $120 billion.  Those companies have the funds to hire high-profile defense lawyers.  These two companies are very well-known in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lyft and Uber Insurance for Accidents in Georgia

In addition to what regular cars have, Uber and Lyft drivers and paying passengers to have additional protections. You will be protected by both Uber and Lyft if you use their additional insurance. Uber and Lyft have made a responsible choice in making that insurance available to drivers and passengers.

An Uber lawyer knows to examine several factors to determine the kind of insurance that is available with Uber. For example, if the Uber driver is not the one at fault, the insurance company of the at-fault driver usually provides the first level of coverage. Uber’s liability insurance policy may kick in after that, as long as the Uber driver is under dispatch – that is, if he or she is carrying or picking up a passenger – and is at fault, the policy provides protection to the passenger. UM coverage protects both the Uber driver and the Uber passenger if the Uber driver isn’t at fault.

Like Uber, Lyft usually has to pay the driver’s insurance company first if they are not at fault. But a good Lyft attorney knows that after the first insurance company, there are additional layers of coverage. When the Lyft driver is at fault, passengers are protected by additional insurance. Furthermore, Lyft provides additional UM coverage for both drivers and passengers if the Lyft driver is not at fault and the intoxicated driver does not have enough insurance-something that occurs all too often.

The liability coverage provided by Uber and Lyft for drivers logged into the app is $50,000 per person for bodily injury, $100,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $25,000 for property damage for each accident.

Uber and Lyft Settlements, Verdicts, and Compensations

There are several types of damages that can be awarded in a settlement or verdict in Georgia. You need to know these if you plan on filing a rideshare accident claim in GA. Below, we describe some of the most common categories in Lyft and Uber lawsuits in GA.

Past Medical Bills

Under Georgia law, even if the injured person had health insurance, the injured person must be compensated for all medical bills associated with their injuries.

Future Medical Bills

Often, injured people will need long-term medical treatment for serious injuries. For example, spinal injuries to the neck or back may require continuous treatment as the person ages. In a settlement or verdict, the insurance company should be liable for future medical expenses.

Past Pain & Suffering

No matter where they occur, injuries hurt, and when they’re caused by someone breaking the law, that hurt person deserves compensation for their pain and suffering.

Future Pain & Suffering

A spinal injury to the neck or back is notorious for causing pain that lasts for years, decades, or even a lifetime. Other injuries can also cause long-term pain from steel plates and bone screws. Whether by settlement or verdict, the victim of a Lyft or Uber accident can be compensated for any future pain and suffering that continues after the case is settled or over.

Lost Wages

As a result of an injury, a person who is unable to work not only has mounting medical bills but may also lose income. Georgia law allows injured individuals to be recompensed for lost income.

Disruption of Daily Life

In Georgia’s Pattern Jury Instructions, it says it like this: Some serious injuries affect how we live our lives. Paralysis is an extreme example, in which someone would have to live in a wheelchair.

What to do after Uber and Lyft Accidents in Atlanta Georgia

Types of Damages in an Atlanta Uber or Lyft Accident

With help of a qualified, dedicated attorney, you can expect to receive compensation for damages covering a broad range of areas. Depending on the nature of damages or injury, your attorney could help you or your loved one pursue financial recompense for:

  • Transportation and emergency medical care
    Hospitalizations and associated fees
  • Charges for extended hospital stays
  • Suffering and pain
  • Wages lost for the duration of the injury
  • Wrongful death.

Who Is Liable for a Rideshare Accident?

It can be very complicated to file an insurance claim when an Uber or Lyft driver is involved in an accident. Both Uber and Lyft provide their drivers with insurance policies while they are working. However, proving liability can be difficult.

When the driver is on duty with a passenger

The greatest challenge for passengers in a rideshare accident is proving the severity of their injuries, not proving they were innocent victims. In the event of a rideshare accident, an experienced Atlanta rideshare lawyer can help you determine the extent of your injuries so that you can get the full compensation you deserve. Uber and Lyft drivers’ insurance exists to help cover passengers’ injuries. In addition, Uber and Lyft also provide uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in the case of uninsured or underinsured drivers. However, these companies are not allies. They will try to minimize the amount of money they have to pay out.

When the driver is on duty and on the way to pick up a passenger

Uber and Lyft have been forced to cover the drivers who accept fares but haven’t picked up their passengers by Georgia and other states. We at Singleton Law Firm, LLC will determine if the driver was driving for work or for personal reasons when it caused your crash. Either way, we will be able to handle your case.

When the driver is on duty and waiting on a fare

Once a driver accepts a fare request from a customer, his or her policy coverage increases to $1 million. This coverage is limited to drivers who are waiting to accept fares. These high limits are good if you’re seriously injured in an Uber or Lyft accident. They also include the time the driver spends traveling to and from the location where the passenger is picked up, as well as the time at the destination.

