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How to Get out of a Traffic Ticket Without a Court Date

Donald Singleton
February 12, 2021

Speed Camera - How to Get out of a Traffic Ticket Without a Court Date

In Atlanta, you can get out of a traffic ticket while also avoiding points or a record.

What is the Pre-Trial Intervention-Traffic Program?

Pre-Trial Intervention-Traffic Program (PTIT) is a program in Atlanta that the attorneys at Singleton Law Firm LLC. are very familiar with. This program allows you to resolve your case without any appearance in court. This program not only removes the possibility of having to pay fines but also dismisses charges and scratches any record the ticket could have produced.

Do you qualify for Pre-Trial Intervention-Traffic Program program?

You qualify for PTIT if you received a minor traffic ticket such as:

  • driving with an expired tag
  • running / rolling stop sign
  • 34 miles over/under the speed limit
  • improper lane change (with no accident caused)

How to enroll in Pre-Trial Intervention-Traffic Program?

If you are accepted, it takes only two steps to be enrolled in PTIT.

  • Visit to apply online
  • Send the following information in an email to the court via:
    1. Name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Driver’s license number
    4. Email address or fax number
    5. Telephone number
    6. Citation number or case number
    7. Number of citations received

What’s next?

You will receive information about your possible acceptance within 24 hours of contacting PTIT. You will then be given instructions on how to send a payment into PTIT and your charges will be dropped.

If you have any other questions, you are always welcome to directly call us or send a quote via our contact us form. Someone from the team will answer you the soonest.

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* Remember: You can only do this once a year.

Donald Singleton

Donald Singleton


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