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A minor car accident can cause even the most reserved driver to become unreasonable, irritable, or angry. More serious car accidents often leave victims confused, disoriented, and dazed. The things you say and do in the hours and days immediately after your car accident can have a direct impact on whether you’ll be able to recover compensation for your injuries. Our Atlanta automobile accident attorneys always advise that you do your best to adhere to some basic guidelines although it is possible the accident has left you injured or shaken up to think clearly.

Being in a car accident is something that many people don’t have a lot of experience handling. It can be jarring! Some drivers may try to resolve all issues of the damage at the scene. Others may rush to assign fault – either to themselves or someone else. As Atlanta car accident attorneys, we can say that none of these is a good idea.

People are often unaware of how best to conduct themselves after a car accident and what it takes to prevail in a lawsuit. Typically, the best thing to do after an accident is to comply with law enforcement, address your injuries with a doctor, and avoid saying extraneous statements or giving your opinion.

The following are FIVE common things to avoid after a car accident since they could make your case more difficult even though you weren’t at fault:

  1. Assigning fault – Experts such as accident reconstruction professionals, insurance adjustors, and traffic police will decide who’s at fault depending on a range of factors that you may not be aware of. Don’t try to say that another driver was at fault. Also, don’t say that it was your fault or partially your fault.
  2. Apologizing – You may say “I am sorry” out of anxiety or nervousness. Unfortunately, some people will use this phrase against you later to try to prove you knew you were in the wrong. It will not matter whether you meant it as a passing expression of concern or care.
  3. Taking an immediate position on your injuries – Most victims are in a state of shock after a car accident and may not be able to feel pain. You can still suffer from injuries even if you’re involved in a minor accident. Other injuries, such as whiplash, take time to appear. It’s very important not take an immediate position on the injuries you may have sustained. The most appropriate response to give at the scene of the accident may be “I’m not sure yet.”
  4. Guessing the facts of the accident – It’s okay to tell someone that you can’t recall or don’t know the answer he or she is looking for. Some people feel like they should’ve all the answers when the police are interviewing them. Don’t guess about the arrangement of the cars or how fast you were driving before the accident happened unless you’re sure. You aren’t expected to know everything about the accident.
  5. Settlement talks – Don’t accept an insurance company settlement offer without speaking to an experienced Atlanta car accident attorney if you’ve been in a serious accident. Also, don’t offer to pay cash at the accident scene.

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