Atlanta Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’re involved in a truck accident, you will go through a dire and devastating situation. Truck accidents cause significant injuries and property damage since they usually occur at high speeds. That’s when you need to hire an Atlanta truck accident lawyer.

It would be beneficial to hire an experienced and dependable truck accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, to help you seek compensation if you, your passenger, or your vehicle suffered any damages.

To gather the relevant information, your attorney will ask you some questions about your injuries, how the accident happened, your car’s condition, and the trucking company. It will enable your Atlanta truck accident lawyer at Singleton Law Firm LLC to offer you the best legal representation.

Always do your homework before meeting your initial consultation with a lawyer. Carry with you a file of any relevant photographic evidence, documents, or records.

In this article, we will look at five types of information you should gather before you meet with a truck accident lawyer at Singleton Law Firm LLC. It’ll help in evaluating and preparing your case. Ensure you make the most of your initial consultation with an attorney.

Details Of the Trucking Company and Driver

  • Do you know the name of the truck driver?
  • Do you know the name of the trucking company involved (if any)?
  • What is the license plate number of the truck?
  • Are there other license numbers or identifying details of the truck?
  • Do you have the Commercial Driver’s License number of the truck driver?
  • Are there any other business entities or companies associated with this driver or truck?
  • Do you’ve any other pertinent information about the trucking company or the driver involved in the accident?

Specific Details Of the Truck Accident

  • How did it happen?
  • Did the police file a report?
  • Did the police charge the driver for any traffic violations?
  • Are there any videos or photos taken at the scene?
  • Were TV or other news media at the scene?
  • Did you get the names and contact information of witnesses or others involved in the truck accident?
  • When and where exactly did the accident occur?
  • What was the condition of the roadway (dry, wet, pot-holed, smooth, etc.)?
  • Were people or cars involved?
  • Was there an ambulance at the scene?

Medical Records After The Accident

  • Are you unable to do some normal activities due to your injuries? If any, what are they?
  • Have you ever had similar injuries in the past?
  • What was your immediate diagnosis after the accident?
  • Did they take you to a hospital? If so, how long were you hospitalized?
  • Do you have the records of the initial treatments you received?
  • Did you’ve x-rays or other scans were taken?
  • Is there any additional or follow-up treatment?
  • What are your current symptoms and diagnosis?

Your Vehicle After The Accident

  • What is the make, model, and the manufacture year of your vehicle?
  • Is there a bank interest or a lien-holder in the vehicle?
  • When did you buy the vehicle?
  • What’s the working condition of the vehicle?
  • What damages did the accident sustain to your vehicle?
  • Do you know the estimate for the damages?
  • Did your vehicle have any damages, dents, or dings before the truck accident?
  • Can you provide the photos of your vehicle both before and after the accident?

Your Personal and Financial Details

  • What is your current employment, if any?
  • What is your salary or wages?
  • Have you left your job because of the accident?
  • Do you’ve valid auto insurance? Do you have a valid drivers’ license?
  • Who’s your insurer?
  • Have you ever had a car accident before?
  • Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Get a Free Evaluation of Your Truck Accident Case

If you have been involved in a truck accident, you should hire an Atlanta truck accident attorney to help you file a lawsuit against the commercial trucking company, handle the insurance companies or guide you through the entire process of seeking compensation. It will guarantee you the best possible outcome.

Today, get started with a free case evaluation from our experienced and dedicated truck accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA, at Singleton Law Firm LLC. Call us today at (770) 889-6010.

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