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At Singleton Law Firm, our lawyers understand the problems that might arise immediately after a car crash. As a legal firm, we have actually witnessed the damages and injuries that may result from a car accident. We understand the struggle that victims face in an attempt to recover compensations for their losses. Therefore, it is vital to hire the services of experienced car accident attorneys to help in recovering compensation.

Some rules & regulations that might complicate an individual`s insurance claims and recovery of other damages (like for pain & suffering) in case of death or serious injuries. Our experienced car accident lawyers have dealt with an extensive range of car accident cases. So, we are always prepared to assists our clients, depending on the situations of their case.

Any individual who has been involved in a car crash and is not sure of their next step should contact Singleton Law Firm for a free case review. We have experienced personal injury lawyers who review the claims of our clients for free and establish if it is possible to win the case.

Car Accident Attorneys

Driving is becoming more dangerous every day. In fact, according to a study conducted by the National Highway Safety Administration, over 35,092 people were involved in car accidents on United States roadways in the year 2015. Therefore, having car accident attorneys who can represent one in case of a car crash is increasingly becoming more important today than ever before.

Our car accident attorneys are experts. They always ensure that our clients get full compensation benefits from their insurers. In addition, they help them in determining whether it is necessary to file claims for additional damages against the parties at fault. If one has suffered a severe injury, we can help him or her to file a case to claim compensation benefits beyond what is offered by insurance claims.

For one to qualify for a personal injury lawsuit, he or she must have sustained serious injuries. Serious injuries include:

  • Brain damage;
  • Paralysis;
  • Broken bones;
  • Permanent scarring/disfigurement;
  • Significant head injuries.

After our client has exhausted his personal injury protection benefits and has fully decided to take legal action against drivers at fault for the accident, our lawyers can start preparing their claim by:

  • Questioning witnesses;
  • Collecting police & crash scene reports;
  • Assessing medical reports;
  • Taking photographs of the damages, injuries, and scene;
  • Reconstructing the crash/accident scene;
  • Speaking with insurers on behalf of our client;
  • Contacting professionals witnesses to review the available evidence.

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