When the driver is not on duty or logged into the app

In the event of an accident, Uber or Lyft drivers will have to use their personal auto insurance if they are not logged on to the app. Besides paying for the damage to the vehicle the driver damages, liability insurance may cover the victim’s medical expenses and lost wages resulting from the accident, depending on the policy limits. Uber or Lyft drivers will be covered by comprehensive insurance or collision insurance if their vehicle hits another vehicle or is collided with.

When another driver hits your Uber or Lyft

Singleton Law Firm’s attorneys can help you seek compensation from the driver’s insurance company if another driver hits your Uber or Lyft. If the at-fault driver does not have insurance, Uber and Lyft offer $1 million in uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If the at-fault driver does not have adequate insurance, you may be reimbursed for your medical bills and lost wages.

Uber and Lyft accident attorneys can ensure that your claim is handled properly and efficiently by conducting thorough investigations, identifying who is liable, and collecting all relevant evidence from the start.

You are likely to be able to settle your rideshare accident claim with your Atlanta personal injury attorney because it is in all parties best interests to settle because trials are expensive and time-consuming. In the event that negotiations fail and legal action is necessary to obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries, the skilled trial attorneys at Singleton Law Firm, LLC will not be reluctant to take on your case.

Who to Call After Crash Involving Uber and Lyft Accidents in Atlanta Georgia

What To Do After an Uber Accident in Atlanta Georgia

When you are involved in an Uber accident, you may be unsure of what to do next. Here are six steps you can take after an Uber accident in Atlanta, Georgia:

You Have to Remain Calm

If you do not calm down after an accident with an Uber, you could make mistakes that could seriously damage your injury claim. If you make decisions while frightened, you might end up regretting your decisions.

You Need to Obtain a Proper Medical Examination

Another crucial step after an accident is visiting a hospital for a proper medical examination. Paramedics might have treated you at the accident scene, but those treatments are not as thorough as those you
receive at a hospital.

If you file a claim for injury, your medical report would be useful as evidence for your claim since doctors will examine you thoroughly at the hospital and detect injuries that paramedics may have missed.

Report the Accident to the Police

It is a good idea to call the police to report an accident before leaving the scene. They will come and document all the details of the accident. Reporting an accident to the police provides many benefits, such as:

  • A police officer’s report on what occurred at the accident scene will be unbiased.
  • You can prove the accident caused any injuries you have developed after the accident with the help of the police.
  • Whenever you file a claim for a car accident, a police report is required.

Report to Uber

If you want to receive compensation from Uber, you need to tell them about your accident as soon as the police prove that the Uber driver is at fault. If your Uber driver is involved in an accident, they have put in place a number of insurance plans. Therefore, if you are hoping to receive a settlement, let Uber know.

Document the Accident and Obtain the Information

If you don’t properly report the accident, details of what happened will fade away with your memory. If you don’t gather every detail about the accident and document everything, your memory will fade with time.

Make sure to take pictures of the accident scene from different angles, the vehicles involved, your clothes, your injuries, and any other important information, as well as the contact information (e.g., the driver’s name, phone number, address, etc.) of other eyewitnesses.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Lastly, make sure you notify your insurance company so that, in the event that the Uber driver is uninsured or underinsured, you are not left out in the cold. However, do not negotiate with the insurance company without your attorney’s assistance.

What To Do If You are In an Atlanta Lyft Accident

For any accident that involves a Lyft vehicle, you should always call Lyft claims at (855) 865-9553. When speaking to an insurance claims adjuster, be careful not to say anything that could embarrass you. At last
check, that they are still using York Risk Services to handle claims.

It is a good idea to report the accident to your own insurance company as well. Even if you don’t feel as if your insurance policy is needed, you won’t be able to use it at all if you don’t report the accident.

What Happens if You Get in an Accident While Driving for Uber? Do Uber Cover Accidents for Drivers?

Uber and Lyft drivers are on company time when they’re in “drive mode” on their apps. If you’ve turned off your Uber or Lyft app when the accident occurred, you will be required to handle damage claims through your own insurance company. Even if you’ve just dropped off a passenger, this may be the case.

Uber drivers may be covered by the company’s insurance, but just because you’re on the clock doesn’t mean you’re covered up to the full million dollar limit. If the accident occurs while you’re alone in the car, you’ll still need to contact your own insurance carrier.

For up to two people, Uber will charge $50,000 per person for bodily injury.

Contact Singleton Law Firm, LLC as injury attorneys when in Uber and Lyft Accidents in Atlanta Georgia

Do I Need an Attorney for my Uber/Lyft Accident Claim?

A qualified personal injury attorney should be consulted if you have been injured in an accident while riding in an Uber/Lyft vehicle. Donald Singleton, an Atlanta personal injury attorney, suggests you to hire
a lawyer to handle your claim against Uber/Lyft so you are able to concentrate on recovering from your injuries and recovering properly.

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