Daycare Negligence Atlanta GA

Entrusting our children’s care to daycare facilities is a really decision that should be made with care, diligent research, and caution. Parents should take an extra precaution of examining and interviewing any facility carefully before they leave their children in the hands of caregivers at any daycare or a babysitting facility. If your child has been injured due to daycare negligence, contact Singleton Law Firm today.

Protection Of The Vulnerable

For sure, kids are more vulnerable than adults. Because of that, it is critical that daycare service providers should act cautiously at any given time to ensure that all children are secure and safe. Without a doubt, lack of serious supervision is the major cause of severe daycare injuries. Mostly, the inadequate daycare supervision is as a result of inadequate staffing.

Daycare Negligence Signs

State & federal laws prescribe the standards that should be followed by all daycare institutions and facilities. The standards entail getting rid of known dangers, maintaining proper caregiving items in case of emergencies, and providing appropriate oversight among many others. Often, failure of some daycare institutions or facilities to abide by of these standards leads to legal liability especially in case of an accident.

When selecting a good daycare facility or institutions for a child, a guardian or parent must always ensure that the criteria below are attained at all times. The daycare institution/facility should offer the following:

• Easy accessibility of first aid equipment
• Appropriate caregiver to kid ratio
• Access to adequate water
• Enough food
• Appropriate safety standards
• A rule that forbids any form of mental, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse
• Appropriate safety measures that help in prevention of wandering—where a child leaves a daycare facility without authorization
• Adequate bathroom facilities

Expert Singleton Law Firm Daycare Negligence Attorney

In case one of your loved ones have been injured at a daycare center, it is paramount to contact Singleton Law Firm Attorneys immediately for legal assistance. Our legal services are of the highest quality. We have teams of competent daycare negligence lawyers who are committed to offering high-quality legal representation to all our clients.  Quality legal services guaranteed.

As a premier provider of the best legal representations in the legal community, we believe that the victims of negligence and their loved ones are entitled to financial compensation for all damages experienced due to daycare negligence.

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