Passenger Train Accident Lawyer

Passenger Train Accident Lawyer

Hiring A Passenger Train Accident Lawyer

You have contact with the railway system every day whether you are negotiating railway crossings while driving your children to school or riding a commuter train to work, like millions of other Americans. It only takes a moment of negligence by a railroad employee or one malfunctioning piece of equipment to cause a catastrophic train accident that could take the life of a loved one or change your life.

Every year, nearly 3,000 train accidents occur, resulting in nearly 1,000 deaths. Even a “minor” train accident can cause death or catastrophic injury due to the massive weight and size of the locomotive. Passenger train accident lawsuits are complicated and confusing. They often involve many responsible parties. Also, train accidents are subject to different statutes of limitations, laws, and standards than car accident lawsuits. An Alpharetta passenger train accident lawyer at Singleton Law Firm, LLC can offer you the legal help that you need to file a lawsuit or claim.

What Causes Passenger Train Accidents?

Passenger train operators like MARTA are required to take extra measures that guarantee the safety of their passengers.  Accidents can occur when they don’t do this.  Accidents can occur due to the carelessness of pedestrians and other drivers.  Common causes of passenger train accidents include:

  • Human error by the driver of a vehicle or the train operator
  • Track defects
  • Speeding
  • Signal defects
  • Poorly maintained or marked crossings
  • A fatigued conductor or railroad crew
  • Defective train, crossing or signaling equipment
  • Failure to sound a warning

What Types Of Injuries Do People Suffer In Passenger Train Accidents?

Trains have a greater potential to cause very serious injuries than passenger buses do.  Train travel at high speeds, weigh hundreds of tons and take up to a mile to slow down.  It is often too late to stop and avoid a collision by the time an engineer is aware of the danger.  Trains can tip over, throw passengers inside a train car, and catch on fire when they derail.  Common injuries resulting from passenger train accidents include:

  • Spinal cord injuries causing paralysis
  • Fatalities
  • Head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries
  • Injuries caused by being crushed
  • Neck injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries such as broken bones, sprains and back injuries that occur inside a train car or on a platform

It’s essential to seek immediate medical attention if you’ve been involved in a train accident, even if you do not think you’ve been severely hurt. Some injuries can become worse if left untreated. Therefore, the sooner you seek medical attention, the more likely you’re to have a successful recovery. You should also contact an Alpharetta Passenger Train Accident Lawyer at Singleton Law Firm, LLC to help you file a claim or case.

Is The Railroad Legally Responsible For The Accident?

In most cases, yes.  Train operators have a high duty to maintain their trains and lines and keep passengers safe. The laws related to train operator liability are complicated.  Several factors can cause a train accident, and all of them are not within the control of the train operator.

However, train operators may be held responsible if they could’ve prevented the accident through proper maintenance and care, or if the conductor or engineer’s negligence caused the accident.

Train operators, such as Amtrak and MARTA, don’t accept responsibility for your injuries easily.  They’ve lawyers who’ll try to avoid liability.  If they accept responsibility, the insurance companies handling their claims will try to pay you as little as possible.

At Singleton Law Firm, we know these tactics and how to deal with them. Your Alpharetta Passenger Train Accident Lawyer will gather the evidence needed to establish liability, and ensure you have a thorough medical evaluation so we can show the insurance companies the potential cost of your injuries.

What If I Am A Railroad Employee?

Railroad workers can suffer serious injuries in the passenger train accident. However, the procedure for recovering compensation is different.  Railroad workers are subject to the Federal Employees’ Liability Act (FELA), created to ensure that any injured workers get proper compensation.

Under FELA, workers must prove that their injuries were a result of the negligence of their employer.  Railroads have attorneys working for them, and that is why it is essential to have an experienced Alpharetta Passenger Train Accident Lawyer helping you in the claim you make under FELA.

What Compensation Can I Recover In A Passenger Train Accident Case?

In the Atlanta, GA, a Passenger Train Accident Lawyer can help you recover 100 percent of your damages and costs that you incurred due to your passenger train accident.  In most cases, you will recover those costs without going to court or filing a lawsuit.  Victims are usually awarded damages for:

  • Prescribed medications
  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages, if you missed work due to the accident
  • Physical or rehabilitative therapy
  • Wrongful death, if a loved one lost his or her life

Furthermore, the courts may award more damages, including pain and suffering and damages to compensate for a permanent disability when injuries were severe.  This compensation can’t undo a loss or an injury. However, it can maintain your financial stability as you try to rebuild your life.

Passenger Train Accident Lawyer

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