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Wrongful Death Attorney Atlanta

What can a wrongful death attorney do for you? It’s no secret that the death of your loved one can exhaust you both mentally and emotionally. Regardless of the circumstance, a lot of pain, frustration, and confusion usually accompany an unexpected or sudden death.

When negligence or carelessness of another individual causes that death, it amplifies all of these feelings. Also, loss of a child, spouse, or parent involves much more than emotional grief. The consequences will manifest themselves in the several aspects of life.

The loss of the decedent’s financial contribution to the family or medical bills can pose enormous financial difficulty to many surviving relatives. Like mental and emotional burden of losing a loved one, the surviving family members will have to face significant financial implications for years.

With the help of wrongful death attorney, the surviving relatives can use Georgia’s legal avenue to compensation for wrongful loss of their loved one.

Hiring A Wrongful Death Attorney

You need to hire an experienced lawyer to help you navigate the statutory requirement in Atlanta, Georgia and the emotional turmoil associated with these claims or lawsuits. The nature of wrongful death lawsuits varies significantly. To find the right wrongful death attorney in Atlanta, GA, you should understand the specific details of these claims, and they vary from other civil cases.

Procedural Factors That Affect Wrongful Death Claim

For a wrongful death lawsuit to be valid, it must meet specific statutory requirements. For instance, only a surviving spouse can file a lawsuit in the first year after the death. Also, the heirs can join the lawsuit the spouse’s consent or wait another year to file their own claim. Surviving parents can only file a lawsuit in the absence of heirs or a surviving spouse. The claim can be invalidated if it doesn’t meet these requirements.

The timeframe for filing a wrongful death lawsuit is also a crucial requirement. You must file your claim within two years of the death, or the statute of limitations bars it. Now, At Singleton Law Firm attorney in Atlanta, GA can review these fundamental statutory requirements and know when and how to file a wrongful death lawsuit. However, every statutory requirement affects more than procedure.

With these explicit statutory limitations, a grieving family member will have to make critical legal decisions. These family members may need more support and counsel than injury clients. In that respect, the right Atlanta attorney will come up with an effective personal approach to client management.

You should look for a law firm or an attorney that asks about the specific circumstances of your case, encourages an in-person consultation and values direct communication. A lawyer with all these qualities shows that he or she understands the non-legal sentiments and events which may coincide with a wrongful death lawsuit. Such awareness will lead to stronger lawyer/client relationship and better overall experience.

Wrongful Death Attorney