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An Auto Wreck Attorney can be of great assistance when a car crash puts your future, family, and finances at risk. Don’t allow it! Consult an experienced and reputable Atlanta at Singleton Law Firm to find out the value of your case and your options for pursuing financial compensation.

When you have been injured in an auto wreck in Atlanta, the last thing you want is additional complications and stress adding to what you have already been through.

The vehicle damage, injuries, and trauma are bad enough, but in some ways, the pain and suffering, lost time at work, medical bills, and other losses and expenses caused by the auto accident can be far worse than a wreck itself.

Get the Most Out of Your Car Crash Claim

Your Atlanta auto wreck attorney will work closely with you and your healthcare providers to determine the extent of your injuries, the care you will need to recover and how long the recovery process will take. The items that should be factored into your financial award include:

  • Cost of medical treatment and care – including future expenses
  • Any lost income due to your injuries
  • Potential earning in the future, which might include salary increases and bonuses
  • Any home renovations to accommodate a disability
  • Your vehicle repair or replacement costs
  • Prescription medications and medical equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage to your relationships and marriage
  • The lost pleasure of life
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of household services
  • Effects of a disfiguring injury

Punitive damages

Besides the economic and non-economic damages you have endured, the court may also award you a sum of punitive damages. A judge only determines that this award is warranted if the liable party’s actions were done with the intention of inflicting harm.

Punitive damages are designed to punish wrongdoers, and they can have a significant effect on the total compensation awarded.

To get the most out of your Atlanta auto crash claim, it’ll be essential to examine each way in which your injuries have affected or will affect your life.

We Will Consider All Your Losses

Your dedicated Atlanta auto wreck attorney at Singleton Law Firm will consider all of your losses when calculating the total value of your compensation claim.

You almost certainly have some questions after your auto collision that need to be answered. That is perfectly normal, and our experienced auto wreck lawyer, Atlanta is ready to answer all your questions.

What Is The First Thing I Should Do After An Auto Wreck?

You should seek immediate medical attention after a car crash. Even if you weren’t injured and feel fine, you might have suffered delayed injuries that are yet to show symptoms.

Afterward, you should contact your insurance company so that they can start paying your medical bills immediately. Contact our law firm so we can ensure the amount that your auto insurer provides is everything it should be.

Do I Need An Attorney To Be Compensated For An Auto Wreck?

You can settle a claim without help from an attorney. However, you probably will not get all the funds that you’re entitled to.

Your insurer will try to reduce the amount they pay you, and the insurer of the other driver will either make an offer that sounds good but is far from comprehensive or try to blame you for the wreck.

An Atlanta auto wreck attorney can build a strong case that proves the liability of other party and assesses the value of the claim correctly, thus giving you an excellent opportunity for the maximum financial award.

Contact Our Atlanta Auto Wreck Attorney

Whether you suffered severe injuries in a rollover or head-on accident or were hurt in a minor rear-end collision, you deserve compensation when you’re not at fault.

While it might be true that the insurance will not be on your side, you can count on Singleton Law Firm to look out for your best interests and pursue aggressively a settlement you deserve.

Auto Wreck Attorney

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