Brain Injury Lawsuit

Elements Of A Brain Injury Lawsuit

A brain injury victim who has suffered trauma due to someone…
traumatic brain injury

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries #1

Closed Head Injury – This is a traumatic brain injury in which…
Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

Atlanta Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer It can be extremely…
Brain Injury

Close head injury or brain injury

A closed head injury or brain injury more often than not results…
Brain Injury Intervention

Brain Injury Intervention

Early intervention with effective rehabilitation is important…


Victims of brain injury may suffer memory loss, fatigue, temperament…
Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney

Atlanta Brain Injury Attorneys

Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney Atlanta brain injury attorney:…

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Although it is not physically seen, the effects of brain injuries are far reaching. If you were injured in a car accident – or other type of accident — and believe that you may have sustained a brain injury, it’s important to maintain medical records and document the effects of the injury on your daily life in a journal. As with all areas of personal injury, you may be able to collect monetary compensation for costs of therapy and medical visits, loss of income, reduced quality of life, and the pain you have suffered.

Brain Injury Cases

People who experience brain injuries have to face a lasting impairment. Whether this results from an accident, fall, sports injury, acts of violence, or medical incompetence, the victim may be able to receive compensation for loss of income, medical costs, pain, suffering and other damages.

Brain Injury Compensation

Choosing Lawyers For Brain Injury Compensation

It is unlikely that you have ever considered what situations you might have to face if your child, brother, sister or a parent were to suffer a catastrophic accident that left them with a severe brain injury, unless you presently find yourself in such an unfortunate situation.

When a brain injury occurs, any combination of effects is possible.

In more extreme cases, a family member who has had a trauma resulting in a brain injury may be unable to feed, clothe or wash themselves unaided; speech and cognitive thought may be impaired. It is also possible that co-ordination and movement could be adversely affected by a brain injury. For example, in some milder cases a family member who has had a trauma resulting in a brain injury may lose the ability to remember what was said or done a few moments previously, or may be unabl