Slip and Fall accident

Does it Matter Where the Slip and Fall accident Occurred?

Yes. The place where the slip and fall accident occurred matters.…
Slip & Fall Accident

What Should I Do After a Slip & Fall Accident?

Ensure that you seek proper medical diagnosis, care, and treatment…
Slip and Fall accident

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Slip and Fall Personal Injury Law 


Every Year Thousands of Claims Are Made in Regards to Slip and Fall Injuries.

The victims suffer life threatening injuries that can result in death. These injuries are brought about by wet floors, construction site defects and poorly lit stairwells. It is advisable to contact an attorney in the event of a slip and fall accident so as to determine if you are entitled to any damages and that the property owner is responsible for negligence.

Our Attorneys Specialize in Slip and Fall Personal Injury Law

We normally take many factors into consideration such as previous complaints filed on the existing hazards and negligence of the property or business owner.

It is the obligation of a property or business owner to keep his property in perfect condition. Several types of slip and fall accidents include falling from a terrace or balcony, bathtub falls, slippery surfaces falls, stairway accidents and parking ramp falls. Once you hire

What Is Premises Liability

Premises liability is when a retailer fails to properly maintain, clean or design their property. This can lead to accidents such as slips and falls or being injured by falling debris. For more information call Singleton Law Firm today

Were You Injured In A Store?

As a customer, you are entitled to safety from harm while on the property of the store and the law protects you if you should become injured due to the store’s negligence. This entitlement includes injuries sustained throughout the property, in the parking lot, restrooms, dressing rooms, aisles, checkout line and at entry and exit points.

Can You Sue For A Slip & Fall Injury

To win a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit, you need to show that the property owner or tenant was negligent, meaning some action they took or failed to take caused the fall. With such trips, time is usually an important component in proving negligence. For example, how long was the hazard there and was it reasonable to believe that the property owner should have discovered the situation and remedied it before an accident occurred?