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Automobile Accident Checklist

Donald Singleton
May 27, 2021
With millions of automobiles on the streets, it is no surprise that even minor accidents happen. And when a person experiences accidents involving automobiles, chances are they will panic. Nevertheless, we should always be ready for accidents.

When you’re certain you and any others involved are safe, make sure your first priority is to get medical attention. If the situation warrants it, contact emergency services for assistance on-site or from a phone nearby.

Once all of these steps have been completed, call the police before anything else because they’ll be needing an official report detailing what happened so that insurance coverage can start paying out claims as soon as possible!

Automobile accident checklist

Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist Form

  • Check your passengers and yourself. Make sure that no one is hurt badly and everyone is alright. If anyone is hurt, make sure you call for help immediately to avoid further accident injuries. But make sure you also check the passengers and driver of the other vehicle.
  • Do not leave the scene of the accident. Whether you are at fault or not, leaving the accident scene is never a good idea. Leaving the scene if you are at fault may cause serious criminal liability. And if you are the auto accident victim, you may not be able to prove the other driver is at fault. This is the most critical part of this automobile accident checklist since it can make or break your case.
  • Ask for police and medical assistance. If it is a simple accident, a call for police assistance may not be necessary but make sure you get to exchange information with the other driver. This will help you contact each other when the need arises. However, if the accident is too big for you to handle, the police should be called.
  • If there are any immediate witnesses, talk to them. When filing for automobile accident claims, witnesses can come in handy to prove the driver’s negligence at fault. Get the witnesses’ contact details as soon as you can.
  • Photos of the accident can also be great evidence for automobile accident claims. Insurance companies and the authorities may ask for photos of the accident. This will also help in filing an accident insurance claim against the driver at fault.
  • And when the above-mentioned automobile accident checklist is done, but you don’t seem satisfied, you can always ask for further legal assistance from Atlanta personal injury lawyers. Our accident lawyer from Singleton Law Firm LLC. will share with you the best options and legal advice to be taken when involved in an automobile accident. We will investigate your bodily injury claim thoroughly and provide help every step of the way.

What To Do After Leaving the Accident Scene

After you leave the accident scene, additional steps will help protect your rights and recover any damages.

You’ve been in an accident, and you should do the following to ensure that your insurance company will pay for any damages:

  • Contact them immediately.
  • Get a copy of the police report filed about it.
  • Keep detailed notes on how injured or unharmed you are and mental conditions like anxiety from being involved with such a traumatic event – this may help support claims for future physical therapy sessions if needed!
  • Track all medical treatment received so far, including prescriptions by doctors (bring copies).
  • And get some professional property damage estimates done ASAP while everything is fresh in mind after recovering fully from injuries sustained during crash-related trauma.
  • Contact a personal injury lawyer before you speak to the other driver or their insurance company. You need legal representation to ensure your rights are protected for you to receive full compensation after any damages that may have been caused.

6 Things To Consider When Involved In a Car Accident

Do you know what information is needed to file a claim in the event of a traffic accident? Please prepare it in advance.

  1. Safety first – If possible, pull your car over to a safe location, turn off hazard lights, turn on red lights that will allow other drivers to know you’re in danger. At the scene of a traffic accident, it is important to pay attention first and foremost to your own safety. If there are any injuries or if the roadway has been blocked by debris from a crash, dial 911 immediately for help.
  2. Don’t panic! – You may be feeling emotional after a car accident, but it’s important to stay calm and focus on what you need to do next.
  3. Take good notes – Always keep a pad and pencil in your glove compartment for these situations. If you’re using your phone, make sure to document the following:
    • Name of all drivers involved
    • Car license number and vehicle identification numbers
    • Model of the vehicle(s) involved and license plate
    • Vehicle damage
    • A list of witnesses’ names and addresses
    • Names, badge numbers of police officers are always helpful too!
  4. Take photos – record the details – Recording the details of a traffic accident while they are fresh in your memory can be difficult. Still, if you do it quickly and accurately, then there is a good chance that all parties involved will receive fair compensation for their damages. If not documented properly or incorrectly described on paper at first glance by those who have no experience with such auto accidents before, like myself back when I was still practicing law…a whole lot of people could lose out!
  5. File a police report – Even if nothing major happened in the traffic accident, you should always contact the police and file a police accident report. You might need it when filing your claim!
  6. Report your accident claim to an accident attorney – Contact Singleton Law Firm LLC. immediately, every day at (770) 889-6010, file a claim online or ask if you have any questions about the claims process.


Our committed attorneys in Singleton Law Firm LLC. understand that accidents should not be taken lightly. Injuries and financial loss are only a few of the issues when involved in an automobile accident. So when you get involved in one, keep your calm and remember this list.

Donald Singleton

Donald Singleton


A Georgia native, Don founded Singleton Law Firm in 1999 as a continuation of his lifetime commitment to serving his state and community. He has concentrated his trial practice to representing victims of serious injury and wrongful death arising out of trucking, car, bus and motorcycle accidents, premises liability and a wide variety of other causes.

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