Atlanta taxi accident lawyers

Atlanta Taxi Accident Lawyers

Atlanta Taxi Accident Lawyers

You Might Need Atlanta Taxi Accident Lawyers.

You want to be fully compensated if you’ve suffered injuries in a taxi accident. However, it will be a difficult process. Also, it is hard to know if the insurance is treating you fairly. Ensure you work with one of our experienced and reputable Atlanta taxi accident lawyers at Singleton Law Firm to help you obtain the largest settlement possible.

Taxi accidents may result in severe injuries.

Just like any other car accident, taxi accidents may result in severe injuries. But unlike other traffic accidents, getting compensated for these wrecks can be much more difficult. It is important to consider not only the fault of the driver, but also the liability of the taxi company and their insurance company – an entirely new layer that needs to be sorted through. 

Do not let the legal system and the insurance company make you a victim a second time if you have been injured in an Atlanta taxi accident.  Instead, you should consult an Atlanta taxi accident lawyers at Singleton Law Firm to find out who caused your accident and the amount of compensation they owe you.

Determining Fault for a Taxi Accident

You deserve the most compensation possible for your injuries. Our Atlanta taxi accident lawyers will have to identify every party that was at least partially responsible for the accident. It is likely that there could be more than one party responsible for your injuries, thus, giving you more potential sources of compensation.

It is essential to name all parties.

  • Taxi Driver – Cab drivers, just like any other motorist, can make mistakes, and they should be held responsible when negligence was the cause.
  • Taxi Company – The taxi company is responsible for ensuring that every cab in their fleet is in roadworthy condition. Also, they must hire drivers with safe driving histories.
  • Manufacturer – The vehicle or parts manufacturer may be held responsible for a product defect that led to a crash.
  • Other Drivers – If a distracted, drunk, or reckless driver hits your taxi, our taxi accident lawyer, Atlanta can help you hold him or her responsible.
  • Government Agency – Dangerous road conditions can cause taxi accidents. The government entity responsible for their maintenance would be deemed at fault for the crash.

Getting a Fair Settlement for a Taxi Accident

Your final settlement will most likely come from an insurance company whether a taxi company, driver or the manufacturer was responsible for the taxi accident. You don’t want to allow the insurer to resolve your claim quickly and for as little as possible.

Proper negotiations and communications are important in claim settlement process. It is best to let your Atlanta taxi accident attorney handle it on your behalf. The adjuster’s primary interest is paddling the profit margins of the insurance company, although he or she might seem friendly. Don’t believe that the adjuster can help you!

We will evaluate any offer you get

While personal injury claims often reach an out-of-court settlement, going to the court will become the best option for a full and fair settlement that accounts for your damages, such as lost wages and income, pain and suffering, and current and future medical bills if a fair offer is not forthcoming. We will evaluate any offer you get and advise you on the best course of action.

Common Causes of Taxi Accidents

Taxi accidents have many causes, including:

  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Driving while tired
  • Aggressive driving
  • Poor weather conditions such as fog or ice
  • Speeding

Negligent taxi drivers can cause serious injuries

More than 6,000 people are seriously injured or killed in taxis every year. The occupants expect when using a taxi and deserve to have a professional, observant, and safe driver at all times. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Negligent taxi drivers can cause serious injuries to the occupants of the taxi and other motorists.

Singleton Law Firm has great experience successfully handling taxi accident claims or lawsuits. Our Atlanta taxi accident lawyers can provide you advice and legal help you need to win your case.C

Atlanta Taxi Accident Lawyers

At Singleton Law Firm, we will ensure that the insurer or the taxi company does not make you a victim a second time. To schedule a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation with our Atlanta taxi accident lawyers, call us today at (470) 349-8702 or fill out our online form.

Atlanta taxi accident lawyers

Atlanta Taxi Accident Lawyers