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Common Causes of Taxi Accidents

Donald Singleton
July 28, 2020

Taxi accidents have many causes, including drunk driving, distracted driving accidents, driving while tired, aggressive driving, poor weather conditions such as fog or ice, and speeding.

Common carriers were originally defined as “carriers engaged in commerce” but now refer more broadly to any conveyance service offered to transport passengers at set rates (or scheduled fee). This includes taxicabs which drive around looking for people with specific destinations. Taxis have always had an interesting place because they operate under two separate sets of laws: common carrier status and driver privilege.

Today, we’ve got several transportation varieties that allow different types of humans to travel from one area to another. There are short and cheap modes of transportation which permit anyone to tour around the town or city, which can be touring on a bus or train. But for extra convenience, taking a cab is a great option.

Taxicab accidents are caused by a variety of things. One of the most common ways that cab drivers can cause an accident is if they’re aggressive while driving or break traffic laws like speeding and running red lights. It also could happen with texting, talking on your cellphone, fiddling around with music devices in the car, eating food and drink behind-the-wheel – even when you’re tired!

The list goes on to include being under influence of alcohols such as liquor or wine which inevitably negatively impacts their reflexes and judgment needed for safe traveling distances at normal speeds.

5 Common Causes of Taxi Accidents

Nowadays, the latest cabs are prepared with a meter. Taking a cab has become a distinct way for human beings who can afford just a few dollars to have the ability to experience a convenient trip. However, even taxis are also concerned about accidents, causing injuries, and sometimes might lead to deaths. Right here are some five common causes of taxi accidents:

  1. Distractions: some numerous conditions and factors can distract the driver away from the road. Common driving issues consist of using cellular phones, paying attention to loud music, analyzing, and speak with passengers.
  2. Speeding or fast driving: Because some cab driver’s wages rely upon the summary of passengers they carried in a day, many cab drivers drive fast or hurriedly as a way to go returned early to carry other passengers. From time to time, they may even ignore the traffic rules, which are very risky and can indeed lead to an accident.
  3. Tiredness: As most taxi drivers work hard all day, they can occasionally get sleepy because of fatigue. It is dangerous if they may be traveling on a busy street or even highway far away.
  4. Influence of alcohol: Although this is not often a motive for a cab accident, this is still going on almost every day. No matter last night or during the day, some drunk drivers may harm our life.
  5. Whether bad weather is already a popular motive for car accidents, taxi drivers still force to earn greater for their family. When that happens, they run the hazard of experiencing taxi accidents.

Other Causes of Taxi Accidents

The list of other reasons for taxicab accidents is extensive. Some causes include:

  • Driving aggressively
  • Violating a traffic law, like speeding or running a red light
  • Texting while driving
  • Talking on the phone behind the wheel with one hand and taking bites out of your sandwich in front of you at another time…it’s just not smart to do this!
  • Driving when fatigued can also be an issue if someone has had less than 8 hours of sleep in 24 hours because it affects reaction times.
  • Drunk drivers are an obvious problem as well – people should never drink before getting behind the wheel no matter what form they’re consuming alcohol in (beer, wine, or liquor).

Common serious injuries in a taxicab accident

The taxicab crashes are so dangerous because of the lack of seat belts and partition that protects drivers. If you were riding as a passenger, your injuries would be more severe than if you were driving in a car for instance. Common serious injuries include broken bones, head injury, or traumatic brain injury from whiplash on spinal cord damage – which can both lead to death!

Taxicabs pose a risk to passengers because they lack seat belts and partition protections. Taxicab accidents can lead to serious injuries, including broken bones that might require surgery for recovery; head trauma or brain injury which could result in lifelong disabilities like depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), stroke symptoms of difficulty swallowing, or problems with vision due to spinal cord damage leading up paralysis from the neck down as well as internal organ damage depending on where you were stuck inside the cab itself.

Consequences may also include death following an accident if someone loses consciousness without receiving first aid fast enough before being thrown into another object such as traffic outside.

Many victims of injury do not realize the severity and scope of their injuries. This is because they may sustain an impairment, such as a broken bone or damage to internal organs that do not show externally. If this happens then long-term medical care will be required for any recovery process.

Luckily, if you are injured in a taxi cab accident caused by someone else’s negligence, then there could be compensation available through settlement agreements with insurance companies that should exist from either party involved in your case (depending on who was at fault).

Liability in a Taxi Cab Accident Can Be Complicated

Taxi cab drivers, taxi companies, and insurance companies often deny any responsibility for claims like these.

They will do whatever they can to avoid taking the blame in such cases. If the driver is an employee of a taxi company, then it’s far easier to go after them.

If you’ve been injured because of another driver’s negligence, your quest for justice is not over: the person who was driving recklessly may have insurance to help pay damages. This can be more complicated than if it were an average car crash case; as there are three potential parties with responsibility: the taxi cab company owner and operator (the “taxi” party), or individual that owns/operates the other vehicle involved in a wreck (a personal injury claim against this third-party taxi driver might also exist).


Getting legal help is clean and straightforward if you understand where to look. Before hiring a personal injury attorney in your state, please make sure that he specializes in your case’s legal field. If you cooperated well with the attorney, you would have higher probabilities of succeeding in your lawsuit and additionally getting what you’ve got deserved.

Stand your rights and call today at (770) 889-6010 and one of our experienced taxi accident attorneys will ensure that the insurer or the taxi company does not make you an accident victim a second time.

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