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How to Obtain Traffic Camera Footage in Georgia

Donald Singleton
February 16, 2021

Car accidents and their aftermath are things that no one should have to go through. If the accident occurred due to the other driver’s negligence or careless driving, there might be evidence to establish that driver’s liability.

The first thing to consider is how to get the different potential sources of videos. This depends on where the accident happened. Are you associated with red light cameras? Is there a company that can put an outdoor surveillance camera nearby? If you’re unsure, search for the place on Google Maps using their StreetView service and consider all possibilities.

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Car Accidents in Georgia – overview

Approximately 400,000 car crashes occurred in Georgia in the last reporting year. Many of these car accidents resulted in injury and traffic death. Drivers must be held responsible for their actions. To do that, the evidence is needed to prove negligence. Negligence is known as the most common type of tort liability.

Accessing Traffic Footage

It is possible to view live stream footage on your computer or smartphone.

However, obtaining the footage after an accident occurs can be a time-consuming and sometimes impossible task.

Obtaining Footage through the State

In Georgia, the Georgia Department of Transportation’s website has information about traffic cameras. The website states that no traffic footage is recorded. This can prove to be very frustrating when in a car accident. However, we can provide you with alternatives that can serve as visual evidence of a crash other than the state’s traffic recordings.

With the attorneys’ help at Singleton Law Firm LLC., we will access traffic footage to use as evidence against the other driver. The alternatives to traffic camera footage mentioned below can be constructive when investigating car and truck wreck cases.

Private Business Surveillance Video

Businesses and local shops located on busy streets may have cameras that recorded the accident. This footage is stored for a reasonable period before it is erased and can be accessed through the business owner’s help.

Home Security Camera Footage

Many residential homes and streets have personal doorbell cameras or security systems that record the street view. If your accident occurred in a neighborhood or near a residential zone, it is plausible that these devices picked up your accident and may be accessed through the homeowner’s help.

Personal Dash Cameras

Personal dash cameras can record one’s vehicle as well as the cars around them. This footage can capture an accident close-up and be very helpful in proving liability.

How can a lawyer help?

Although video footage helps prove liability, other modes of evidence such as photos of the crash, eyewitness testimony, and police reports can also help establish the other driver liable. Singleton Law Firm LLC. has over 30 years of experience when dealing with motor vehicle and truck wreck cases and will work to provide you with the best care and evidence possible.

By hiring an attorney, you’re ensuring that you have the best chance at a successful end of the story. Our attorneys will make sure you’re not taken advantage of and handle your claim from the very beginning to the end. Our job is to make sure you’re compensated for every penny.

Donald Singleton

Donald Singleton


A Georgia native, Don founded Singleton Law Firm in 1999 as a continuation of his lifetime commitment to serving his state and community. He has concentrated his trial practice to representing victims of serious injury and wrongful death arising out of trucking, car, bus and motorcycle accidents, premises liability and a wide variety of other causes.

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