Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers: How Can A Lawyer Help With My Car Accident Claim?

If you were involved in a car accident and you suffered an injury or property damage, you might be wondering how Atlanta car accident lawyers at Singleton Law Firm can help you or whether trying to deal with the insurance company and settle the claim on your own is a good idea.

Here is what we can do

While much will depend on the complexity and the specifics of your case, an Atlanta car accident lawyer (in general) can:

  • communicate with the insurance company of the other driver
  • gather evidence to prove fault (liability) of the other party
  • gather all medical records and bills
  • obtain any missing records from your health care providers
  • ensure your doctors provide the necessary medical information to prove damages in your claim.
  • prepare and present substantial evidence to prove damages and liability
  • negotiate liens on your claim (workers’ compensation, health, or disability insurance) to possibly reduce their amount, and
  • negotiate with the defence attorney or insurance adjuster to reach a satisfactory settlement.

Communicating With the Insurer of the Other Driver

Opening up a line of communications with the insurance adjuster for the other party (or parties) involved in your personal injury case/claim is very important. That is exactly what your Atlanta car accident lawyer at Singleton Law Firm will do.

Remember that the adjuster has a pocketbook and therefore, your attorney should have a good relationship and good communications with the adjuster.

Gathering Evidence of Liability

You can trust one of our experienced and reputable Atlanta car accident lawyers to collect all the necessary evidence to prove liability in your personal injury case/claim. Your attorney may want to see what the scene of the accident looks like.

You may have taken some photos of the scene of the accident, but the attorney will probably go back to the scene. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but visiting the actual scene can be worth a thousand pictures.

The attorney will obtain all accidents reports for your case and will often speak with witnesses and the investigating police officers. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers leave no stone unturned when gathering substantial evidence of liability.

Gathering Evidence of Damages

This is where a good attorney can be critical to your case, especially when you have suffered severe injuries in a car accident.

Your health care providers will have medical records and bills related to your injuries, and it’s important to obtain them. However, it is not always easy to get your hands on all documentation. Although you’ve an absolute right to the records because they’re technically yours, sending medical records and bills to lawyers and patients isn’t the priority of a health care provider.

We help follow up

Small doctors’ offices may not provide timely response to your medical record requests due to lack of staffing or time. You may have to follow specific procedures when filing medical requests in large hospitals. They will not respond to your request if you do not follow their procedures (often not publicized very well).

Then, the records may be incomplete if the health care provider doesn’t respond to your request. Paralegals or lawyers’ secretaries often obtain records after requesting them more than once and following up endlessly with health care provider’s office.

You need a valid medical evidence

Finally, it may turn out that the doctor’s notes lack the “magic words” as to prognosis, disability, and causation.

To prosecute a personal injury claim successfully, you must prove, through valid medical evidence,

  • what your injury, physical limitation, or disability is, and
  • that the negligence of the defendant caused it.

Doctors often do not mention the extent and cause of the disability or injury in the victim’s medical records. If it happens to you, your attorney at Singleton Law Firm will write to your doctor to ask for a special letter in which the physician gives an opinion that the accident caused your disability or injury and that you will be disabled or hindered for a specific period due to the accident.

Negotiating With Lien Holders

A workers’ compensation, health or disability insurer would have a lien on your claim if you received benefits from the insurer. A lien on your claim means that a lien holder will be paid before you do, out of any judgment or settlement you receive.

A good attorney will negotiate with the lien holder to reduce its lien. This is essential work. Every dollar less on the lien is one more dollar into your pocket.

Negotiating the Settlement

A personal injury attorney will negotiate a fair settlement for you. This requires hard work and good negotiation skills. Negotiation is a very specific skill. An Atlanta car accident lawyer is always far better than a layperson when it comes to settling a car accident case. A good lawyer knows the value of your case and how to handle the case/claim and the subsequent negotiations to get the maximum amount from the insurer.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers

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