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Many people wonder if it is advisable to hire a lawyer to help deal with a dog bite claim. To answer this contentious issue, it is important to note that, in America, the percentage of dog bite victims who get compensated is only below 1%. Astonishingly low. According to statistics an average of 4.8 million people in America are bitten by dogs every year, however insurance firms only pay an average of 15,500 people per year. This is a very plausible reason to hire a dog bite attorney because the chances of getting justice without a lawyer are obviously very slim.

At Singleton Law Firm in Atlanta, we can assure you that our dedicated attorneys have efficiently dealt with many claims representing dog bite victims. Our team is very knowledgeable in laws that defend the rights of victims, and we ensure thorough investigations to ensure these matters are resolved quickly and in a well-mannered fashion.

Victims are at liberty to receive compensation for the following damages

  • Medical expenses both future and current
  • Wages lost due to work absence
  • Emotional stress and suffering
  • Physical pain

With our vast experience in dealing with dog bite cases, we have experienced the distress many clients face. At Singleton Law Firm, we understand, and we are willing to help victims be compensated for their losses. Having us as your legal option is an efficient and non- stressful way of receiving your claim, with minimal financial expenses.

In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has been maimed or injured by a dog, you can contact us at (770) 889-6010 or better yet book an appointment through our website, so that you can receive more legal advice according to your predicament. Contact us today and let on of our dog bite attorneys assist you in receiving the compensation that you deserve.