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In spite of the nationwide efforts to stop drunk driving, it continues to be a real problem in the area and across the country. According to research that was conducted by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2012, over 10,000 individuals in DUI-related accidents. At Singleton Law Firm, we really believe that if one is injured or has lost his or her loved ones as a result of DUI accidents, then they deserve justice & compensation.

The Singleton Law Firm attorneys are passionate advocates for all injured individuals and against drunk driving. Our lawyers strongly believe in holding accountable any driver who decide to get behind the wheel when drunk. We expertly deal with DUI accident injury cases through the region. We work tirelessly to ensure that we get positive outcomes for all our clients. Call us now and schedule a completely free consultation & case review with our professional attorneys.

DUI Accidents And Injuries Caused By Drunk Driving

Be sure to seek the legal services of experienced legal counsel immediately after a drunk driving crash. Some common injuries that are caused by alcohol related auto collisions include:

• Internal organ damages and burns

• Traumatic brain injury

• Spinal cord injury, paralysis

• Fractures, amputations

Drunk driving crashes are usually more severe—leaving a victim with life-threatening or catastrophic injuries. This is because impaired drivers might not be able to avoid a collision or brake in time. Also, they can easily swerve from traffic lanes and hit oncoming vehicles head-on. Admittedly, victims of such DUI accidents can suffer temporary disabilities or permanent disabilities. Some of them might never return to their earlier lifestyles while some can succumb to the severe injuries.

Seeking Maximum Compensation Benefits

People that are involved in drunk driving collisions really deserve maximum compensation benefits for the injuries they have suffered. The compensation benefits includes enough money to cover their medical bills, mental distress, lost wages, pain, and suffering in general. In some situations, compensation can entail punitive damages—compensation meant for punishing the at-fault drivers. We know that punitive damages aren’t available in all situations. However, if they are available, we are always ready to pursue them aggressively.

Choose An Experienced DUI Accidents Attorney

We have teams of professional and experienced DUI Accidents and personal injury lawyers. All our lawyers are knowledgeable and competent in any type of vehicular accidents. We are committed to representing our clients inside & outside courtroom. Choose Singleton Law Firm today—a reliable legal representative in the region.

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