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Truck Accident Claims Atlanta

It is not easy to win a truck accident claim. You and your attorney must present a valid claim against the negligent trucking company or driver to receive compensation. However, you must be ready to face and overcome various hurdles that come along the way of seeking justice.

While every truck accident victim is entitled to pursue a claim, a competent, reputable, and experienced truck accident claims Atlanta attorney can help you maximize the value of your claim. Tractor-trailer accidents are not the same as auto accidents involving only passenger vehicles.

1. Liability in a Truck Accident Claim

How do I determine the liable parties? If you suffer injuries in a truck accident, the truck driver may not be the only party responsible for the accident. Additional parties may also be held liable for your injuries. The employer of the truck driver, the manufacturer, or designer of any faulty that caused the accident, the company on the truck licenses placard on the tractor and trailer, and the repair or maintenance facility responsible for vehicle upkeep are the potentially liable parties. Your truck accident claims Atlanta attorney at Singleton Law Firm can help you to determine and evaluate each potential source of recovery.

2. Testimony and Evidence from the Accident Scene

It is essential to collect evidence from the scene of the crash as quickly as possible. Remember, by the time you hire an attorney, the scene of the accident has been long since cleared. Most trucking companies will send their attorneys to the scene of the accident immediately to conduct interviews after the collision. This is a vital step when conducting investigations. Unfortunately, accessing a lawyer so soon after the crash when you’re severely injured can be challenging. You will not be able to hire a truck accident claims Atlanta attorney immediately to assist you when you are hurt and being taken to a hospital. The trucking companies will ensure that they get their attorneys and investigators to the scene of the accident quickly to gather the evidence, speak with the police, or other witnesses.

3. Trucking Companies Work With Experienced Accident Defense Attorneys

Trucking companies have substantial resources. In addition to visiting the scene first, trucking companies usually work with experienced investigators and attorneys to handle their investigation of an accident claim. It’s essential to consult an attorney with experience and financial resources needed to carry out a thorough investigation as well.

With time likely missed from work and medical bills mounting, it would be a huge burden for you to hire an attorney and pay for his or her services and the fee for investigations. For this reason, truck accident claims Atlanta attorneys at Singleton Law Firm work on a contingency fee. We don’t charge you any attorney fees until we get you the compensation you deserve.

4. Falsified Truck Driver Records

Are the records tampered with? Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations specify the number of operating hours a truck driver can work according to truck driving laws. The trucking company or the driver may decide to falsify the log to keep the truck on the road for a longer period.

While the driver and the trucking company handle the documentation, our experienced truck accident claims Atlanta lawyer can check and identify any inconsistencies in the materials provided by the trucking company.

Most trucks now have GPS and an Electronic Control Module that records data such as distance covered and speed.

5. Driver Policies of Trucking Company

Was the internal trucking company policy followed? Trucking companies usually come up with their company policies to cover items such as pre-trip inspections, medical disabilities, substance abuse, and virtually every aspect of the job. Your attorney needs to obtain and review the trucking company policies to find out whether they followed them strictly.

Truck Accident Claims Atlanta

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