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Can You Sue For A Slip And Fall Injury?

Donald Singleton
June 15, 2021

If you were injured while on someone else’s property, they may be liable for your injury. Slip and fall accidents happen under the body of personal injury laws in Atlanta, Georgia, if an accident is caused by a slip or tripping over something not intentionally created as part of the landscape design.

Slip and fall accidents can be expensive, not just in medical bills or lost wages. The effect a slip and fall accident has on your mental health could have long-term effects that will haunt you for years to come.

If this happened to you, speak with a personal injury lawyer who can help determine how to approach making a fall claim about compensation for lost wages due to injuries sustained during such an incident.

If I slip and fall can I sue?

What is a slip and fall accident?

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, whether it’s in your kitchen or on the sidewalk. Many people who experience these types of incidents are often left with serious injuries that can take months to heal. If you have been injured by a slip and fall accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation from them financially as well as time off work if necessary.

A common cause of many slips is water being present around an area such as wet floors, which either causes shoes/footwear does not grip because they’re too slippery when walking across but also might result in tripping over something like cables plugged into electric outlets altogether causing some mishaps between different electronics equipment set up next tot he floor tiles!

This may come as a surprise to some, but slip and fall accidents can be tricky. However, there is one rule of thumb that everyone should follow. If you ever get injured on someone else’s property from something like spilled food or water, then people must report the accident immediately, so they have all their ducks in order before an insurance claim gets filed.

If I slip and fall, can I sue?

Are you curious whether or not your injury occur from a slip and fall accident could be considered an acceptable personal injury claim? Here are some helpful questions to consider when figuring out if it’s worth pursuing.

If you have experienced a slip and fall resulting in personal injury, there are three things to keep in mind: the cause of your accident must be someone else’s fault; that person or company should not have been reasonably aware they were creating an unsafe condition for anyone coming near their property before it happened (a “slip” with no one noticing), and this incident occurred on business premises.

If you’re wondering if you’ve got grounds for filing for compensation from another party responsible after slipping on something at work or elsewhere, then think back over what was happening just as the slip took place – did anything seem out of order? Did any warning signs alert visitors about potential slippery conditions come into view beforehand?

Unsafe floor conditions

In a slip and fall accident case, the central theme revolves around whether or not an unsafe hazard caused you to injure yourself. The laws of most states only require property managers to keep premises reasonably safe though they are not required to make sure it is 100% perfect.

Examples of hazardous conditions include slippery surfaces, uneven flooring, wet floors or carpets, and narrow aisles.

  • Slippery surfaces, unleveled floorings;
  • Wet areas on the ground surface (carpet), covered by an impermeable material such as rubber matting to provide traction that can be peeled away from its backing when saturated with water, so it does not get muddy after rain;
  • Uncovered puddles in parking lots made up of standing water mixed with gasoline or oil – non-hazardous substances but very slippery!
  • And finally, you have those pesky aisle entrances, which are always too small for people who use carts to enter easily without bumping into adjacent shelves along their way.

The safety of the people who visit your property is up to you! Some things that may be hazardous are not included in this list, but they give some ideas. Laws and regulations for liability purposes outline your duty as a landowner; make sure they don’t get hurt while on your premises.

The property owner knew the hazard existed, so it was their responsibility to take precautions

A property owner cannot be blamed for a hazard they did not know of. In the case that you can’t prove whether or not the hazards were known, your argument may hinge on their level of reasonable safety measures.

However, if it is proven that any dangers existed and still went unchecked by homeowners – this could have greater implications to plaintiffs in court than just legal fees.

Proving that the store owner knew or should have known about it presents a challenge. This is because there are many different things to consider when proving liability, and these factors vary from case to case. You can discuss your fall case with an experienced Atlanta slip and fall lawyer who has helped people just like you in this difficult situation.

The property owner didn’t warn me about the hazard, so that they might be at fault for my injuries?

Property owners are expected to warn visitors about hazards on their property. If you were an injured person, it could be because the store owner did not do enough to keep people safe from a condition they knew existed and should have known hazardous in some way.

How do you prove negligence in slip and fall cases?

A common question in slip and fall cases is how you prove negligence as a type of tort law? The best way to do so may be through a witness or by examining the evidence left behind for clues that show what happened before the accident occurred.

If there are no witnesses at all who can help shed light on why an incident took place, then it might be time to look around for any other ways of proving liability, such as looking closely at potential dangers near where someone fell, which could lead back to the responsibility of the property owner.

The most common slip and fall accidents result from negligence on the part of property owners. For example, if a sidewalk is not in good condition or has debris such as broken glass that could cause personal injury to someone walking by it, then you might be considered negligent for those reasons.

Property owners have been known to violate certain codes when building their properties, like failing to make sure sidewalks are safe for pedestrians because they’re too lazy about removing branches with sharp leaves sitting right next door that pose an obvious hazard. Property owners need legal defense lawyers who understand these laws to get out of this sticky situation before any damage gets done!

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After a slip and fall case due to the property owner’s negligence, the victim and their family members need to consult with Georgia slip and fall lawyers. Contacting a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible may help them find out more about what they can do next to fight for compensation after being hurt on someone else’s premises liability.

It would help if you did not speak to the insurance company without consulting a personal injury attorney. The insurance company is trying to get you on their side and might try some tricky tactics or pull out damaging information that could ruin your personal injury cases before it even starts.

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