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Motorcycle Accidents Atlanta

With the exposed frames and high speeds, motorcycles always leave the drivers vulnerable to devastating injuries. In fact, all it takes is just one negligent driver taking his or her eye off the road for only one second to cause serious motorcycle accidents that can change the life of an individual forever.

If one has been injured by a driver or suffered a severe accident that was caused by a negligent driver(s), he or she has a legal right to recover the damages. And our law firm will ensure that such an individual get what he or she deserves. Our lawyers have many years of combined knowledge and expertise dealing with motorcycle accidents cases. In addition, they are committed to fighting for our clients to ensure that they get the offers that they deserve—covering their damages for lost wages, medical bills, the time spent away from the family, diminished quality of life, and future medical treatment.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Errors on the part of a vehicle driver or a rider may result in a motor vehicle collision. Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to obey the law and be attentive to prevent such a crash. Also, as motorcycle accidents occur, it is paramount to know some of the common causes. The causes include:

  • Speeding
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Tailgating
  • Distracted driving
  • Disobeying a traffic signal or sign
  • Failing to yield

In some instances, a defective motorcycle part can cause an accident. If this is the case, a victim is entitled to file product liability claim.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

After a collision, one of the crucial things to remember is to remain calm. Indeed, as a victim of an accident, an overwhelming amount of emotions like despair and anger can blind a person. So, one should stay level-headed and behave reasonably so that he or she can protect his or her rights.

Furthermore, the rider and the other driver should ensure that they get out of the way of the oncoming traffic. And if the vehicle is stuck on the road, try to remove it when traffic is entirely clear or just wait until the police officers or law enforcements have arrived.

Further Steps To Be Taken After A Motorcycle Accident

• Be sure to contact law enforcement or medical assistant—don`t assume that there is someone else who has already contacted

• Evaluate the situation, such as if there is an individual who was hurt and what kind of damages that the motorcycle sustained

• Be sure to ask the other driver(s) their information, including contact and insurance information

• A picture is also important. Therefore, be sure to take the photos of the visible injuries, scene of the accident, and property damages

• The victim should also write down the information that he or she recalls regarding the accident

• In case there are some witnesses be sure to get their statement and their contact information

• When proving the information to the law enforcement regarding the accident, be sure to provide them with only correct information or statements

• Ask the law enforcement or police officers where to obtain copies of the accident report

• Call the insurance company and inform them about the accident

• Call us for legal assistance

In addition, one should always look for medical help for all injuries that he or she has suffered or the passengers have suffered. For sure, there are signs of injuries that might not appear until several hours after the collision has occurred. Such signs may lead to delayed treatment or even permanent damages.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

They include:

• Head trauma

• Broken bones

• Road rash

• Cuts & Lacerations

• Spinal cord injuries

• Rider`s arm

In case some insurance representatives show up to the accident scene, do not be intimidated into signing any document. Many times, insurance adjusters will attempt to place the blame on one person instead of collecting the facts about the accident and assist the injured party.

At Singleton Law Firm, we know well how severe motorcycle accidents can lead to costly injuries. Therefore, if one is looking for competent and experienced legal counsel after being seriously injured in an accident particularly that was caused by a careless driver, we are here to help. Our motorcycle accident lawyers are prepared to fight for the rights of our clients to fair & just compensation.