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Bus Accident Attorney Atlanta

Donald Singleton
March 13, 2017

Bus accidents always occur frequently on the highways and streets of America. According to research carried out by NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), about 300 (three hundred) fatal

bus accidents occur yearly. In bus crashes with no fatalities, the costs of severe injuries and damages to properties are high.

Indeed, if one is injured or their loved ones have been involved in severe bus collisions, a compassionate, aggressive, and caring bus accident attorney can assist him/her and their family through that difficult time for them to focus on their healing.

Singleton Law Firm LLC. has a team of experienced bus accident attorneys who are fully devoted to helping our clients. We always advise all bus accident victims to leave any legal part of their trauma to our experienced lawyers.

We have teams of personal injury lawyers who are experts in bus collisions. Therefore, anyone who has been involved in a crash or who has a family member who has been involved in an Atlanta bus accident should contact us now for legal assistance. We provide our clients with the highest level of legal representation possible.

Bus Accident Attorney Atlanta - Useful Advice for Finding and Hiring

School bus accidents

The rising traffic congestion in the metro Atlanta area has led to many people commuting to and from work by public transportation, including buses. Bus drivers are held accountable for high safety standards that they must follow, such as making sure drivers receive proper training and aren’t fatigued from working too many hours.

When bus companies and drivers fail to ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place, a variety of accidents can happen and innocent motor vehicle drivers and bus passengers can be seriously injured or killed.

It’s not easy to get on a bus and just trust that you’ll make it home safely. When your life is in someone else’s hands, accidents are bound to happen – and when they do, we’re here for you. We’ve litigated cases like these before; 360 million passengers per year means there will be an accident eventually. What matters now is if the driver was at fault, whether another vehicle forced them or you have a hit-and-run accident. Off course because some people don’t know how much their actions can change lives forever!

Bus accident claims

We cannot believe the evidence that they uncovered during their initial investigation. The attorney will take this information and construct a claim based on it, which is the baseline for my lawsuit. We can’t wait to see what type of settlement or judgment we get!

Bus accident: responsible parties

Who is liable for a bus accident? Buses are common carriers that transport passengers as a service. The traffic law in Georgia is much more stringent for common carriers than it is for ordinary motorists. The higher safety standards that are required of these vehicles, which includes exceeding the mandate to exercise ordinary care while operating a motor vehicle, goes beyond what most people have to deal with when they’re just driving around town.

Multiples responsible parties may be at fault. The parties include:

  • A bus driver;
  • A bus management firm;
  • Government entities, in case it is a public bus;
  • Other negligent drivers;
  • A bus equipment manufacturer.

Causes of bus accidents

Here are some reasons why bus wrecks occur.

Undeniably, when an automobile accident that involves a bus and a car happen, the outcomes are always pain & suffering, massive medical bills, loss of income, and untold damages to properties. When a bus and commercial truck crash happen, the speeds at which those vehicles travel and their weights always result in extra catastrophic injuries to the people and the cars involved.

Useful Advice for Finding and Hiring

You are going to need an Atlanta bus accident attorney especially if you are injured in any way because the bus company may even try to deny any blame at all, or they may try to settle the case with you before you get a lawyer involved.  Finding a good bus accident attorney in Atlanta, GA is imperative because you need someone who specializes in these types of cases.

It’s essential that you’ve your injuries checked out right away so that you can document everything accurately.  Your doctor will have all the documentation of your injuries that’ll be useful for your lawyer to help present your case. The doctor must keep your injuries private until the time comes if you plan to sue the bus company.

Some lawyers out there are lazy, and they will try to settle your case at the drop of a hat. That may not be in your best interest if you have suffered long-term injuries. Ensure you take time to look around to see who is highly respected and reputable in the community when looking for a bus accident lawyer.

You will need a large enough settlement that takes all of these things into account. You have to consider the financial ramification, especially if you cannot go back to work.

Based on your injuries and the type of accident, most expert lawyers already know ahead of time if a bus company will want to settle out of court and for how much. Sit down with your attorney during the initial consultation to ask questions about your expectations and what he or she thinks about the outcome. At this time, you can determine whether it’s worth it to settle and get it over with soon, or you can sue the bus company.

Ensure you inquire about the lawyer’s experience in trials and the outcomes of the cases he or she has handled before. You will need an experienced bus accident attorney if you do decide to sue the bus company. Sometimes a company may want to settle for a higher amount if you just threaten them with a trial. Whatever you do, remember that this is your life and only you can determine the right path.

What to do in case of a bus accident

Indeed, bus accidents are unexpected and traumatic events. Though accident victims might not be injured physically, they require professional help when dealing with anxieties. The victims might be entitled to financial compensation benefits because of pain & suffering, lost wages, and medical costs. And when death happens, the responsible driver might face criminal charges because of the wrongful death.

You need an attorney if you are injured in any way, mainly because the bus company may try to deny the accusation at all or try to settle the case before hiring an attorney. Contact Singleton Law Firm LLC. for an expert bus accident lawyer.

Just in case, if you were involved in an accident with MARTA buses, you could go through our famous case – MARTA bus claim recovery.

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