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Burn Injury Attorney

Donald Singleton
May 13, 2021

burn injury attorney

Burn injuries are painful and disfiguring injuries that a victim endures. They’re very common among the elderly and young children. They’re also one of the most common types of traumatic injuries after a motor vehicle accident, violent attacks, and workplace accident. It would help if you didn’t suffer in silence. Our attorneys at Singleton Law Firm LLC. will gladly fight in your burn injury lawsuit to recover compensation for medical expenses, damages, excruciating pain, and losses.

Life after a Burn Injury Accident

According to the American Burn Association, about 450,000 people seek professional medical attention for burn injuries every year in the US.

Fires and burn injuries are the leading cause of home fatalities in the US, with nearly 85 percent of these injuries occurring at homes. Patients may fully recover in a few days when facing minor burns. However, patients suffering from severe burns endure intense psychological and physical pain during the treatment phase. Once your treatment phase is over, and the wounds heal, scarring and disfigurement often interfere with mobility, movement, the ability to perform your daily duties, and self-esteem and sense of identity. For most, the effects of a severe burn injury last a lifetime.

In addition to the burn injury’s emotional and physical burden, the patients and their families also face mounting medical bills. Many patients will require continuous treatment and quality rehabilitation, including medications, surgeries, and different therapy forms.

Depending on the severity of a burn injury, recovery after the accident may need long-term medical care, many surgeries, additional mobility devices, and ongoing physical, emotional, and occupational therapy.

Knowledge and experience in personal injury litigation

At Singleton Law Firm LLC., we have witnessed the devastating impact of burn injuries. Our burn injury attorney has spent over 25 years fighting for victims who suffered burn injuries due to malice or negligence. Negligence is a type of tort which evolved because some types of loss or damage occur between parties that have no contract between them. Every injury attorney at Singleton Law Firm LLC. has extensive knowledge and experience in personal injury litigation, and they’re devoted to getting the maximum possible financial compensation claim for our clients. Burn injuries are often the result of:

  • Scalding – contact with a hot beverage or hot or boiling water or steam.
  • Fire – contact with an open flame.
  • Direct contact – contact with hot items such as coals, irons, defective products, or lit cigarettes.
  • Sub-dermal (electrical burns) – contact with dangerous “live” objects such as electrical wiring and defective electronic appliances. The most common problem is product defects.
  • Chemical – contact with a harmful and corrosive chemical or its fumes, such as household cleaners and battery fluid.

Other contacts including fireworks, tanning beds, exposure to radiation, thermal burns, and lightning strikes.

Types of Burn Injuries

In 2013, 334 children under 19 died due to fires or burns due to home fires. One hundred twenty-six thousand thirty-five children were treated in emergency rooms for minor and severe burn injuries in 2013.

The four types of burns include:

  • Thermal burns – caused by contact with fire, hot liquids, steam, or other extreme heat sources;
  • Light burns – caused by ultraviolet light or sunlight;
  • Dangerous chemical burns – caused by a chemical explosion, an acid, or alkali;
  • Radiation burns – caused by contact with nuclear radiation.

The four categories of burn severity include:

  • First-degree burns – damage the top layer ( outer layer) of the skin only. They’re characterized by redness and minor inflammation. They cause minimal damage and heal within one week. They can be treated with cool water (notice!) and aloe vera gel!
  • Second-degree burns – damage goes beyond the top layer of skin. They’re characterized by very red, blistered skin. The burns usually take weeks to heal and should be appropriately bandaged.
  • Third-degree burns and fourth-degree burns – The worst types of burn. The damage extends through all layers of skin and can affect bones and organs. They’re characterized by a black or white dry wound and charring. They can cause hypothermia, permanent extensive nerve damage, and even death. Seeking emergency, immediate medical treatment is crucial.

Fair Compensation for Burn Injuries

A simple first-degree burn can become infected quickly and require professional medical attention. Third-degree burns take years of treatment to heal and have a huge impact on the victim’s quality of life and his or her ability to work. Extensive burns cost thousands of dollars for treatment for burn, repeat admission, and quality rehabilitation.

If you’ve been a burn injury victim due to the negligence or carelessness of someone else, you’ll need an experienced and reputable attorney to protect your rights. Serving Atlanta and the surrounding areas, the personal injury attorney at Singleton Law Firm LLC. will fight for compensation benefits for physical and emotional pain.

We work on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, we don’t get a fee unless we win for you. At Singleton Law Firm LLC., we work as a team, so you benefit from having many lawyers working on your case.

We’re one of the leading law firms in Atlanta, and we’ve been named the Best Lawyers in Atlanta by our peers. We’ve had several leading settlements and verdicts, and we’re ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you and your burn injury claim.


If you or your loved one have been severely burned, you are legally entitled to damages for your injuries.

We’re ready to represent you and go after parties responsible for your injuries. Our legal team will build a strong case that will hold those responsible for your medical expenses, mental anguish, reconstructive surgery, pain and suffering, and financial losses. Further, we look forward to helping you and getting you the justice that you deserve. But do not suffer alone.

For a free case evaluation and consultation, call us today to meet an experienced burn injury lawyers at (770) 889-6010 or fill out our online contact form.

Donald Singleton

Donald Singleton


A Georgia native, Don founded Singleton Law Firm in 1999 as a continuation of his lifetime commitment to serving his state and community. He has concentrated his trial practice to representing victims of serious injury and wrongful death arising out of trucking, car, bus and motorcycle accidents, premises liability and a wide variety of other causes.

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