Atlanta Negligent Security Lawyer

Atlanta Negligent Security Lawyer

Atlanta Negligent Security Lawyer

Your Best Atlanta Negligent Security Lawyer.

“Negligent Security Law”, under the general category of “Premises Liability Law”, imposes a duty on commercial establishments to maintain a reasonably safe condition in their properties.  “Negligent security” is a term that describes a situation where a violent, criminal attack, such as a shooting, robbery, rape or an assault, occurs while you’re on someone else’s property and unfortunately, you become a victim of the attack. A reliable and experienced Atlanta negligent security lawyer at Singleton Law Firm can fight aggressively for your justice.

Most negligent security cases or claims come up in the context of a person being shot or robbed while withdrawing money from an ATM; a customer being mugged in a shopping center before they get in their car; a robbery at a gas station while filling up your car with gas; or an assault in a hotel room or the lobby of an apartment complex.

Obligation Of Commercial Establishments

Commercial establishments should be aware of what’s going in the community around them. It is their obligation.

If there have been shootings, robberies, and/or other violent criminal activities in the property where your incident occurred or the surrounding area, the property owner must take measures to enhance security in their establishment.

For instance, a property owner/manager of a shopping center that has been the subject of frequent parking lot robberies must put up more video surveillance, eliminate some entrances and exits, add more security guards, add more lighting or take any other action to protect their property against crime.

Providing Customers and Clients With Security

A shopping center situated in an area that is a target for criminals has a higher duty to provide its customers with much more security than a shopping center in a place where there’s little criminal activity.

Although the courts convict and sentence violent criminals to jail for many years, the victims and their families are left with substantial financial burden due to thousands of dollars of medical bills, permanent injuries, and loss of wages.

We Can Help You

If you’re injured due to the failure of a property owner to provide adequate security, there are liable. An Atlanta negligent security lawyer at Singleton Law Firm can help you file a compensation claim or case to hold them responsible. You deserve compensation for your injuries and losses.

Our Atlanta negligent security attorney will look for answers to the following questions to help victims of a violent attack on someone else’s property:

  • Has there been any prior violent, criminal activity in the area of the crime or the surrounding community? Is there any evidence to prove it?
  • Was there adequate lighting in the place where you’re attacked?
  • Were the locks on the doors functioning?
  • Were there any private security in areas with a high crime rate?
  • Was there a satisfactory surveillance system or alarm system in place?

Negligent security claims

Individuals who’re victimized or attacked on someone else’s property assert negligent security lawsuits. Negligent security claims arise from the control or ownership of property or “premises.”  Therefore, premises liability law controls these claims.

Under premises liability law, a property owner or the party responsible for the maintenance of the property may be held liable if a person is injured due to a dangerous condition on the property.

Many circumstances can create a hazardous and unsafe condition on a property, but negligent law addresses those unsafe conditions that occur due to third-party attacks, i.e., assailants.

Negligent Security Claims and Premises Liability Rules

In many states, premises liability law imposes a duty on organizations or individuals that own or control buildings or land to maintain a safe condition on their property and warn people of any potential or known hazards.

If you file a premises liability case to recover damages, you must prove that there was already an existing dangerous condition on the property; the owner or management knew or should’ve known; the owner or management didn’t take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the danger, and this failure caused your injury. A dangerous condition exists on a property when something that may not be obvious to the people presents an unreasonable risk.

Atlanta Negligent Security Lawyer

If a third party assailant injured you in an attack on someone else’s premises, consult an experienced and reputable negligent security lawyer about your legal remedies. Act quickly to avoid missing any filing deadlines.

Our attorneys with experience in premises liability cases can evaluate your negligent security claim and help to prepare your case. Call Singleton Law Firm today at (470) 349-8702 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a FREE consultation.

Atlanta Negligent Security Lawyer

Atlanta Negligent Security Lawyer