Tractor Trailer Accidents Atlanta GA

Tractor Trailer Accidents

According to research, every day in the U.S., people are killed or injured in automotive accidents that involve large commercial trucks. And because of the weight and size of tractor trailer trucks, nearly all tractor trailer accidents involving small cars will result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Such trucks are actually insured by commercial policies; therefore, they need a unique legal approach compared to the one used on a typical car accident.

Nearly all automotive accidents are not just ‘accidents’, but they are negligence especially by the at-fault drivers. Indeed, truck drivers are needed to drive many miles and also meet strict delivery deadlines. Such tight rules given to drivers will result in truck driver fatigue & reckless driving. Also, tractor trailer accidents can be as a result of what are known as `no-zones` which are actually larger blind spots in the front, rear, and side of the trucks. A big-rig truck also requires a longer stopping distance in order to be safe and allow for enough room to make turns.

When tractor trailer accidents happen, commercial insurance firms are fast to send their representatives direct to the scene in an effort to mitigate their responsibility. Indeed, this is so especially when a tractor trailer injury victim is most vulnerable. Therefore, it is always crucial to contact an expert tractor trailer accidents lawyer immediately.

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