How to Fully Protect a Loved One Who Has Suffered a Serious Injury in a Car Accident

December 2, 2020

Being involved in a serious car accident can be a terrifying and stressful experience. If you have a loved one who suffered a serious injury following a car accident, please keep the following tips in mind.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Car accidents can lead to the development of various medical conditions, therefore it is important to seek medical attention immediately following any car accident.

Your loved one should seek attention even if there are no visible injuries at the time of the accident. It may take several days or even weeks for symptoms and injuries, such as whiplash and soft tissue damage, to appear. Most importantly, if your loved one is injured in a car accident, make sure that they do not leave the scene of the accident until the appropriate medical and emergency personnel arrives at the scene.

Leaving the scene of an accident could harm any potential claim your loved one may have. Once the medical and emergency response team arrives, you or your loved one should inform the medical personnel of any pre-existing medical conditions that your loved one has. Any pre-existing medical condition could affect the treatment your loved one receives.

Additionally, make sure that your loved one notifies the medical personnel of all the symptoms he or she may be experiencing, so that they receive the appropriate treatment.

Follow Up for Further Treatment

If a serious injury requires additional treatment or therapy, it is important that your loved one follow up. Additional medical tests may also be required.

You should make sure that your loved one notifies their general practitioner of all treatments they receive or any specialists that their injury may require them to consult. Following medical consultation and injury diagnosis, it is important that you or your loved one contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

The insurance company needs to know the full extent of your loved one’s injuries. To ensure that your loved one is fully reimbursed for their medical injuries, you should fully document all medical visits, diagnoses, and treatments received.

Fully Document the Accident

Following any accident, no matter how minor, it is important that you file a police report.

Your insurance company will likely ask for a copy of the police report to document your personal injury claim and any injuries sustained as a result. You should obtain a copy of the police report and make sure the report accurately reflects what really happened.

If your loved one later recalls facts that were not initially listed in the police report, you want to make your insurance company aware of these additional facts. It is important that you or your loved one take detailed notes of the accident. You should immediately take pictures of the scene of the accident and injuries sustained.

Be Careful of What You Say & Do

Following an accident, it is easy to get caught up with emotions. You want to avoid accepting total blame for the accident.

While you do want to provide your insurance company and the authorities with an honest and accurate representation of what happened, taking total responsibility could harm your claim and lead to claims against you and/or your insurance company.

The goal is for your loved one to receive fair compensation for their injuries, and taking total blame could prevent that from happening. Additionally, be cautious if you are offered to settle your claim very early.

It is especially important that your loved one not accept an offer before receiving their full medical prognosis. You want to make sure that you loved one is compensated as much as possible for all of their injuries.

Accepting an early settlement offer could lead to under compensation, especially when all the injuries resulting from the car accident are not yet manifest.

Seek Legal Advice

The thought of dealing with all of the above mentioned issues may seem intimidating.

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a serious car accident, you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you with any potential legal claims. Contact Singleton Law Firm LLC. for a free consultation and to discuss your options moving forward.

Here, we have listed 6 costly mistakes almost all of us make after a car accident, which may be in your help if you were involved in a car accident.


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